Striking Gold With Leah – Again!

Having Leah represent Frameable Faces this year has felt like striking gold.  Okay brown and gold to be exact since she’s a North Farmington Raider like both of us, but we are feeling lucky to have her because she’s just so much fun to photograph.  She just has that it – she looks great, she knows how to pose, she’s sweet and we love her mom too which doesn’t hurt since she came along for the session!  Leah had an amazing spokesmodel session earlier this year so we knew it could be tough to match, but match it she did!

We are going to feature the location shots here and we captured some really nice natural photos along with plenty of fabulous city photos, so here we go…!!!

Let’s start with the natural with this close up of Leah’s smile surrounded by some pretty purple flowers.

striking gold

Beautiful right?  Let’s give a little shout out while we’re at it to Gloria Haio from The Beauty Lounge down the hall from our studio for the fantastic job on Leah’s makeup.  Next Leah changed outfits and we moved to a different spot to get a little texture with some water in the background.  Love this one….

striking goldHere is our fun behind the scenes vine of the afternoon:

Next we moved into downtown Birmingham to get some city shots…  oh – and remember the comment about striking gold?  Leah was rocking some gold and looking great for this next shot!

striking gold

Lastly we used the fountain for a backdrop for this total stunner of a photo – a great one to end on!

striking gold

So there it is – striking gold with Leah – again!  We hope you enjoyed these – we certainly felt lucky to be able to spend a few more hours photographing this girl!

Kriti Is Pretty In A Meadow Or The City!

We couldn’t resist.  When your name rhymes with “pretty” the title just writes itself!  The thing is that it’s completely true – Kriti IS pretty in a meadow or the city, and she is really a sweetheart inside and out.  Her mom came along for the session and her dad met us on location and hung out for a while as well – what delightful people!  We chuckled a little about how she’s heard it plenty over the years – “pretty Kriti” – but it helps when you can live up to it the way she does.

We spent all of our time outdoors on location for this session and we were thrilled at the consultation when they told us they wanted Kriti in traditional dress for a few photos.  So colorful and beautiful!!!  This shot is really a winner in the meadow:

Kriti is Pretty

Next we headed to Quarton Lake in Birmingham where we photograph quite a bit since there are some really nice settings there especially with the water, and that is where we got this next photo:

Kriti is Pretty

Kriti just has a very pleasant demeanor and an easy smile – a pleasure to photograph.

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the day with the scene from the meadow and then our venture into Birmingham to get some city shots.

Changing pace from natural and pretty to urban and gritty is always fun since it gives a completely different aesthetic and switches up the vibe.
Kriti is Pretty

Either way Kriti is at ease as you can plainly see…

Kriti is Pretty

Love the lighting on that last photo in particular!  So there you have it, and now you can see why we say that Kriti is pretty in a meadow or the city!

A “Pitch Perfect” Session With William!

While the movie Pitch Perfect about the a cappella singing group has become very popular and quotable, for our session with William we are not talking about singing.  We are talking about a different kind of pitch – a soccer pitch!  “Pitch” in this case is another word for “field”, and yes we went to the pitch for a few shots for William’s senior session.  William is a great kid and he plays goalie for his high school team.  His mom came along for the session and we had a great day!  But our “goal” isn’t only to show you the photos at the soccer field – let’s start in the studio where we began our afternoon with William.


We are big fans of seniors wearing their letter jacket and showing that school spirit!  This was just a nice casual shot before we moved on to the more formal portrait.

Pitch Perfect

Now that’s a fine looking young man indeed!  You have been seeing a few of these formal shots with the guys lately on the grey background and you will continue to see them, well, because we just love the way they look!

At this point it was time to head out on location where we were able to work with a natural setting along with the soccer pitch – two different spots close by before the rain rolled in.  Here is our behind the scenes vine of the afternoon which even includes an action shot!

First a photo with the letter jacket in a natural setting.  It’s a close crop but the green in the background looks great.

Pitch Perfect

And finally our goalie in a pitch perfect photo!

9411Score!  Another great session and a great day with a cool senior!  We hope you enjoyed these photos!


Eden Returns For An Encore!

It’s a great day for us when Eden returns to the studio, in this case it was for an encore from her wonderful winter spokesmodel session back in January!  Eden is pretty and nice and smart and all of those things, but one of her best qualities that really sets her apart is just how flat out funny she is!  She just makes us laugh – she could be a stand up comedian and I’m not joking.  I don’t point that out because we’re about to show you photos that were comic-themed or anything like that – on the contrary, this session has everything to do with her beautiful looks and great style.  I guess we just want you to know that we’re big Eden fans for lots of reasons…

For this session we spent the whole time on location with the goal of getting a nice variety of natural settings as well as a few urban shots.  Let’s start with the natural…

Eden Returns

We just love the look with the hat!  We had some fun with that – just really cute!  We also had fun with a little bird that decided to hang out while we were shooting – we named him “MJ” (don’t ask….lol).  Here he is:


Now back to the photos of Eden…

Eden Returns

We had some great lighting here (with some help from Reflecto) and the little sparkle in Eden’s eyes are called “catchlights” although Eden is fully capable of generating that sparkle on her own!  Haha!

Next we moved over to the waterfall which we like as a backdrop.  We love this next photo:

Eden Returns

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the morning:

Lastly we’ll leave you with a photo in the city…

Eden Returns

Love it – and love the breeze giving Eden’s hair that little lift!  Eden’s return was a memorable one for sure – a great encore!

Excellence In Senior Photos With Eli!

We now bring you excellence in senior photos with Eli!  At around the time of Eli’s session we were having a little run on guys (you may have seen Noah’s session last if you follow this blog) after photographing a bunch of senior girls in a row.  We were excited to photograph Eli because we knew him and had photographed him before in family photos as well as his sister for her senior pictures a couple years ago.  Eli’s mom came along for the ride and the results speak for themselves – and yeah, you might say they represent excellence in senior photos!

We started in the studio where we honed in on our grey background.  We have had a lot of success with guys on grey – not sure we can put our finger on why but the combination looks fantastic especially with the formal GQ look like this:

Excellence in senior photos

Cool huh?  Eli just completely nailed it.  Next we shifted gears and “served up” this next shot…

Excellence in senior photos

See what I did there?  We “served up” that photo!!!  Hehe…

Okay next it was time to head out on location, and we returned to Heritage Park which is continuing to be a great spot for us this year!

Let’s start with the barn shot.  This is such a cool barn and we noticed this time the plaque on the barn indicates that it was built in the nineteenth century!

Excellence in senior photos

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the afternoon where there was some great “smizing” going on:

… and we will leave you with one more shot with the stone wall as our background.

Excellence in senior photos

So there you have it – excellence all around with Eli!  We had fun with him – a fine young man in every respect!

Kicking It Up A Notch With Noah!

Kicking it up a notch with Noah is what we did on his senior session!  This was just a cool and fun afternoon on a number of levels.  For starters it always helps when our senior is fun to be around and Noah is a neat guy – he was totally game for anything and his dad came along for the session which is relatively rare.  It would be cool if more dads came on senior sessions with their sons because this day just felt like a fun hangout with the guys!  Another reason this session was kicked up a notch was the exploring we did at Heritage Park – we didn’t realize how far back some of those trails go and we hit a few new spots (and outdoor props).  So without further adieu…

We started on location in the early afternoon because of a potential storm coming, where we got this shot against the silo early on…

Kicking It Up A Notch

Next we used a farm wagon that was just asking to be used which made for a couple of nice shots.  We hadn’t used it before so it’s now “Noah’s wagon” as long as it’s there!  This shot is a close crop of our guy so it focuses on him but the wagon provides a nice backdrop on this one.

Kicking It Up A Notch

Next we went off exploring a bit and found a cool little bridge that we really like:

Kicking It Up A Notch

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the afternoon:

Then it was time to head back to the studio to get a little work done indoors.  The forecast proved correct as a major storm hit right after we got back and the power went out.  We thought the session might be over right then and there but the power came back in a couple minutes and we kept going!   Ally always photographs everything in color but sometimes a photo just looks cool in black and white and sometimes Ally just knows when she sees it – like this one…

Kicking It Up A Notch

Nice huh?  We were glad to “hang with the boys” and kick it up a notch with Noah!

Ayla Is A Sweet Little Angel!

Ayla is a sweet little angel indeed and we were thrilled to have her here at the studio!  She is a beautiful smiley little bundle of joy and she brought a ton of style and personality to her session even at only 4 months old!  We have been so busy photographing high school seniors which we love, but having this adorable little yummy smush was a nice change of pace to be sure, and we love her family.

We started off with Ayla in her baptism gown on the red couch.  It is worth noting that Ayla’s grandmother made this gown for her!  How amazing is that?  Such love – so special and so pretty!

little angel

She is so cute!  Next we moved to another fun outfit on one of our chairs for a few photos.  Here are a couple…   First let’s start with the damask backdrop.  We like to call this look the “O” mouth!  🙂

little angel

Such a fun look of wonder on her face!  Then we moved to the brown background:

little angel

Her daddy loves this photo.  Love her smile!  Habibti!

Meanwhile here is a little fun behind the scenes vine of Miss Ayla during her session!

Lastly we will leave you with this precious moment between Ayla and her mommy…

little angel

That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?  As good as it gets.  We loved this session and we hope you enjoyed these sneak peeks of sweet little angel Ayla!

Awesomeness Abounds With Alexa!

Awesomeness abounds with Alexa when we get together.  We love this girl and we have been so happy to have her representing our studio this year as a spokesmodel.  We had her pegged back when we photographed her sister Jordyn two years ago for her senior photos and we wish we could photograph Alexa every 6 months!  For now we can be satisfied with the two awesome sessions we had with her this year – the spokesmodel session back in the winter which was all in the studio and her senior session which we split  between studio and location which we are proud to present to you here!

This was the last session of our crazy lucky week of weather that we’ve been talking about for the last several blog posts… once again the forecast wasn’t looking great but it didn’t matter.  Once again the weather was perfect for our awesomeness with Alexa!

Awesomeness abounds

Awesomeness indeed!  Love the backlight on her hair, the water, the dress, the pose – it’s all great.  Next we went to another spot with a bridge that we really like and got this shot of Alexa just sitting and being cute!

Awesomeness abounds

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the morning and these two photos in particular!

At this point it was time to head back to the studio where we played around with our damask background and our light blue, and definitely more awesomeness happened.  This would also be a good time to give a shout out to Shifra Raskin for the wonderful job on Alexa’s makeup down the hall at Style The Salon here in the Orchard Mall.  First let’s take a look at the photo against the damask backdrop…

Awesomeness abounds

…and lastly the blue.  This shot in particular we really love just because Alexa is clearly having so much fun here – we just love how she’s in this moment!

Awesomeness abounds

And so there it is – awesomeness all the way around!  We hope you enjoyed these – we certainly enjoyed our time with Alexa!


Sugary Sweet Jenna Is A Grown Up Senior!

Sugary sweet Jenna is a grown up senior and it’s hard to believe!  Time flies – it seems like yesterday that she was in here as the little sister jumping in for a couple shots in her sister Carly’s senior photos, and now the roles have reversed with the spotlight on her!  Jenna is a breath of fresh air – always smiling, always saying hello, and over the years even popping up on Facebook instant messenger once in a while with a simple “Hi Ally!” or “Hi Doug!”  So while we often point out how senior sessions can be surreal when it’s a senior we’ve known for a while, it’s just as much so with each example and definitely so with Jenna!

We started in the studio with some simple black and white backgrounds.  While we have a broad assortment of colors and textures in the studio, the basics never get old and Jenna looks great here first on the white.  Ally especially likes the white on white and the black on black – when it’s lit properly it looks great.

Sugary Sweet Jenna

Next we moved to the black to get up close and personal!

Sugary Sweet Jenna

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the session where you’ll see that we also had a little fun with a Michigan State Spartan football jersey!

Now it was time to go outside once again during our incredibly lucky weather week where the rain continued to move around our sessions and we had wonderful conditions!  Here are a couple photos from our location – just pretty and natural against a tree with a little Queen Anne’s lace in the background…

Sugary Sweet Jenna

…and relaxing on stone with a pop of black-eyed Susans….

Sugary Sweet Jenna

All in all it was a joy to see sugary sweet Jenna all grown up as a senior and it was great photographing her!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from her session!

We Are Completely Mad For Maddy!

We are completely mad for Maddy!  We gush often about our seniors but there is a reason for it.  In Maddy’s case she just makes us smile – she is a total character and we mean that as a compliment.  She is so funny, even charmingly quirky if you will, and she is an accomplished ice skater – she just has a lot going for her!  Oh – and, well – you’ll see when you look at her – she is adorable.

We started in the studio where we focused first on the red background.  Keep in mind that Ally always photographs digitally in color.  But just for kicks let’s switch it up – I just got finished telling you how Maddy is a character and so funny and yet she pulled off a pensive and classically beautiful shot that we love converted to black and white…

Mad for Maddy

Next we moved to the black background and we focused on her skating accomplishments.  Maddy showed off her playful side for this fun shot with a bunch of her medals all around her!  The one in her right hand is her very first one and the one in her left hand is her most recent gold medal!

Mad for MaddyHere is our fun behind the scenes vine of the morning – plenty of laughter as you can see!  🙂

Next as you can see in the vine it was time to head outside.  This was still the week of extended forecasts of thunderstorms so this was another session that on location success  wasn’t a given, and while it was pretty humid it was still rain-free.  We were able to get a couple really nice shots here.  The first one is just nice and casual in shorts…

Mad for Maddy

…and this last one we’ll leave you with is so pretty – the dress, the pose, it all comes together.

Mad for Maddy

So yes we are now completely mad for Maddy after spending a morning with her (on Ally’s birthday no less) and we hope you enjoyed these photos!