A Super Senior Session Encore With Super Mario!

Everyone loves Super Mario.  No really – like everyone loves this kid.  He’s the real deal – personable, hilarious, thoughtful, smart and good looking.  He is one of our spokesmodels for the class of 2016 and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know him over the past year and in fact through Mario we’ve met several siblings and his parents, sampled some of his mom’s cooking – heck, we feel like part of the family!

Well we feel like Mario is part of our family too and we were looking forward to an encore from his spokesmodel session for his senior portraits.  You will see from the behind the scenes footage (especially the Periscope broadcast from the studio) that we laughed a ton and spent some time creating a special….shall we say, “non traditional” senior portrait to go with the more traditional stuff.  We’ll save that treat for the end of this post.  Feel free to scroll down if you can’t wait, but for starters we’ll focus on the “normal” photos.

Super Senior Session

We’ll start our super senior session in the studio with the blue/grey backdrop…

Super Senior Session

We love this guy.

Next let’s get into a formal look of the black suit, black tie, black background – love the black on black in the studio!

Super Senior Session

Now before we head outside you can get a taste of the super shenanigans that took place in the studio with Super Mario – first with our 6 second looping vine:

Next we have the extended replay of the Periscope broadcasts where the Super Mario Brothers Goomba almost stole the show in the studio…  You can download the app and follow us on Periscope (and just about everywhere else) at @frameablefaces at this link:

Now let’s head out to the location shots – first at the grotto:

Super Senior Session

Mario’s faith is a big part of who he is and that shot says it all.

Okay one more outdoor casual shot in a natural setting…

Super Senior Session

We are big fans of that little footbridge…

Okay so now for the fun grand finale… our Super Mario themed composite shot!  Hehe…

Super Senior Session

Yes that’s actually Mario – not just his face, and yes the characters were actually photographed by Ally too…  Hilarious right?

So there you have it!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights from Mario’s Super Senior Session!

A Sensational Senior Session With Samantha!

We enjoyed a sensational senior session with Samantha recently on a perfect day here in West Bloomfield!  Samantha is a delightful and soft spoken girl but she’s got a great little sarcastic streak too which we enjoyed a lot!  We had a great game plan for some studio photos and some on location which is a very common approach for us with our seniors.

Sensational Senior

We started on location and hit a few spots around West Bloomfield so that’s where we’ll start with the highlights…

Sensational Senior

Beautiful right?  Let’s take a second here to give a shout out to Shifra Raskin for the makeup. We recommend many of our seniors to Shifra and she always does a fantastic job – she is right down the hall from our studio which is very convenient for our seniors and other clients too!

Next we headed over to one of our favorite meadows for this photo – this one is a total winner…

Sensational Senior

Stunning!!!  Sensational!!!

Before we head back to the studio for a couple of shots let’s take a look at our behind the scenes footage from our morning with Samantha.  First with our fun 6 second looping vine where Ally yelled at Samantha (haha – take a look):

Now we have the replay of the live Periscope broadcasts we did during our session from our YouTube channel.  You can download the app and follow us there (and just about everywhere else) at @frameablefaces at this link.

Back to the studio

Now let’s head back to the studio for a couple of indoor highlights where we focused on our black background that we love and it looks great on Samantha!  First with the “black and blowy” in black and white…

Sensational Senior

And now in color and on fire as you saw in the vine!!!

Sensational Senior

So there you go – a super sensational senior session with Samantha!!!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our morning with her!



Amanda Astounded Us On Her Senior Session!

Amanda astounded us on her senior session, and to be clear this isn’t because we didn’t expect it to be a great session.  On the contrary we knew she would be great – and she delivered!  We spent the day with Amanda and her mom Lori who guest hosted part of the Periscope broadcast as you will see below and it turned out to be a perfect day overall!

Amanda Astounded

This session was almost exclusively on location in Birmingham so that’s where we will focus for these highlights.  We started out on the south side of the Quarton Lake Park on the other side of Maple Road where we were able to get the last of the black-eyed susans – just a beautiful shot of Amanda surrounded by all that bright yellow!

Amanda Astounded

Before we move on to the rest let’s take a look at our behind the scenes action from the day.  First with our fun 6 second looping Vine:

Next you can watch the extended replays of the live Periscope broadcasts we did during the session with Amanda’s mom Lori guest hosting for part of it!  You can download the app and follow us here!

Now let’s get back to a few more of the photos!

At this point we headed back to the north side of Maple where we got this next shot that you saw us setting up at the beginning of the broadcast:

Amanda Astounded

Amanda looks stunning and the shot is so pretty with the purple all around!  Next we moved over to the waterfall to use it as a backdrop…

Amanda Astounded

And we’ll leave you with this close up…

Amanda Astounded

Astounding!  Yes – this was an astounding session alright and we hope you enjoyed these highlights from our day with Amanda and Lori!




Lizzie In Da Hizzie For A Fantastic Senior Session!

Yasssss Lizzie was in da hizzie for a fantastic senior session!!!  You gotta be down with the lingo to understand that but basically it means she was here – but in a much more interesting way.  And why not?  She’s a fun and anything-but-ordinary girl!  She’s cool – sharp, personable and beautiful and we really enjoyed being with her and her mom Rimma!  One by one Lizzie and the rest of her crew have come here for senior portraits and we have loved each one them!

Lizzie In Da Hizzie

Meanwhile Lizzie was ready to rock with style and fashion – she loved the camera and the camera loved her and you’ll see that in the sneak peeks we’re about to show as well as the replay of the Periscope broadcast we did in the studio.  We had a perfect day and our gameplan was studio first, Birmingham second with some pretty and some city.  Let’s start with the studio on the black background…



Love it!

Before we move on to the Birmingham sneak peeks let’s go behind the scenes of the shoot first with our looping 6 second vine:

Next let’s take a look at the live replay of the Periscope broadcast from the studio!  You can download the app and follow us there at this link.

As a side note we also broadcast from our location but Periscope was having issues that day – you can see that broadcast here but the volume cuts out part of the way through…

On to Birmingham

Okay let’s get back to the photos…  First at Quarton Lake for some pretty:


Such a pretty shot and love the backlight on her hair…..!!!

One more at Quarton Lake…


We are in LOVE with that one…

Okay and last but not least, to downtown Birmingham for some gritty in the city:


And there you have it!  Lizzie in the hizzie and owning her session like a pro!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her even a fraction of how much we enjoyed photographing her!

Kickin’ It With Jake And The Fam For Senior Portraits!

Jake and the fam – as in Jake’s parents and one of his brothers – joined us on two separate days for his senior photos because of rain on the original date that prevented us from going on location.  I mentioned this a couple blog posts back with another senior guy that had the same scenario and once again it worked out well because we had so much fun with these guys.  Jake’s little brother Zack is quite the character, and his parents are great – Shari is an awesome guest host as you’ll see in the replay of the Periscope broadcasts from the sessions!

Kickin’ It…

As for Jake – he’s a good guy and the captain of his soccer team, which is why we were “kickin’ it” – see what I did there?  We’ll start with the studio photos which was the first day.  We used a couple of different backgrounds and as we often do with athletes, some fire!  First let’s start with a formal close up on the blueish grey…

Jake And The Fam

Blue backdrop, blue tie, blue eyes – it works.

Next let’s heat it up with some fire on the soccer ball which is of course real fire – no fake photoshopping here!

Jake and the fam

Now let’s take a look at our behind the scenes action, starting with our 6 second looping vine with footage from both days – it’s amazing what you can do with 6 seconds!

Jake and the fam!

Now for our epic YouTube replays from our Periscope broadcasts partly guest hosted by Jake’s mom Shari (and the occasional scene-stealing by Zack)!  We love when our moms guest host!  You can download the app and follow us on Periscope at @frameablefaces here.

Now for a couple of location photos.  We had a lovely day in West Bloomfield for these shots and we started with a nice big tree on one of the trails…

Jake and the fam

And one more before we leave you for now…

Jake and the fam

And there you have it!  We hope you enjoyed kickin’ it with Jake and the fam and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of his session!

A Senior Session Takeover Of Detroit With Ian!

We are loving Detroit.  This is the most exciting time for Detroit in our lifetime by a mile.  There is so much going on down there and it’s no accident that we have now done two senior sessions in “The D” this year.  The first one was at the Dequindre Cut, and the second one we present to you here.

Senior Session Takeover of Detroit

Ian came to us with very specific ideas about the type of shoot he wanted.  He wanted to takeover the city and he wanted certain landmarks and a certain style.  These can be the most exciting and rewarding sessions to be sure, because everyone is excited, everyone is planning and preparing and in the end this session was a series of firsts for us.  Ian went straight suit and tie – a formal look with Belle Isle and art deco stalwarts The Guardian and Fisher buildings (both built in 1928 three years before the Empire State Building in New York City) as our backdrops.  Lots of personality and great taste with this guy!

Meanwhile Ian’s mom Susan came with us and she guest hosted some of the Periscope broadcast we did on location which you’ll see below.  So let’s get to the photos shall we?  We started out at Belle Isle which has improved a ton since it was turned into a state park – very clean and a pleasure for hanging out.

Senior Session Takeover

This close up of Ian is at the James Scott Memorial Fountain which was completed in 1925 and it really is a wonder.  It’s really cool to see it running!

Next we were able to capture this cool photo with part of the Detroit skyline in the background!

Senior Session Takeover

Now let’s look at our behind the scenes footage from our day in the D with Ian.  First our fun 6 second looping Vine:

And now the Periscope broadcasts both from Belle Isle and The Guardian Building:

On To The Guardian…

Next we headed over to the Guardian Building.  We were in communication with the building management all week to get the proper documentation for permission to shoot in the lobby and had a scary moment when we arrived and the lady at the front desk said they don’t allow photographing that day, but I knew I had the approval and our contact came down to the lobby to give us the green light.  The lighting certainly posed a challenge and we came prepared with our off camera flash but it still wasn’t easy!  We got some great shots and we’ll share two of them here…

Senior Session Takeover

Just incredible design in there and the colors are awesome!  Now for one more in black and white before we say goodbye…

Senior Session TakeoverLOVE that one.  A fitting end to an amazing day in the D with Ian!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with him!


Marc Had A Re”marc”able Senior Portrait Session!

Marc had a re”marc”able senior session that spanned two separate days and gave us plenty to remember.  Rainouts can be a double edged sword with senior guys.  With girls it’s a drag because you have to watch the forecast and make decisions because girls have to get hair and makeup done.  With guys you can split it up and just do the studio stuff on the rainy day, and sure you have to find another day to squeeze in the location shoot, but at least you get to hang out a second time on a different day!  More fun!

Meanwhile Marc is a really nice kid and we had a lot of fun with his mom!  Marc’s girlfriend hung out for the studio part and his mom Cheri was there for both – you can see below if you like, where she guest hosted our Periscope broadcast of the session in Birmingham!  Meanwhile let’s get to some photos of “re-marc-able” Marc!

Marc Had It…

Yes he had it – style, personality, and good looks, and we started to photograph it all in the studio so let’s look at one of those shots first:

Marc Had

Love the grey on grey!

Now let’s head to the location session but before we do let’s see our behind the scenes action starting with our 6 second looping Vine:

Next we have the replay of the extended Periscope live broadcast with Cheri guest hosting for part of it!  You can download the app and follow us on Periscope here.


Now for the location photos:

Marc Had

You can see the tips of the leaves just starting to turn color here…

From the parking structure we headed to an alleyway…

Marc Had

And then we’ll leave you with this one relaxing on the curb…

Marc Had

So there you have it – quite re”marc”able we must say!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from our day(s) with him!

Senior Portraits With The One And Only SOCK COP!

For those of you who are on Periscope you must know about Sock Cop.  He’s a clean sock, clean cop and he spends his days keeping the streets safe by catching the speedahs….  He shares his life, his knowledge, his wisdom and his impressions of famous people in his daily broadcast and you should download the app and check out his show at @jasonburglar here (which as he’ll tell you “don’t make no sense, it don’t make no sense”).

Better Late Than Never

Meanwhile Mama Sock who did a great job raising Sock Cop unfortunately didn’t get a chance to get professional senior photos when he graduated high school so it was time to right that wrong, and in a first for our studio we actually did the session live on a broadcast during Sock Cop’s weekly show on ParachuteTV1 – the first true network on Periscope!  As we normally do we are sharing a few sneak peeks of the session here on the blog with you!

Sock Cop On Location!

We decided that the best location for the photos would be where Sock Cop is really in his element which is in front of the Police station so let’s start with a close up:

Sock Cop

We made the decision to leave the hearts in the photo because it really tells the story of where Sock Cop is in his life now – people love Sock Cop and they typically tap the screen giving him a steady flow of hearts – it just shows how much happiness he brings to people.

Next let’s take a look at the Periscope broadcast replay of the session itself!

You can see there that he was really killing it!  As a side note for whatever reason our comments were out of order on the replay, so I left the extra bit in where you can actually see where we were helping direct the shoot.  One of the other viewers said “too small”, and that was in response to our suggestion that one of these would look good as a 20×24 canvas.

Let’s take a look now at a couple more photos from the session.  First on the sign in front of the station:

Sock Cop

And lastly here is Sock Cop getting comfortable in a laid back style just chillin’

Sock Cop

And there you have it!  We were so happy these turned out so well and we hope you enjoyed the highlights from our session!!!  Hehe…


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Nathan Served Notice On His Senior Session!

Nathan served notice on his senior session for sure – that he’s arrived, that he’s a good looking dude, and that he’s ready to take on any challenge!  Yet another senior we’ve known since he was born, he’s grown up to be an impressive young guy.  Nathan’s dad was an old college teammate of mine, and since Nathan’s younger sister Madeline came with us on the session and not his parents, it gave me some time to tell them plenty of old stories about their dad…  hahaha!

To The Stadium

Meanwhile Nathan was a good sport and prepared for the session (with help from his sister), and we think he had more fun than he bargained for.  Nathan is a football player who is planning on playing at the next level and so we met him at his stadium at Hartland High School where there was plenty to work with inside and outside the stadium.  We’ll start inside the stadium with a photo of Nathan next to the goal post:

Nathan Served Notice

Don’t mess with him….

Meanwhile let’s take a look at our behind the scenes video from the day – first with our fun 6 second looping vine:

Next up the extended footage of the Periscope broadcast replay from our YouTube channel!  You can download the app and follow us there (and just about everywhere else) at @frameablefaces at this link.

Nathan Served Notice

So let’s get to the rest of the results…  First with a bit more of a dressy look with a shirt and tie:

Nathan Served Notice

Next we moved over to a more natural background for this close up…

Nathan Served Notice

Lastly Nathan donned the letter jacket for this one:

Nathan Served Notice

And there it is – you can see what we mean when we say Nathan served notice can you not?  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our morning with him!