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Loving Lira As A Class Of 2021 Spokesmodel – A Long Time Coming!

Loving Lira is something we’ve been doing for a solid decade!  She was one of our favorites when we used to do dance photos for the dance studio across the hall and we’ve pretty much planned on having her be a spokesmodel someday all this time.  She’s a character this one – in the very best way – she runs track, plays in the band AND she’s a power lifter!!!  All with a larger than life personality and we are so happy to be photographing her now as a rising senior!

Loving Lira!

Let’s get to some highlights shall we?  First we went to one of our favorite spots in West Bloomfield where we found some pretty patches of purple!

Loving Lira

Love it – this pic is SO Lira!

Of course we have some behind the scenes fun as well – first from the Facebook Livestream:

And here’s one more with that outfit with a more thoughtful pose in a classic black and white:

Loving Lira

Time to change outfits and location – our seniors typically go with between 4-6 outfits in a session… and for these we headed to Birmingham and Quarton Lake which is a popular spot with our seniors!

Loving Lira

A little water, a little backlight – a lot of beauty…

One more behind the scenes video this time from Instagram!   

And we’ll leave you with this last one with the waterfall as the backdrop:

Loving Lira

And there you go! Loving Lira indeed for the class of 2021!  The new senior season has begun so get on our calendar ASAP!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with Lira!

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Doug’s Amateur 2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas!

I am NOT a professional photographer.  Let’s get that straight – and I will not be any time soon.  I have always loved photography, always had a camera and have always had a nice amateur eye.  So being in the photography business with my amazing professional photographer wife Ally has given me a chance to be involved in it, and to play around with the behind the scenes photos when I’m creating content to promote what we do.


Meanwhile the cameras on iPhones and smartphones in general have become better and better – the quality is quite amazing for everyday amateur use and the tools and filters let you have a lot of fun.  We’ve always said that the more people appreciate everyday photography the more they will appreciate professional photography, and we embrace the technology and use it to highlight the photos we take for our clients.

To that end I’ve become fond of the Panorama option on the iPhone, and I made sure to grab a pano of each spokesmodel session for the class of 2017.  I thought maybe these could make a fun blog post and so here we go…..!  These are unfiltered by the way with the exception of Ally brightening one or two of them.

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas!

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas


With Lily we went to Heritage Park in Farmington Hills and I got Ally here in action with Lily under this pretty trellis.

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas


Haven rocked it in the studio on this purple background with the light wood floor – I got up high for this angle…

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas


Bending an alleyway in Birmingham as Nick mimics Ally’s pose…

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas


Our Lacey at Belle Isle where if you look really closely you can see the Detroit skyline in the distance to the right …

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas


Ilyssa with the blue on the blue door in Pontiac on a cold and overcast day…

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas


Marie lounges on the “throne” in the studio on the red background and the dark wood floor…

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas


Ben chilling on a footbridge – another bend in reality…

2017 Spokesmodel Panoramas

Aria and Maya

Aria and Maya go back to back in downtown Detroit with the awesome murals of “The Belt“.

Kinda neat huh?  We hope you enjoyed these class of 2017 spokesmodel panoramas!  Let us know what you think!

Nick Closes Out Our Class of 2017 Spokesmodels In Style!

Nick is next up in our Class of 2017 blog posts, and yes he’s the subject of the last of these, but he’s far from the least!  This guy is great – bursting with personality and we liked him the minute we met him.  Funny enough we ended up sealing the deal with him representing our studio as a spokesmodel when Ally and I went out to eat at Social Kitchen and Bar in Birmingham – Nick was the host that night and we didn’t even know it!  He was the first person to greet us when we walked in (we had already met with him and his mom Sally)!  Everything about that night was pretty cool as a side note – the restaurant has owners who are parents of one of our seniors, three of our former seniors work there, and now we’ve got Nick!  You should eat there – it’s awesome.

Nick Is Next…

But back to Nick.  This guy showed up with what seemed like a whole closet of clothes (according to him only a third of his wardrobe) and let’s just say the kid has style!  We joked that day and since that ya gotta have options!  Lol…  Let’s start with a formal shot on the black background:


What a stud.

At this point we headed outside because we wanted to get some variety in Birmingham, but before we look at those let’s see some behind the scenes action – first with our 6 second Vine for your looping pleasure…

Now for your extended viewing if you like here are the replays of our live Periscope broadcasts from our day.  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet you can do so and follow us at @FrameableFaces at this link.

Okay now for the location photos…  Shades, sun, flowers, steps, casual pose – cool!


And more steps….but a totally different aesthetic….


And we’ll leave you with this one – we like cityscapes with brick, alleys and the like!


Another awesome spokesmodel and another awesome session!  We may still have some fun recaps coming about our Class of 2017 team, but even more exciting we’ll have new seniors to present soon – including a new round of posts featuring this awesome crew of 9 as they return for their own senior pictures!

Sara In The City!

Sara in the city was a big hit!  Senior season is in full gear and we are photographing the class of 2015 pretty much non stop at this point.  We will have plenty more of these posts coming up as we are able to churn them out, and we are thrilled to bring you photos from this fantastic city session with Sara!  But before we go out to light up the night let’s start back at the beginning of the session with an adorable studio shot!

Sara’s mom Kelly was inspired by two different photos on the wall of our studio – one of a little girl looking over her shoulder and another of a one year old holding a massive lollipop – she came up with the idea of combining the two and Sara pulled it off for a memorable and adorable look!

sara in the city

After a little more studio work we hit Birmingham for some nighttime fun, and once the sun went down we broke out our location lighting (off-camera light box, Westcott Ice Light) and Sara really turned it on.  Lynyrd Skynyrd’s tour bus was parked outside the Townsend Hotel so we used it.  Pretty cool huh?

sara in the city

Here is a little behind the scenes vine of the evening: