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A Wonderful Family Of Four…..For Now

As you can see this crew of 4 will not be 4 for long….  child #3 is on the way!

Family Photo

Meanwhile we love a challenge.  Especially the type of challenge like “I just hope you can get one good shot – we’re not sure if our kids will sit for very long”.  As parents we’ve always said that while we prefer our kids to be well behaved at home as well as out, that it’s always more important that they be polite, nice and well behaved for other adults.  Some kids when they are little go through phases where they listen better and then maybe sometimes not so much.  Well these two little ones were perfect for this session!  They did a great job!!!

Picture of Cute Siblings

We were able to get a ton of great shots!  We used a couple different set ups as well – not all of which you’ll see here but they had a good time with all of it.  They were very cute on one of our little benches too as this fun vine shows…

All in all it was a very successful day!  Here are a couple more highlights from the session – enjoy!

Handsome Young Man!Child Portrait

Life Is Yummy When You’re One And Surrounded By Family

What we have here is one beautiful family!  The baby was about to turn one which is always a great milestone for pictures…..and a cake smash of course!  More on that later…

Family Picture at Frameable Faces Photography

Aren’t they a great looking crew?  The brothers are really nice young men as well!

Photo of Brothers

Now for the baby!  How cute is she???

One Year Photo

And now ladies and gentlemen…..  the cake smash.  🙂

One Year Portrait

Bridget’s Gold Medal Session!

We are excited to present a few pictures from Bridget’s session which was completely unique!  Let’s just get this out of the way first…. we love this girl!  Pretty and sweet – we really enjoyed our time with her and her mom Julie.  But what also helped to make this session special was several things…  For starters we went to a new location that we haven’t photographed before and that is always exciting for us.  The conditions outside were perfect and the backlight on Bridget’s beautiful curly hair was, well, take a look!

High School Senior PortraitHigh School Senior Picture

Then we came back to the studio, but not before Bridget made a quick stop down the hall at the Beauty Lounge to have her hair blown out straight, and this girl pulls off both looks (curly and straight) really well!  We finished off with some studio work and Bridget broke out her skating medals…which was appropriate since this truly was a gold medal session!!!

High School Senior PortraitHigh School Senior Portrait

Branden Breaks Away With His Senior Session!

Branden is yet another Frameable Faces legacy – we photographed his sister for her senior pictures and Branden may just have outdone Brittini with his session….  ha!

High School Senior Picture

We started in the studio to get the yearbook headshot out of the way before we headed out on location – first we went with a little graffiti…

High School Senior Picture

Then we went to a brand new location for us that we literally did not know existed!  Branden’s mom suggested it and for us it will be known as “Branden’s Spot” going forward (that’s how that works).

As is sometimes the case the Vines we captured on location aren’t embedding in this post as looping videos the way they should, but if you click on the link below within the tweet you can see one of them as we tried a couple of different running shots on this secluded trail…


High School Senior Portrait

Then we came back to the studio to finish up and Branden posed for some cool edgy model-esque shots – check it out!

High School Senior Portraits


Danny Makes A Splash With His Awesome Senior Session!

Another one of our North Farmington Raider spokesmodels, Danny is no fish out of water in front of the camera!  A senior leader on the swim team, he was able to get us access to the natatorium for a few shots of him doing the butterfly which was a first for us, and we love the results!

First things first – we finished at the pool but we started in the studio where Danny went the suit and tie route!  We love when senior boys wear a suit and tie – it just looks really classy.

High School Senior Portrait

We then went on location and got some outdoor shots – back when we took Danny’s photos for his spokesmodel session we were almost completely rained out from doing anything outside.  Here’s an outdoor peak:

High School Senior Portrait

Then we headed to the pool.  You can get a sense for the setup with this Vine…

…and here is a sample of the results!  Ally added a little artistic flair to one of the pictures in the water – take a look!

High School Senior PortraitsHigh School Senior Swimming Portrait


Peace, Love, Spokesmodels, and Frameable Faces!

We had our second annual high school senior spokesmodel party yesterday for the Frameable Faces class of 2013 and it was a blast!  Our group of 11 had been looking forward to this for a while and to finally see all the spokesmodels in the studio together wearing Frameable Faces t-shirts and having fun is one of the real highlights of the year for us.  Each year we try to take it up one more notch and we definitely did this year…

When the spokesmodels arrived yesterday all of their t-shirts were laid out on a table with their spokesmodel cards which they can pass out to their friends.

Senior Spokesmodels, Metro Detroit Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography

Frameable Faces t-shirts!

Once everyone arrived and introduced themselves to each other they started exchanging cards and I think some sort of card game broke out…  hilarious!

Next was a special presentation – this year we added the spokesmodel video which includes video clips and images from each of the sessions – take a look!

Frameable Faces Spokesmodels Class of 2013!

After raucous applause we got down to the business of taking pictures for this year’s composite photo which will be revealed soon so stay tuned!  We can’t wait to see the results of this – in the meantime here is last year’s from the class of 2012 which adorns one of our studio windows as a huge mural!

class of 2013 spokesmodels

We were about to eat dinner next but everyone decided that they had to first put on our tutus for some bonus fun – what is it with seniors and tutus?  Meanwhile one of our spokesmodels (Kyle) had to leave early leaving Donovan as the only boy – I don’t think he minded and things got pretty funny as you can see by clicking the link below…  at this point Samantha hadn’t arrived yet so this is everyone minus Kyle and Samantha….

Spokesmodel Silliness!

At that point we ate some pasta and salad for dinner, and then we finished off the night with the piéce de résistance – the Just Baked cupcake tower with a Frameable Faces cake on top!!!  The Chubby Hubby, Red Velvet, and Grumpy Cake cupcakes were the first to go….  YUM!!!!

Just Baked

All in all it was a great night and we are so happy to have these amazing young people representing our studio!  As someone said during the party, “Peace Love and Frameable Faces”!!!!

Frameable Fun with the G’s!

We’ve been photographing this family since before they were a family!  M was one of Ally’s first subjects when she went back to school to study photography.  They’re like family to us here and we always welcome a session with them whenever they ask.  The fact that they’re insanely photogenic doesn’t hurt either!!Family Photography

The “reason” behind the timing of this photo session was that “R” was getting braces the very next day, and M and T wanted a fun family photo session before she got them.  🙂
Ally loved getting some of the fun “interactive” poses with T and B and the sweet, loving mom and daughter poses with M and R, too.  But when the kids got together in their poses, everyone ended up collapsing with laughter.  Those two could have each other in a headlock one second and pull out the best, most amazing expressions in the next.  They’re just like our own kids – laughing and smiling in one moment but then they’ll switch modes on a dime and push each others buttons in the next!  The G family is one that we’ll claim as our own….whenever we’re around these guys, laughs are abundant, fun is obvious and great times are had!
Family Portraits, Frameable Faces PhotographyWest Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces PhotographyChild Portraits, Child Photography, Frameable Faces Photography


We have been in our studio space here in the Orchard Mall for about three years now and we really are living our dream. It hasn’t always been easy building a young business but it’s been a labor of love for sure, and today on the day after Thanksgiving was one of those days when you just realize how thankful you are.

We are humbled by the opportunity to be a part of the lives of our people who we lovingly refer to as the “frameables”. We had so many people come by the studio to visit us over the last couple days – especially our high school seniors – some who are still in high school and just had a couple days off and some who are home visiting from college. They all make us smile!

When new parents bring babies to the studio to photograph and back to visit and photograph as they grow up, when a wonderful 90 year old lady brings a 90 year old photo in to restore and tells us stories, when families come together from out of town and gather in our studio to allow us to be a part of that reunion and document it for posterity, when a dog owner brings in their best friend for a session, these are the moments that have given us so much.

We are thankful for you. All of you. Thank you so much.

Ally and Doug