Meet The Great Gabby – Our New Class Of 2016 Spokesmodel!

Time to present another North Farmington Raider spokesmodel for the class of 2016 – The Great Gabby!!!  She’s not just “great” in general, but she’s cute, nice, smart and fun and this is not the first time she has been in front of Ally’s camera, as she made a little cameo in her sister Rachel’s senior pictures a year ago.

First in the studio…

So we started in the studio with Gabby and while we did some of our favorite shots on the black background we also broke out our metallic silver and our new grey fabric and played with those a little.  Let’s start with the grey and the red couch for this fun and playful shot:

Great Gabby

Nice!  Gabby has such a fantastic smile!  Okay now let’s move to the metal for this next one.  These are actual metal panels that we shoot in the studio and several seniors select this look each year – not a ton but definitely a few every year and we love it.  I’m going to take just a little credit on this one only because I saw this as a black and white with a close crop when Ally and I were going through them…  Yes I do have a bit of an eye sometimes – ha!

Great Gabby

What do you think?  And yes I think Gabby killed it here as her shirt would suggest…  I love this shot.

Heading outside…

Next it was time to head outside and our weather cooperated nicely for these next couple photos.

Great Gabby

As you can see so far Gabby can pull off the serious and thoughtful pose just as well as the happy smiley pose – she is the Great Gabby!  Let’s take a look at our fun behind the scenes vine of our day before we finish with a fun smile:

And the final smile before we go…

Great Gabby

It’s a winner!  Love having Gabby back especially as a spokesmodel representing our studio for the senior class of 2016!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights from her session!


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