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A Frameable Day Starting in Detroit & Ending in Birmingham!

We had a fun and Frameable day two days ago that started in downtown Detroit and finished up at Social Kitchen and Bar in Birmingham!  It was such a great day that we just had to pop onto the blog and talk about it!

Class of 2017 spokesmodel season in full swing

We headed out with two new spokesmodels from the class of 2017 to get some photos in Detroit and it was an epic day with Aria and Maya along with their moms and Aria’s little sister Sedona, complete with burgers for lunch in Corktown at the Mercury Bar.  We spent some time photographing the girls at The Belt Alley which was our first time doing a session there.  We will have plenty more to come from the session but here’s a little behind the scenes fisheye shot made with my iPhone and an Ollo Clip.

Frameable Day

Frameable Day

After we finished our day we had dinner plans with some friends at Social Kitchen and Bar in Birmingham.  We had been meaning to get there for some time since we had heard nothing but great things about it and the owners are clients of ours with a current class of 2016 senior – Cooper.  Let’s just say all the great things we heard were true.  The food and the drinks were amazing – Ally got the sea bass and I got the short rib French dip sandwich.  I also had a Social Mule to drink which was amazing….  and speaking of drinks, the bartenders were former seniors of ours!!!  Mark and David from the class of 2012!  We hadn’t seen them in a while and David’s name had just come up in conversation recently…  Crazy!

Here are a couple of photos from their sessions which were both done in Birmingham:

First Mark – this was the original fence shot we did…  Hard to believe these two sessions took place over 4 years ago already…

Frameable Day

Next David – a night time shot using off-camera flash with the rain starting to fall…

Frameable Day

And here we are with them the other night!!!

Frameable Day

With former Senior Friends Mark and David at Social in Birmingham!

So much fun!  Great weather, great city, great spokesmodels, great food, and a great little reunion!  A truly FRAMEABLE DAY!!!

Frameable Flashbacks! – Our Very First Intern Kim!

It has been a while since we have done a Frameable Flashback – kind of our version of “Where are they now?” with our former seniors!  The best part of photographing high school seniors for us is the relationships we have with them which continue to grow after they graduate.  It’s a thrill to follow their accomplishments and with several of our 2011 seniors graduating this Spring it’s time to check in with a couple of them and see what they are up to.

Meeting Quiet Shy Kim…

When Kim Savin first came to the studio for her senior consultation she was painfully shy!  She barely said a word!  Her fun personality started to come through a little by the time we went on location to Cranbrook where she attended (the only time you can photograph a senior at Cranbrook is if they attend there).  She had a great session and here is a highlight:

Intern Kim

Corrupting Intern Kim – hehe….

We were pleasantly surprised when we got a call in the Spring of Kim’s senior year asking if we would take her on as an intern as part of a school sponsored senior project, and Kim spent three weeks here at the studio with us.  We’ve always joked that we took such a sweet, demure, and innocent girl and totally corrupted her!  She was awesome to have around the studio and we’ve stayed in touch with her ever since – following her life at Vanderbilt and overseas in Spain.  She even made us paella once!

Present Day Hanging Out With Friend Kim!

So here we are 4 years later and she’s graduating college which is really hard to believe…  that flew by!  She visited us yesterday and true to form (she never knows what she’s in for when she stops by) we put her on the spot for a Frameable Flashback!

Intern Kim

Frameable Faces:  So tell us what you’re up to these days Kim?

Kim:  I graduated from Vanderbilt University a couple weeks ago. I’m home now for a few weeks and then I’m moving back to Nashville. In Nashville, I’m going to spend my days working at the Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt doing psychology research, and my nights and weekends taking advantage of Nashville’s live music scene and continuing to sample all of the barbecue the South has to offer.

Frameable Faces:  That is amazing!  And what about the future?  What are your plans?

Kim:  I hope to work for a few years and then do some traveling before going to graduate school for clinical psychology. In the long term I want to be a research psychologist, ideally at a university in a lively city with my family, warm weather, and a Spanish-speaking community that I could work with.

Frameable Faces:  Tell us – what was the most memorable part of your Frameable Faces experience?

Kim:  The most memorable part of my Frameable Faces experience was interning here for a few weeks at the end of my senior year of high school.  Not only did I learn so much about “mall life” and the photography business, but you and Ally also taught me a few life lessons, often involving some colorful new vocabulary.   It was so much fun for me to intern at Frameable Faces and I always look forward to coming back to visit! 🙂

We will always look forward to it too!  We are so proud of and excited for Kim and this new chapter in her life!

Frameable Flashbacks! – Fahad

We received an unexpected visit from one of our seniors from the class of 2011!  Fahad is quite the entrepreneur and he was the first senior we photographed with an SUV and it was a very cool session!  Fahad is quite a go getter – a very entrepreneurial young man and we thought we would catch up with him in our latest “Frameable Flashback”!

Frameable Faces: Fahad you have a lot going on these days – what’s been happening?

Fahad: I am going to school full time & running three businesses. A fundraising company, home health care and a coffee business.

Frameable Faces: What are your goals for the future?

Fahad: My goals for the future are to get my MBA before I turn 24 and own 10 businesses before I turn 26.

Frameable Faces: What do you remember about your Frameable Faces photo session?

Fahad: I remember doing the photo shoot by the lake.  It was a lot of fun!  I loved the fact that Ally worked with me throughout everything.  She did the shots I was happy with even though it took us a while.  I would recommend Frameable Faces to all of my friends!

Senior Picture - Frameable Faces

Frameable Flashbacks! – Chelsea

Welcome to our second edition of Frameable Flashbacks!  This is where we celebrate and check in with our former high school seniors to see what they are up to – sort of our version of “where are they now?”  The first one we did with Hannah Iwrey was a lot of fun, and now we check in with West Bloomfield High School Class of 2011 graduate Chelsea Cage!

West Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography

One of Chelsea's senior pictures

Chelsea brought us her older brother Chad for his senior pics when she was a junior and we recruited her to be a spokesmodel.  She has been a huge part of our studio and of our lives over the past few years.  She literally helped lay the foundation here and rarely do you get a chance to meet someone as beautiful inside and out as Chelsea – she is the genuine article and she is like family to us!  We love when she comes back to visit and this time we snapped a couple of quick shots including one of her holding her canvas that used to hang on the wall of the studio.

West Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography

Chelsea with....Chelsea!


Here’s what she had to say:

Frameable Faces:  So what are you up to?

Chelsea:  I’m currently studying at Michigan State University, and I love being a Spartan!!!  I’m a teaching assistant, and I’m the publicity chair of the National Association of Black Accountants (MSU Chapter).

Frameable Faces:  What are your future plans with your studies (what do you want to be when you grow up)?
Chelsea:  I want to go into business; either accounting or supply chain management. I want to work for a Fortune 500 company.

West Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography

Chelsea and Doug catch up!

Frameable Faces:  What do you remember most about your Frameable Faces experience?
Chelsea:  What I love most about my Frameable Faces is the relationship I built with Doug and Ally :-).  It’s nice to know that I’m always welcome to stop by the studio and hang out!  And having my picture in the window for a year was pretty cool!

West Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography

Another beautiful shot from Chelsea's senior session!

Frameable Flashbacks! – Hannah

Have we mentioned we love our high school seniors?  It lights up our day when they come back to visit and as I’m writing this it’s the day before Thanksgiving which means many of our past seniors are home from college!  Current Michigan State student and former spokesmodel (not to mention North Farmington Raider alum) Hannah Iwrey spent the morning here with us yesterday and I snapped a droid photo of her and Ally before she left.

Droid photo, Frameable Faces Blog

Ally and Hannah during yesterday's visit! (Photo taken with a Droid)

Affectionately known here as “HBM” (for Hannah Banana Montana), she has become like a member of the family.  Normally I would Instagram a pic like this, but alas Hannah has a BlackBerry and there is no Instagram BlackBerry app so she isn’t on Instagram.  I thought about posting it to Twitter, but it seemed an even better idea might be to write a blog post about the visit and so the idea for “Frameable Flashbacks” was born.  Kind of a “where are they now” feature as we remember the great photo sessions and great times we had and check in with our seniors to see what exciting things they are up to.

We gave her three questions to answer for us after she left and here they are!  Enjoy, and when you’re done enjoy the 2 “iconic” images from her senior session back in 2010 at the bottom of the page!

Frameable Faces:  So what are you up to?

Hannah:  As much as I know you’re cringing about this topic, I go to Michigan State and am currently studying to be a Professional Writer. I’m in my second year and much to any other Spartan’s dismay, I’m still 100% a Wolverine fan! I spend a lot of my time working on a short story that’s already 15 pages long, and another collection of stories based on my experiences in the summer camping world. When I’m not up at school, I’m more than likely sitting in the FF Studio with my BFF Reflecto and hating on Doug for his hats, or being made fun of for the way I pronounce certain words. Sarry aboot that, eh.

Frameable Faces:  What are your future plans with your studies (what do you want to be when you grow up)?

Hannah:  Like I said, I’ve been eagerly working on those two writing projects, and plan to further develop some other unfinished pieces for my writing portfolio. My dream plan for the future would be writing children’s books or young adult novels. If that fails, I think I may have a promising future as a Sassmaster. I mean, I already have so many pairs of Sassy pants…

Frameable Faces:  What do you remember most about your Frameable Faces experience?

Hannah:  I really don’t know how you can ask someone to pin-point just ONE great thing about being a part of the Frameable Faces Family! Wow look at me and my alliteration, maybe this whole writing thing will work out. I love the energy that both Ally and Doug bring to sessions. I was super nervous to shoot my spokesmodel session during my junior year, but once the awesome music started from Doug’s endless library and Ally snapped the camera, it all fell into place. I also really loved going on location to some awesome places in the area, truly unforgettable. But I’d have to say my ultimate favorite aspect of FF is how welcoming the studio always feels when I drop by for a visit, I’m proud to have earned a nickname!

West Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography, Fine Art PhotographyWest Bloomfield Photographer, Frameable Faces Photography, Fine Art Photography