Kayla and Diesel!

We had a great day with this senior cowgirl!  This was the third senior we have photographed with her horsey – each time was a really fun experience and this was no exception.  First we started in the studio where we could completely focus on our star senior…

High School Senior PortraitHigh School Senior Portrait

Then we went to meet Kayla’s horse whose name is Diesel.  “There’s my pony!!!” Kayla  announced when he arrived for his close up, and what a beauty!

Love the connection between these two!  Pretty girl and pretty horse!  Enjoy!

High School Senior PictureHigh School Senior Portrait

The Sun Was Shining And So Was Chelsea!

I don’t want to jinx it since we’re still right in the thick of “senior season” but we’ve been lucky with the weather this year so far and Chelsea’s session was no exception!  A day of beauty to match that of this wonderful senior – it surely was!

High School Senior Portrait

We get excited for all of our seniors but we really look forward to photographing the ones we’ve known for a while, and we met Chelsea when we photographed her older sister last year so we were happy to have her back to the studio!  We took some photos in the studio  before we went on location and the results were amazing all the way around – indoor and outdoor!

High School Senior Portraits

We had a great time with Chelsea.  The sun was shining and so was she!  Enjoy!

High School Senior PicturesHigh School Senior Portrait

Danny Makes A Splash With His Awesome Senior Session!

Another one of our North Farmington Raider spokesmodels, Danny is no fish out of water in front of the camera!  A senior leader on the swim team, he was able to get us access to the natatorium for a few shots of him doing the butterfly which was a first for us, and we love the results!

First things first – we finished at the pool but we started in the studio where Danny went the suit and tie route!  We love when senior boys wear a suit and tie – it just looks really classy.

High School Senior Portrait

We then went on location and got some outdoor shots – back when we took Danny’s photos for his spokesmodel session we were almost completely rained out from doing anything outside.  Here’s an outdoor peak:

High School Senior Portrait

Then we headed to the pool.  You can get a sense for the setup with this Vine…

…and here is a sample of the results!  Ally added a little artistic flair to one of the pictures in the water – take a look!

High School Senior PortraitsHigh School Senior Swimming Portrait


Stretching The Limits In Stunning Fashion!

Emily is one of our faves – she’s beautiful, really funny and really sweet!  She has represented our studio this year as a spokesmodel and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know her.  We were really excited for her session and looking forward to it after we met for her consultation and then…… something happened.

We entered her date and time into our software but somehow neither of us managed to forward it into our iCals.  Eeek!  I can’t say that we’ve ever made a mistake like that.  As a result we were caught off guard and frankly quite mortified at our error when Emily arrived.  Fortunately we have safeguards in place that kept us from scheduling anything else during her time slot and so we were fine to shoot (thank goodness)!  As we say every session has a story right?

High School Senior Portrait

High School Senior Portrait

High School Senior Portrait

Meanwhile – what a session!!!  We took plenty of extra time (we wanted to make up for our mistake sure but selfishly we would photograph this girl all day long) and used some off-camera flash on an empty street and the results were spectacular – awesome girl, awesome sky, awesome shot!  Shooting well into the evening, stretching the limits in stunning fashion!

High School Senior Picture

Anticipation Was High…. And This Family Delivered!

These folks are not strangers to our studio since the oldest son was one of our first high school spokesmodels (more on that in a future blog post), but we hadn’t had them in here for a family session….

Family Portrait - "The Hug"

We’ve known them for a long time so the anticipation was high for this one!  🙂  Needless to say this appointment did not disappoint – they totally delivered with great smiles, great interaction, lots of laughs and ultimately some great photos!  They are a wonderful family – impressive young men and top notch parents.  We had a lot of fun with them and we hope you enjoy these images from their session!

Portrait of BrothersFamily PhotoHusband and Wife

Erin’s “Perfect” Session?

Okay so the title of this post can be a little misleading if we’re singling out this session because we feel that we have lots of “perfect” sessions, so let me explain when it comes to this stunning North Farmington Raider…

High School Senior Portrait

We often joke when we are in a session that if Ally loves the senior she gets over excited and starts firing away burning through the memory card (it happens frequently).  So sometimes during outfit changes or on the way to a location Ally will go through the images on the back of the camera to take out some obvious eye blinks to clear enough room.

High School Senior Picture

So along comes yet another girl we really like who is super nice and looks great and sure enough Ally realizes she’s getting a little crazy with the shutter.  The “problem” this time was that Erin was such a pro there were barely any obviously-less-than-great shots and virtually NO eye blinks!  A perfect session for real?  We’ll let you decide, but either way there’s no doubt it was pretty darn good…  🙂  Enjoy!High School Senior PicturesHigh School Senior Pictures


Twin Seniors Are Twice As Nice!

What a special pair of siblings!  We loved spending time with these two – such nice and personable kids.

When we photograph twins we set aside enough time to photograph each of them individually as well as together and these two clearly enjoy being together!  Instead of going in the order of the session let’s go age before beauty…… by about 15 minutes (haha) and start with Jason – a charming and handsome young lad!  🙂

Senior PictureHigh School Senior Portraits

Now let’s take a look at a few images of beautiful and sweet sis Susie!

Senior PortraitSenior Pictures

Here is where it gets fun – the two of them together!  Adorable!

Sibling SeniorsSibling Senior Picture

There’s Something About Zoe

Not sure what we can say about this girl without sounding like we’re going overboard, but let’s just say we are huge fans of Zoe!  She is just the sweetest – funny, personable and downright radiant!

High School Senior Picture

Picking just four images to highlight from this session was a difficult task to be sure.  🙂

Text message indecision

We like to put four pictures in these posts and we try to get a good mix which is what I did but I could have easily picked any of them out of a hat.  They were all great!  🙂

This was a morning shoot and after meeting at the studio we headed out together on location.  It got hot out pretty early but the light was perfect and we had a great time!

High School Senior PortraitSenior Portraits

We then returned to the studio to finish up where we photographed Zoe on the black backdrop with the fan – one of our favorite setups!  Gorgeous!  All in all a fantastic session!

High School Senior Picture

Amanda’s Amazing Session!

We’ve done sessions at country clubs before, but this session was a first for us – we actually took golf carts out onto the course itself and it makes sense that we’d get fantastic results since golf courses are so picturesque.  And this wasn’t just any golf course – this was one of the most beautiful and prestigious around!

Oh – and as the end of the Vine video above shows, did we happen to mention that we had a stunning senior to photograph at said location….?  🙂

For starters Amanda is a North Farmington Raider which we always have a soft spot for as Raiders ourselves.  She’s an ice skater, she’s pretty, she’s smart, AND she’s sweet.  We started out in the studio – first Ally, Amanda and her mom bonded a little sitting on the floor with clothes laid all around and went through them together, and then we got started.  Here are some highlights…   Enjoy!

Senior PictureSenior Picture

Once we were done in the studio we headed out to our location – it was a beautiful day and we had such a fun time!  Amanda’s dad arrived towards the end of the session and we sat and schmoozed for a while after we finished – great family, great session, great senior!

High School Senior PortraitHigh School Senior Portrait


Kevin’s Time

Mother Nature was our friend on this day for sure – we had this session with Kevin scheduled for the morning and when we woke up there was a steady rain outside…

So we started in the studio and worked the water polo angle since Kevin is the captain of his team – for those of you who may not know much about water polo it’s a tough sport – personally I may have played football but I’ve got mad respect for anyone who can handle hand to hand combat, skill and finesse at the same time in a pool!  Talk about needing to be in shape…

High School Senior Portrait

Meanwhile the weather magically cleared up and we headed out.  We got some great shots outside after all so it really was Kevin’s time!  Enjoy!

High School Senior PortraitHigh School Senior PortraitFrameable Faces Senior Portrait