Frameable Flashbacks! – Fahad

We received an unexpected visit from one of our seniors from the class of 2011!  Fahad is quite the entrepreneur and he was the first senior we photographed with an SUV and it was a very cool session!  Fahad is quite a go getter – a very entrepreneurial young man and we thought we would catch up with him in our latest “Frameable Flashback”!

Frameable Faces: Fahad you have a lot going on these days – what’s been happening?

Fahad: I am going to school full time & running three businesses. A fundraising company, home health care and a coffee business.

Frameable Faces: What are your goals for the future?

Fahad: My goals for the future are to get my MBA before I turn 24 and own 10 businesses before I turn 26.

Frameable Faces: What do you remember about your Frameable Faces photo session?

Fahad: I remember doing the photo shoot by the lake.  It was a lot of fun!  I loved the fact that Ally worked with me throughout everything.  She did the shots I was happy with even though it took us a while.  I would recommend Frameable Faces to all of my friends!

Senior Picture - Frameable Faces

Marty’s Cookies – Yummy and Frameable!

I had always been aware of Marty’s Cookies (they’ve been baking cookies locally in Metro Detroit for over 30 years) but for whatever reason I hadn’t been very familiar with the product, at least not more so than any other cookies.  Cookies are clearly a weakness of mine and I’ve tried many good ones, so when we had the opportunity to photograph some Marty’s Cookies for their new website I was excited – It’s a pretty common occurrence when you photograph food that you get to try some.

Marty's Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookie


You could accuse me of just talking these up to help plug a client – that’s fine.  I don’t care.  I’m going to say it anyway – these cookies are some of the better ones I’ve ever had.  I’m sure along the way I’ve had some amazing homemade family recipe cookies that are truly special, and I can’t think of which were the best off the top of my head but I’d put these up against most cookies anywhere.  I think my three favorite were the peanut butter, the butter pecan, and the chocolate chocolate chip (which are not usually my favorite), but here’s the kicker – not only were the cookies outstanding but the banana bread was way more than I bargained for.  I’m pretty critical of banana bread/cake since my mom made it a lot when I was little and it was my favorite.  I’ve always been disappointed by commercially baked banana bread – it never tastes like home.  However I have to say this banana bread was darn close.  Totally legit – moist, flavorful fantastic banana bread.  I’m now a believer and I highly recommend this stuff.  Just sayin’…

Marty's Cookies - banana bread

Banana Bread

Marty's Cookies - Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Butter Pecan cookie - Marty's Cookies Online

Butter Pecan

Class of 2014 Senior Spokesmodels Part 3 – Guys Edition!

Here come the guys….!  These two young men complete our roster of spokesmodels from the upcoming class of 2014.  We are really impressed with both of them and they both happen to be North Farmington Raiders just like us!  Pretty soon we will have all 12 spokesmodels together to create our new mural for the window of the studio which is always a lot of fun for us.  These two sessions were both fantastic!  Enjoy!


class of 2014 senior spokesmodels part 3High School Senior Pictures - Frameable Faces


class of 2014 senior spokesmodels part 3Frameable Faces Photography Senior Picture


Love For Boston and All Of Our Cities

This post is not about professional photography or social media, or running a small business, but I feel it’s appropriate.  We capture images here – that’s what we do day in and day out, and most of what we do is a celebration of life and relationships.  After the horrific images that came from the Boston Marathon a couple days ago I got to thinking about that city, the resilience it is showing and how important our cities are.  I haven’t been to Boston but I still have some thoughts that I just wanted to put out there – thoughts on our cities in general with Boston as a backdrop.  We are all thinking about Boston now like we all thought about New York, D.C. and flight 93 after 9/11, and like we all thought about New Orleans after Katrina and any of the other tragedies that have touched us all.  As Americans we wrap our arms around a city that has been hurt and we feel for those who were injured and grieve for those who died.

Boston Marathon

Love for Boston

We have never been to Boston as I said so we can’t rave about it first hand, but we are aware of what an awesome city it is.  It is definitely on our list of places to visit someday.  It has been noted and emphasized that many people – first responders and ordinary citizens alike rushed in to help after the bombs went off by the finish line on Monday.  Locals were helping out-of-towners who may have been trying to connect with family members amid the confusion.  Boston, just as other cities have, has given us yet another great example to follow…

Love for other cities

I hope by saying this I’m not minimizing the tragedy since that’s not my intent, but I think we should take this opportunity to remind ourselves that we should love all our cities, and subsequently (as cheesy as it may sound), each other.  We should reinforce the sense of community that our cities give us – a mass of humanity all functioning together in a huge and complex living breathing machine.  A gigantic display of life and relationships.  This might be obvious but when you visit a city take the time to enjoy what is unique about that city – if you go to Philly for example eat a cheesesteak sandwich (even if it’s a veggie version) and check out the history – the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall…  Take photos of the skyline.  Soak it in.  Take the time to strike up conversations with strangers and let them know you are visiting their city and how much you love it.

Love for your own city

Over our Spring Break a couple weeks ago we did not go out of town.  We stayed home and worked that week, but we did take one day to do a Detroit “staycation” day where we ate breakfast at Toast in Ferndale, went to the Detroit Historical Museum, drove around Belle Isle, took in an iMax movie in Dearborn, ate dinner at Slow’s BBQ in Corktown, and finished up with dessert back in Ferndale at Treat Dreams.  A celebration of Detroit food and history.  We love Detroit.

It’s easy to love our snow peaked mountains, our national parks and our beaches with their natural beauty, but in times like these let’s be thankful for our mighty cities too.  Let’s work together to make them great.  Here are a few (amateur) snapshots from some past visits to other cities…

Philadelphia - Independence Hall

Independence Hall in Philadelphia – 1989

Washington D.C.

I always thought this shot I took in 1986 of the Washington Monument was cool…

Doug and Ally at the Chicago "Bean"

Snapping our reflection in Cloud Gate – the Chicago “Bean”

Family snapshot from the Empire State Building

Family snapshot from the top of the Empire State Building – New York City 2010

Boston is wounded, but Boston is tough and Boston will get through this senseless act.  Boston, the rest of the country is sending their thoughts and wishes your way.  I know we certainly are, and we will be adding pictures of your resilient and beautiful city to our collection someday when we come to eat your food, learn your history, and meet your people.


Class of 2014 Senior Spokesmodels Part 2!!!

We are excited to bring you part two of our series of images of our new class of 2014 high school senior spokesmodels!  We posted part 1 last month of the first 5 and now here are the next 5.  This is shaping up to be a FANTASTIC class!

Emily B

Frameable Faces Spokesmodel Photo Class of 2014Frameable Faces Spokesmodel Class of 2014

Emily S

Frameable Faces Spokesmodel PhotoFrameable Faces Spokesmodel Photo Class of 2014


Frameable Faces Spokesmodel Class of 2014Frameable Faces Spokesmodel Photo Danielle

Frameable Faces Senior Spokesmodel Picture Class of 2014Frameable Faces Senior Spokesmodel Pictures Class of 2014


Frameable Faces Spokesmodel Class of 2014Frameable Faces Spokesmodel Photo Class Of 2014


Frameable Faces High School BFF Mini Sessions!

We have done BFF (“Best Friends Forever” for those who aren’t down with the lingo) sessions before, but we have had a couple of specific requests lately that compelled us to come up with an option for graduating seniors.

High School BFF Mini Sessions

The Details:

  • One hour booked (approximately 15 minutes of shooting)
  • Two friends (standard package – an additional friend can be added for a fee)
  • One backdrop and one outfit
  • 5 low res files on a disc – duplicate copy for each friend
  • 2 prints (same pose – must be from the pool of 5 selected images – one for each friend 8×10 or smaller)
  • Additional files/prints available for additional cost
  • Total package $250

The shoot takes about 15 minutes, the images can be uploaded, selected, slightly retouched and burned to a disc on the spot.  The whole process is completed in an hour.  The prints are ordered during this time and take up to two weeks to arrive.

Perfect Graduation Gift

When two best friends leave and go their separate ways to different colleges this can be a great way to make the separation a little easier by having a nice professional photo framed on a dresser in a dorm room and an extra few professional shots on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.  It works great for two seniors, or as in the case of our awesome models shown here (they are two of our all time favorite #frameables) one senior who is leaving and a younger BFF who still has some high school to go…    We have had seniors do BFF sessions for their senior pictures and we will continue to do that – our regular senior sessions are up to 3 hours so when BFFs do them they both pay for their session and we block off up to 6 hours to do plenty separate and together with locations, outfit changes – the whole experience.  This is a simpler option for two friends to do towards the end of their senior year or during the summer before they leave just as a nice memento to take with them.  Take a look at a few ideas with our models below!

High School BFF mini sessions