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Valentine’s Day…….Pancakes and More at The Jagged Fork!

Hey it’s Valentine’s Day this Sunday!!!  And to celebrate we thought we would tease you with some delectable Valentine’s Day delights from our neighbor down the hall The Jagged Fork!  They were actually on the news this week on WMYD Channel 20 Detroit and they needed some photos of their yummy dishes so of course we came running!  Hehe…  Take a look!

Valentine’s Day At The Jagged Fork

Don’t forget too that as of this writing dining in is now allowed with some restrictions in Michigan, so you can eat at The Jagged Fork along with most of your favorite LOCAL eateries!

Jagged Fork

Crepes, French Toast and Pancakes, oh my!!!  With the focus on those seduction crepes in the photo above!

Let’s give each dish their close up shall we?

Jagged Fork

Jagged Fork

Jagged Fork

Okay how fun is the heart pancake???

Here’s Ally with owner Brandon – we had a lot of fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day all!  Get your Valentine a heart shaped pancake!

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Our New Neighbors Across The Hall – Cycle And Row!

There is going to be some sweating, working, cycling, and rowing going on across the hall really soon, and we are so excited about it!  Recently we had a fun photo session here at the studio with our new neighbors – the folks from Cycle And Row!  We had a photo session for their new website and we wanted to share a few of the photos with you!

Karen and Samantha are a mother and daughter team who came up with the Cycle And Row concept together and along with Karen’s husband Paul and Samantha’s fiancé Jeff they are pursuing their dream together starting right here in the Orchard Mall!  Let’s start with a group shot!

New Neighbors

Their website is already up and their schedule is available with class starting on 2/12/15 so you should check it out and sign up.  Cycle and Row is split into two main rooms with rowing on one side and cycling on the other and they have an enthusiastic crew of instructors who we also photographed.  You can meet and read about them all at the website.  As for these four, well as you can imagine they just light up if you ask them about fitness and what Cycle And Row has to offer, which is actually more than just just cycling and rowing.  I won’t try to explain it all in this post, but suffice it to say I was really impressed with their approach.

Meanwhile we had a blast on the photo shoot…  They hauled the equipment into our studio and we got some fun action shots!  Here is the fun behind the scenes vine of our session…  🙂

Now let’s take a look at a photo of mom and daughter…

New Neighbors

And one of daughter Sam and fiancé Jeff…

New Neighbors

They’re a cute pair aren’t they?  Now let’s wrap it up with one more of the whole crew…

New Neighbors

We wish them the best of luck and much success and we welcome them to the Orchard Mall!  As I mentioned before check out their website, and like them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter too.  We are excited for our new neighbors!

A Dream 5 Years and Counting!

5 year business anniversary

Yes that status was 5 years ago!  It’s hard to believe…  Ally’s dream of having a real studio of her own has become a reality and we love doing this together.

Humble Beginnings

Those who were around us and the mall back then might remember that this really started off as an experiment of sorts.  The mall had several vacancies but tenants were starting to move in which at the time was really bucking the trend – this was right in the middle of the Great Recession and Detroit was the epicenter of the whole thing.  Things were quite bleak around here but there were exciting things on the horizon at the Orchard Mall.  As for Ally, the first few months were basically spent just her by herself in this space with a desk, a temporary backdrop, her camera and a banner in the window to see if this could be a viable business…  She had been building Frameable Faces out of the house before this, photographing on location and this was a big next step.

5 year business anniversary

Starting to take shape – Frameable Faces in early 2009 – we had our new sign but no paint, furniture or much else!

The “Rescue”

I was working a dead end job at T-Mobile as a National Account Manager selling BlackBerrys to auto companies who were mostly in bankruptcy at the time.  I knew my days were numbered and Ally convinced me that when the time came that they showed me the door that instead of looking for another job we should pour all our energy into Frameable Faces Photography together.  It was a struggle to be sure growing a new business in a really rough economy, but we had never been happier.  I like to say that Ally “rescued” me from corporate America and I used to use the line that I was “way happier struggling than when I was miserable making money” and it was true!

5 Years Later

So here we are 5 years from that first status update about getting the keys to the empty space in our beloved mall and opening up the studio, and in some ways we feel like we’re just getting started!  We’ve come a long way – we’ve made so many friends and met so many incredible “Frameables” along the way.  We are forever grateful for all of you and we look forward to what’s next!!!  Cheers to 5 years!!!

Fashion and Style With Eleganza Boutique and The Beauty Lounge!

It was definitely “Haute” in the studio yesterday as we collaborated with the girls from Eleganza Boutique for images that will appear in their new catalogue!  Eleganza is a neighbor of ours down the hall here in the Orchard Mall.  They’ve been in business since 1986 and it is a fabulous LOCAL independent boutique.  Eleganza provided the fashions and the models while hair and makeup was provided by The Beauty Lounge – a fantastic salon also here in the mall!

West Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography, Metro Detroit PhotographerWest Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography, Metro Detroit PhotographerWe were very excited to work with them yesterday and the results speak for themselves – so sexy and glamorous!  Everyone should tap into their inner supermodel at least once, and while J and M have modeled before, J for example wowed herself with how great she looked in front of Ally’s camera!  These images represent our typical “haute” session style which we have posted before.  We’ve even included a little video of J working it!  Enjoy!  But you might need a fan to cool yourself down…..  these pics are “haute Haute HAUTE!!!”

West Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography, Glamour PhotographyWest Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography, Metro Detroit Photographer