Sal Was Smashing On His Birthday! It’s How He Looked And What He Did!

Sal is a smashing young lad to be sure.  We were excited to get this call since we have photographed many members of Sal’s family before including his two older siblings, but this was our first time photographing Sal.  And….we got to do it ON his first birthday!  What an honor to be able to spend some time with someone on their very first birthday!!!  That’s about as good as it gets.  We photograph plenty of first birthday sessions but they aren’t always on the day of their birthday so this was very cool.  Oh – and yes there is a cake smash – an epic one at that which we’ll save until the end…  🙂

Sal Looked Smashing…

We started on location and Sal arrived displaying a real sense of fashion!  The kid looked fantastic!  Haha…  We went to one of our favorite spots and started on the bridge and Sal turned it on immediately!  Check him out:


How awesome is he?  And the vest rocks.

It was hot out but Sal was a champ and we got a few more photos before we headed back to the studio to cool down…  Here’s one more…


Before we head back to the studio let’s take a look at our behind the scenes action shall we?  First we have our fun 6 second vine for your looping pleasure:

Now we have our extended replays of our live Periscope broadcasts from the day on our YouTube channel which are a ton of fun – and here is where you’ll see the real smashing come into play!!!  Lol…

Sal Was Smashing…

Now it was time for the real smashing – a cake smash!!!!  But before we let Sal “take the cake” we had to get a couple of him just being his awesome self – like this one:


And now for the smash!  I think he enjoyed this….


And there you have it!  A smashing session indeed!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights of our day with Sal!

A Is For Abby And The “A” Game She Brought To Her Senior Session!

A is for awesome, astounding, admirable, amazing and it’s also for Abby and the A game she brought to her senior session which had a little of all of those aforementioned and appropriate words when describing the results.  Haha – see what I did there?  The whole relationship started off in hilarious fashion when Abby and her mom Sharon walked into the studio for the first time and busted us doing our zany “Sir Doug & Lady Ally” Periscope act and it turns out they just fit right in!  Both of them are cute funny and snarky and we had an amazing time together on Abby’s session!

Hi Abby…

So let’s say hello to our beautiful senior….  We started out in the studio and we’ll highlight one photo on the brown background:

"A" Game

“A” also stands for adorable….  🙂

Before we head out to the location photos let’s take a look at the behind the scenes action from our day as we like to do.  First we have our vine for your 6 second looping pleasure and I really love this snippet since it captures much of the story with Abby’s sweet personality!

Next we have the extended replays of the live Periscope broadcasts from our YouTube channel we did which are plenty of fun!  You can download the app and follow us on Periscope at @FrameableFaces at this link.

Abby Brings Her “A” Game!

Keep in mind that Abby is a North Farmington Raider (just like us) and we only expect greatness from Raiders so we weren’t surprised at what a pro she was…  She killed it – take a look:

"A" Game


Our conditions were perfect for this shoot – a little hot maybe but not unbearable.  And we had some nice breezes here and there out on the dock for the series that produced this winner…

"A" Game

We’ll leave you with this last one in front of the Quarton Lake waterfall in Birmingham which serves as a nice background…

"A" Game

Beautiful!!!  And there it is – Abby’s “A” game and an amazing session.  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

Ryan Leads The Way For The Guys For The Class Of 2017!

Ryan’s session is the first official senior guy session for the class of 2017 and he definitely led the way in style!  We have known Ryan for a long time but not well – one of those things where we’ve known his family and more specifically his mom Jodie going back to high school days.  We photographed him before when we did family photos for them, but this was the first time we really hung out with Ryan for an extended time and we really had a lot of fun with him!

Focused dude…

One of the things that impressed us about Ryan (and you’ll see this if you watch the Periscope replay) is when asked by a couple of viewers of our live broadcast what subject he likes the most and what he wants to study he didn’t hesitate – just matter of factly answered “Econ” and “Business”.  I didn’t really have a clue at that age, so kudos to Ryan!  As for the session, he came solo and had two different dress shirts for the formal shots to go with the casual stuff.  Totally prepared – clean cut and ready to rock (not just with the photos but the kid likes classic rock too – which instantly makes him cool).  So let’s get ready to rock here, starting with our studio photos…

We started with the formal look with the grey fabric backdrop – this is a combo we like a lot!

Ryan Leads

GQ!  What a stud.

Next we moved to a little bit more of a casual look with a sweater for this one…

Ryan Leads

Looking good with the black background!

Before we head to the location photos let’s look at the behind the scenes action shall we?  First with our fun 6 second looping Vine where Ally is having a little fun with Ryan – haha!

Even his Snapchat story was pretty epic which you can check out on Slinger at this link!

Next we have the replay of our live Periscope broadcasts from our YouTube channel for your extended viewing pleasure!  Download Periscope and follow us at @FrameableFaces and/or watch the broadcasts on Twitter!

Ryan Leads Us…To The Location!

Heritage Park is a great location for outdoor sessions and we got some great stuff with Ryan.  This was a later session where we planned to get some off camera flash going and the results are fantastic…

First we have a nice close up with the barn in the background…

Ryan Leads

And lastly an off camera flash photo…

Ryan Leads


And there you have it – Ryan leads the way for the guys and we are really off and running with this senior class!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time with Ryan!

Senior In The City – Taking On Chicago With Taria!

Where do we begin with Taria and her EPIC senior session in the city – the city of Chicago that is!!!  Okay let’s start with Periscope – impossible not to start there…

We met Taria’s mom LaTannya on Periscope about a year ago and loved her right away.  She’s hilarious and we started hanging out in each other’s broadcasts which led to a visit to our studio when she was in Detroit with her sweetheart of a daughter Taria!  That night a random person in the mall popped into the studio with a British accent which is a whole other backstory in itself (which some of our Periscope peeps will be familiar with) and without going into too much detail let’s just say all heck broke loose!  Here’s a snippet from Vine

You can see Ally, LaTannya and Taria all dancing with the friend we made that night!

Flash forward to this year and LaTannya had been saying that she wanted us to take Taria’s senior pictures which we were so excited for!  The original plan was for them to come to Detroit, but we received an invitation to speak at Podcast Movement 2016 about Live Video in Chicago so we thought how cool would it be to do the location part in Chicago while we’re there?  The invitation to speak at PM16 didn’t come with a ton of advance notice so we got on a Skype together to plan the whole thing out, and we made it happen!

A Taste of Traffic, Weather, & General Madness…

This was a session that had a little of everything in the way of obstacles and challenges – a ton of traffic for LaTannya and Taria coming downtown, A Taste Of Chicago going on in the area we were shooting, storms hovering in and around Chicago, protests, blistering heat, and a couple of creepy dudes.  And yet, teamwork prevailed and we kicked some butt, Taria was a superstar and the session turned out amazingly!  And we made another friend which we’ll get to later, but in the meantime let’s get into the photos!

We started at Grant Park and this was the part of the session we broadcasted live on Periscope.  That alone was a surreal experience since we met on Periscope and it wasn’t lost on us that an app brought us together in such a wonderful way!  We’ll start with this smiling close up of Taria:


What a beauty!

At this point the rain started to come down and we took shelter for the delay…  Before we get back to the rest of the photos let’s take a look at the behind the scenes action from the day – first with our fun Vine for your 6 second looping pleasure:

Next we have the replays of the live Periscope broadcasts from the day from our YouTube channel.  The second part includes the hilarious Uber ride to the Adler Planetarium for our night time skyline shots.  Denise the Uber driver was amazing and once again it turns out that making friends seems to be a theme when we get together….lol.

Once the rain let up we headed into the Taste Of Chicago for an idea we had for Taria posing with a bunch of people around in the background.  We got a few great photos but it was amusing to see people walking in front of Ally oblivious to the fact that a photo shoot was going on – not that it was their fault at all – we were the ones who picked a crowded event to just plop down and start taking photos.  Meanwhile we got some great results including this one:


We did have a chuckle at one point when LaTannya took matters into her own hands and decided to “direct” traffic a little…. here’s a shot of that scene that didn’t quite make it into the proofs…  Haha!!!


…and that’s why we LOVE LaTannya.

At this point we headed back over to Michigan Avenue where there are some great old buildings with some great textures for another series of photos in another outfit.  Here’s one of those:


Love it.  Taria was really feeling it at this point – such confidence!

Taria In The City…

And here is the coup de grace…  After a break for dinner and some deep dish Chicago pizza we had our awesome Uber driver Denise take us out to the Adler Planetarium as you saw in the video for the best night time vantage point of the skyline for some off-camera flash photos.  Denise waited for us while we hopped out to set up the shot, and this was no easy task.  This is where I personally marvel at Ally’s ability under pressure to change camera settings, position off camera lighting, bump the flash power up or down and even position LaTannya with the hand held Ice Light to get the proper lighting and focus.  Here is one of the results….



And there you have it!  This may actually be “part 1” here on the blog, because there may still be some follow up studio photos here at Frameable Faces with Taria in the near future.  Until then…. we hope you enjoyed the highlights of Taria’s session!

Mikaela Leads The Way For The Class of ’17 In More Ways Than One!

There is always something special about our first official senior photo session of a new class – we love photographing seniors and the first session signals so many things for us – new friendships, a new summer, and tons of fun!  Mikaela was no exception on all three fronts – great girl (and great mom Jill), great summer day, and lots of fun!

A Session of Firsts…

Not only was the session fun but it represented some true firsts for us.  Not only the first senior of the season, but our first session on the ice, and our first time photographing in Royal Oak!  But before we get to the ice and the outdoor fun let’s start in the studio briefly where we began the session:


Stunningly beautiful on the black background!

Mikaela Leads The Way…

Before we head out to the location sneak peeks let’s take a look at some of our fun behind the scenes action!  First our 6 second vine for your looping pleasure!

Next we have the three part replay from our live Periscope broadcasts from the day.  Mild disclaimer here – the second snippet when we are on the ice starts with me shaking my head… I didn’t start the broadcast that way but for some reason a piece of it was missing on the replay…  Haha – ahhh technology!  If you haven’t followed us yet on Periscope you can download the app and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link.  Enjoy!

For now you can watch the replay on the YouTube channel HERE.

Okay now back to more awesome photos…

First we have a close up against a natural backdrop – like I said we had a perfect day!


….and a perfect model.

Next we have a photo from the ice.  This was a fun challenge – ice is actually kinda slippery you know….  It was a little treacherous – I was out there with the off camera flash and Ally – well let’s say she’s been known to wipe out once or twice in her day…  Okay so have I….  But we pulled it off and got some great results including this one:


Last but not least we have one more photo up close and personal with our wonderful first senior with a little city texture:


Those eyes!!!  And there it is – we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our epic day with Mikaela – a fantastic way to kick off the new class!