Bat Mitzvah Photos From Abby’s World Cup!

Abby’s World Cup was a night to remember alright – our event photographer Angela captured the festivities and we have a few highlights to share with you from the happy occasion!  We have sent Angela to photograph this wonderful family before and Angela reported back some of the details for me to share…

Cookies – the magic word…

Sometimes it’s good to have a word that works when you are photographing different groupings of folks at an event to get everyone’s attention and according to Angela the word that gets these guys to giggle is “cookies”.  Haha!  She also confirmed that Abby is sweet and kind and trusted Angela with every pose which makes us happy – that’s great for a day as important as this!  We’ll start with one of our favorite types of photos – the bat mitzvah girl with her proud parents at the temple looking on from beyond…

Abby's World Cup

Next let’s take a look at a simple and sweet close up of Abby…

Abby's World CupSo cute!  Angela mentioned that it was a pretty cold day of about 30 degrees and Abby was a total trooper and a perfect model.  Angela is always good about getting this next shot which is a special one of Abby pointing to her portion in the Torah with a yad.

Abby's World Cup

Abby’s World Cup!

Abby’s party had a World Cup soccer theme and according to Angela it was a blast!  She said the really fun parties make what she does not feel like a job at all and she also mentioned that Abby and her sister got along great – that Elizabeth and Abby have a lot of inside jokes that Elizabeth used to make Abby laugh!  Here’s the family hug that we love so much as a pose!

Abby's World Cup

We love our Angela’s photographic eye and her creativity and she captured this fun photo of Abby framed by some colorful balloons!

Abby's World Cup

We’ll leave you with this parting shot of Abby with all of her peeps!

Abby's World Cup

So there you have it!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of Abby’s special day!

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