Kristen And Katherine – Double The Senior Fun!

Once in a while we have the pleasure of photographing twin seniors together and this was only the second time we have ever photographed twin girls.  Kristen and Katherine were a delight!  As twins they are alike in some ways but at the same time in many ways they are completely different.  One thing is for sure though and that is they are equally fun!  We spent an entire afternoon with them and we had a fantastic time.  Their mom is wonderful and even little sister got into a photo or two but those are for another time – this day the focus was on our senior twins and their own unique individual personalities!


Let’s start with Katherine.  With both girls we started out in the studio and while we shared some backgrounds and some locations we also kept a lot of it separate so each of the girls could have their own session.  Here is Katherine with our damask background:

Kristen and Katherine

Now let’s turn our attention to Katherine’s location photos which are quite awesome I must say!  Beautiful backlight and the slightest breeze on her hair give this one a great effect.Kristen and Katherine

Here is Katherine’s fun behind the scenes vine of her photos:

Next a gorgeous close up…

Kristen and Katherine

…and one more full length!

Kristen and Katherine

Just love them!  Now let’s move on to our other twin of the day, Kristen!


Kristen is as stunning as her sister and just as fun to be around!  We’ll start with a studio photo with her against the black background:

Kristen and Katherine

Now for Kristen’s location shots – spectacular!  She really is a natural – both girls were really easy to work with.

Kristen and Katherine

Here is Kristen’s fun behind the scenes vine of her photos:

Here is another photo where the breeze hits just right and gives Kristen’s hair that little lift that just enhances an already beautiful model!

Kristen and Katherine

And one more before we’re done with pretty backlight on Kristen’s hair…

Kristen and Katherine

So as you can see this was one doubly special day…

Okay – I guess we can’t be done yet right?  Gotta have one of them together!  I even grabbed a “bonus twin vine” haha!

And here is the “twice as nice” result!

Kristen and KatherineOkay now we can be done…now that we’re smiling ear to ear that is!  We hope you enjoyed these as much as we enjoyed being with these girls!

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