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Nick And Jen Return – This Time With Jeralyn For Her Debut!

Jeralyn made her highly anticipated debut at the studio with her parents Nick and Jen, who you might remember from this one of a kind story we told you about recently…  And what an eventful and amazing photo session this was!  We are so excited to present these to you!  Our story with these guys has been truly special since that first phone call.

Jeralyn Makes Her Debut…


Is there anything more amazing and perfect than a newborn baby?  She’s so beautiful!  It’s so nice when you can get your model to sleep for a bit, so we turn the lights low, the heat up and we put on a little classical music to help create a nice comforting mood.

We had a few backdrops and setups planned for this session, and next we moved to some pink fluffy awesomeness so Jeralyn could open her eyes and stretch out a little, floating on her pink cloud.


Before we move to our next couple shots let’s look at a little of our fun behind the scenes action and a bonus poop heard round the world – LITERALLY…

I was documenting some of the session for snapchat – that day we were featured doing a snap swap takeover of the Summit Live snapchat account.  Both our profile and the Summit profile has worldwide followings.  I hit the record button and I swear it was like it was a poop remote control because Nick and Jen were holding a naked Jeralyn when she let loose!  So hilarious…  You can see it in this 6 second looping Vine

Wait, we’re not done.  The next morning we were laughing about this on “The Doug & Ally Morning Show” we do on Periscope Tuesday through Friday mornings and Rich Nairn who has done the artwork for the soon-to-be-ready morning show t-shirts was in the broadcast.  You have to visit Rich’s website – he’s a genius!  When he saw the footage he was inspired to do a “doodle” which he does frequently…  Here we see Jeralyn propelling herself through the air!!!  HAHA!


How funny is that?

Next we have the replay of our live Periscope broadcast from the session for your extended viewing pleasure.  Needless to say our female viewers were gushing over Jeralyn!  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet you can get it and follow us at @FrameableFaces at this link:

Now let’s get back to a couple more amazing photos of Jeralyn:


Love the black and white with her eyes open!

And one more with a beautiful sari for this photo which is actually a composite (which is the safe way to execute this pose).  What a great photo!


And there you have it – our wonderful continuing story of Nick, Jen and now Jeralyn!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from her debut!