Baila Is BAE-LA! Spokesmodeling In The Studio for 2025!

We are so happy to have Baila on our team!!!  She just fit right in – personality to burn.  And she’s just nice.  And fun. And athletic, and smart and all around adorable, and we had a lot of fun with some new setups in the studio for the upcoming senior class of 2025!  We’ve known Baila’s dad Steve for some time and once we sat down with them to strategize we knew this was going to be a blast.  Let’s get to some highlights shall we?

Baila is BAE

 And by the way we don’t care if BAE is so 2018 – we couldn’t resist lol…

Baila is BAE

Love that full length with the black and white split background – that’s a new one here!

We also have some fun behind the scenes from Facebook where we find out what Baila’s favorite ice cream flavor is (that’s a pretty important topic we usually cover in these).  Haha!

Next we went with the black backdrop – these always look great and Baila crushed it.

Baila is BAE

Gorgeous!  Baila is very comfortable in front of the camera but no senior should ever feel intimidated by the camera – Ally can help – that’s what we’re great at!

Time for another outfit change and that’s also a must – our seniors can change outfits for different looks during their 3 hour sessions as often as they like!

Baila is BAE

Pretty in pink!  Let’s see some more behind the scenes from that one on Instagram:


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And here’s one more with a new trick we learned at Imaging USA in Louisville…

Baila is BAE

So cool!  A great one to end on…

We can’t wait to get Baila in front of Ally’s camera again for her full senior session and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time with her!  Baila is BAE indeed!


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