A Spokesmodel Session With Annabel 5 Years Later!

A spokesmodel session with Annabel 5 years later?  Later than what?  Let me explain.  Almost 5 years ago a 12 year old Annabel was in the mall with her dad not too long after we set up shop in our studio and she brought him in here and told him they needed to do some family pictures!  He listened and we did a really fun outdoor fall session with her dad, brother and grandparents back in 2009.  We also photographed Annabel’s brother Harry for his senior photos, one of which is featured here (he’s the one with the flaming baseball bat).  We knew they were good people from the beginning and we have been talking to Annabel about being a spokesmodel ever since.

Spokesmodel session with Annabel

For all intents and purposes she has been doing it for a while now – referring seniors to our studio and recommending other spokesmodels from the classes before hers.  Last year we featured her and one of our class of ’13 spokesmodels Sierra in a blog post announcing our BFF mini sessions, and now after 5 years of “planning” it is her turn for a spokesmodel shoot all her own!  We love her in the close crop black and white photo above.  Here is another photo on the white background this time in a full length crop and in color:

Spokesmodel session with Annabel

Next we moved to the black for this one – she looks great!!!

Spokesmodel session with Annabel

The whole session was a bit surreal just because we were looking forward to this day for so long!  Here is a fun vine with a couple highlights of the day, including the graffiti shot which we had to trek through some seriously deep snow to get to – you can see how it’s almost up to her knees!  “Lean into the love” Annabel!!!  🙂

And here is one of the resulting photos with the graffiti wall – we love graffiti and we hope to get some more urban settings as the weather breaks (if it ever does) with our spokesmodels so stay tuned.  For now we hope you enjoyed these photos of Annabel!

Spokesmodel session with Annabel

Sierra’s Spokesmodel Session Had Glamour AND Grit!

Sierra’s session starts a little trend with the class of 2015 spokesmodels as the first of three younger siblings of former seniors of ours and she is also one of five in this class whom we have photographed before.  Sierra actually appeared on the cover of our brochure from last year with the rest of her wonderful family, and we photographed two of her older siblings for their senior pictures featured here and here.  Sierra’s family has a strong athletic tradition and we of course wanted to highlight that here, but that was only a part of her session, and we will get to that a little later.  There are plenty of sides to Sierra so we wanted to present some options for the senior who can display versatility!  The “glamour AND grit”!!!

For now let’s start with super cute.


Just a simple white background and a nice smile can work every time and we like poses that frame the face like this one.  We also like a thoughtful pose up close in black and white like this next one – stunning!


We also love a little bit of attitude – so much fun!  Loving the leather…

Glamour and Grit

Now is where the session started to “heat up”!  Check out this behind-the-scenes vine of the action and you will see what we mean…

Sibling Photos: A Dapper Dude and a Baby Blossom!

We have been really excited to get these sneak peeks up on the blog of “a dapper dude and a baby blossom”!  Such a precious session with these little siblings and they were a total pleasure to work with.  Very sweet and well behaved, they followed instructions like champs!

We started off by getting some photos of the two of them together on the white background.  Our dapper dude was styling with his sport coat and tie and his little sister was looking pretty in pink with the flower headband and flowery dress.  Flowers were definitely a strong theme for this session and if you have been a regular here on our blog you probably can guess where we are going with that….a dapper dude and a baby blossom

The white always looks great – nice and simple and can be displayed pretty much anywhere.  Next we moved to the black background and the kids changed up their look a little.  We love the red dress in particular against the black – it just pops and both brother and sister are beaming!  Big brother looks really proud and happy to be with his little sis!a dapper dude and a baby blossom

Next we gave our dapper dude a moment in the spotlight for himself…  That smile!

a dapper dude and a baby blossom

Here we have a fun little behind the scenes vine of the session which will give you a precious peek into the flowery fun that came next…

Needless to say we never get tired of the flower pot babies.  How could we?  These make us smile every time and the little ones always seem to have a lot of fun being in the pot while everyone is smiling laughing and cheering for them!  They are perfect for right around the 6 month milestone or slightly after as long as they are sitting up.a dapper dude and a baby blossom

All in all we had a really memorable time with our little friends and their mommy and grandma here at our studio!  We hope these made you smile too!

Jessica’s Sublime Siberian Senior Session!

Welcome to “Jessica’s Sublime Siberian Senior Session”!  If you are a regular here at the blog you might recognize these snowflakes from yesterday’s post…  We were able to get two great sessions in the snow on this particular day since it snowed for several hours.  In Jessica’s case it was so perfect because she was specifically holding out for a day just like this one, and as we said the conditions were positively Siberian, which was a good thing as you’ll see a little further down the page…

For now let’s start in the studio as we did with Jessica:

2623We did photograph Jessica against the black backdrop and we are really pleased with those results, but here we would like to show her off with the pretty color combos because they really pop off the screen – look at all the purples, violets, reds, and golds!  Jessica looks great – there was a lot to choose from this session and it was hard to pick…


Okay now let’s take a trip outside into the snow shall we?  We love the playfulness of this next shot!

Siberian Senior Session

Here’s where the session really takes a Siberian turn…  with Jessica’s Siberian Husky Diesel!!!  You know you have taken a lot of photos when you have photographed two different four legged Diesels – although they were not both pups – the other Diesel was a horse!  Meanwhile this Diesel was clearly at home in the snow and he was loving every minute of it.  Running around and playing in the snow with plenty to say too.  Love his coloring and we were able to get him to sit still just long enough to get this awesome shot with Jessica!  A girl and her pup!  Love it! Siberian Senior SessionWe hope you enjoyed these photos of Jessica’s Sublime Siberian Senior Session!  We certainly enjoyed our time with her (and Diesel)!!!

Leah – Senior Spokesmodeling In The Snow!

Since we photograph our senior spokesmodels from January to April we usually get a few spokesmodeling in the snow which is fine since there actually is a little demand for snow pictures every year.  This winter has been brutal and we have certainly been able to get all the snow shots we need already.  However no matter what the conditions are each year it is rare that a day lines up so perfectly where you can get nice big fluffy snowflakes fluttering gently down from the sky.  A day with no wind, not bitter cold – just right.  We had one of these days ordered up just for Leah!  But more on that later….

High School Spokesmodel

We started out in the studio so we could get some on the black background.  We used the black stool with the black once so far with this class but this look is a little different with Leah in black and crouching on the stool instead of sitting.  We are planning on using the black for every spokesmodel girl at least for a few shots even if we don’t end up showcasing them all because 1) we love the black and it is very popular, 2) it is a dramatic look and very versatile and 3) we may do something fun with all of these photos on the black when we’re done with the 2015 spokesmodels – we’ll see…  Meanwhile this next shot is a brand new look for us – a different take on being in the spotlight – literally!  We love the way this turned out.

High School Spokesmodel

We should also mention that hair and makeup for this session was done at The Beauty Lounge here in the Orchard Mall – hair by Tammy and makeup by Gloria.  They are right down the hall from our studio and The Beauty Lounge is one of three great salons here in the mall.  Next we broke out our cerulean blue backdrop and this next picture of Leah is just sweet and simple.

High School Senior Photo

At this point we were ready to go outside!

Here is a vine that will give you a little flavor of the studio portion of the session and then the winter wonderland we stepped into…

…now check this out!

spokesmodeling in the snow

We love the way Leah looks in the light dress against the white snow – white on white or black on black look great in the studio and the white on white looks great outside in the same way – it is an approach we have worked with in the past with great results, and it clearly worked again this time – spectacular!!!

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Stunning Portraits Of Our Three Favorite Sisters!

We are thrilled to present some portraits of our three favorite sisters together!  You have seen these beautiful girls grace our pages before whether you have seen them here on the blog, on Facebook, our website or elsewhere.  It would not even be a big surprise that if you have been around our studio a lot you have met at least one of them before.  This is the first time we have had them in our studio together for a session and what a special session it was!

Portraits of Three Sisters

How gorgeous are they…?  We have become very close to these three and they are pretty much like family to us now.  While they were posing there were plenty of laughs, arguments, disputes, smiles, and overall a lot of love.  Sisters doing what sisters do right?  We photographed them against the red background quite a bit – we have been into the red lately and it really worked for them as you can see above.  Here is a behind-the-scenes vine of the session:

Ellery’s Entrance As Senior Picture Spokesmodel!

As we continue along preparing for an exciting year of senior pictures for the class of 2015 we present some highlights from Ellery’s spectacular in-studio spokesmodel session!  We are plain giddy about this year’s crew the way these sessions have been going so far and this one was no exception…

Senior pictures

The “black and blowy” pose never disappoints – Ellery’s blonde hair looks amazing against the black background!  Very dramatic and flat out stunning, you will see this set up repeated frequently in our posts because it is one of our signatures and every senior girl brings a little something different to it.  The weather on Ellery’s day was particularly nasty and we wanted some extra time to tinker in the studio and she was ready for that with two full sized suitcases (and an overflow bag) so we could try a bunch of different ideas indoors.  As much as we love them four sessions in the snow already is plenty.  We have one more coming up in our next post and that is likely it for the snow.

Okay so back to the photos!  Next up staying with the black background we have Ellery in a really cute hat!  Hats = GOOD!  Accessories in general are great and totally encouraged for senior sessions! High School Senior Pictures

Here is the behind-the-scenes vine of this series along with the next one – the “spotlight” set up…