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Valentine’s Day…….Pancakes and More at The Jagged Fork!

Hey it’s Valentine’s Day this Sunday!!!  And to celebrate we thought we would tease you with some delectable Valentine’s Day delights from our neighbor down the hall The Jagged Fork!  They were actually on the news this week on WMYD Channel 20 Detroit and they needed some photos of their yummy dishes so of course we came running!  Hehe…  Take a look!

Valentine’s Day At The Jagged Fork

Don’t forget too that as of this writing dining in is now allowed with some restrictions in Michigan, so you can eat at The Jagged Fork along with most of your favorite LOCAL eateries!

Jagged Fork

Crepes, French Toast and Pancakes, oh my!!!  With the focus on those seduction crepes in the photo above!

Let’s give each dish their close up shall we?

Jagged Fork

Jagged Fork

Jagged Fork

Okay how fun is the heart pancake???

Here’s Ally with owner Brandon – we had a lot of fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day all!  Get your Valentine a heart shaped pancake!

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Marty’s Cookies – Yummy and Frameable!

I had always been aware of Marty’s Cookies (they’ve been baking cookies locally in Metro Detroit for over 30 years) but for whatever reason I hadn’t been very familiar with the product, at least not more so than any other cookies.  Cookies are clearly a weakness of mine and I’ve tried many good ones, so when we had the opportunity to photograph some Marty’s Cookies for their new website I was excited – It’s a pretty common occurrence when you photograph food that you get to try some.

Marty's Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookie


You could accuse me of just talking these up to help plug a client – that’s fine.  I don’t care.  I’m going to say it anyway – these cookies are some of the better ones I’ve ever had.  I’m sure along the way I’ve had some amazing homemade family recipe cookies that are truly special, and I can’t think of which were the best off the top of my head but I’d put these up against most cookies anywhere.  I think my three favorite were the peanut butter, the butter pecan, and the chocolate chocolate chip (which are not usually my favorite), but here’s the kicker – not only were the cookies outstanding but the banana bread was way more than I bargained for.  I’m pretty critical of banana bread/cake since my mom made it a lot when I was little and it was my favorite.  I’ve always been disappointed by commercially baked banana bread – it never tastes like home.  However I have to say this banana bread was darn close.  Totally legit – moist, flavorful fantastic banana bread.  I’m now a believer and I highly recommend this stuff.  Just sayin’…

Marty's Cookies - banana bread

Banana Bread

Marty's Cookies - Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Butter Pecan cookie - Marty's Cookies Online

Butter Pecan

Oso Sweet Onions Prove To Be Delicious AND Frameable!

If you follow us at all you probably know by now that we are huge foodies – we love to eat and we love to photograph food, so when the chance came to photograph some sweet and yummy onions we thought it would be very a-peel-ing…..  🙂

Oso Sweet Onions are incredible!  We were familiar with them already since they are sold down the hall at Hiller’s Markets, our neighbor.  They have about a third higher sugar content than other sweet onion varieties and they don’t release fumes when you cut them so they are virtually tearless!  So yummy…   They were great models too – very photogenic and easy to work with (haha).  Take a look!

Oso Sweet Onions

Oso Sweet Onions are ready for their close up!

We learn a lot when we photograph products and we enjoy that part of the business.  You may recognize these bins or the Oso Sweet Onion logo at the grocery store…  grab them and then go back to the Oso Sweet Onions website for recipes and more information, and then the world can be your onion!

Oso Sweet OnionsOso Sweet Onions

Meanwhile, the Food Channel we’re not but we took some onions home from the shoot and cooked them up….  What’s your favorite way to enjoy onions?


The Frameable Faces 2013 Campus Tour Continues at U of M!!!

And so the campus tour rolled along…  this time into Ann Arbor to see a couple of our favorite Frameable Wolverines!  The cold front was just moving in and the weather was bitter cold but we didn’t let that stop the fun……or the FOOD!  Shocking we know….    🙂

The Frameable Faces Campus Tour checks in at Pizza House!

The Frameable Faces Campus Tour checks in at Pizza House!

Nicole and Cheyenne met us at Pizza House – one of the most popular spots on campus and home of the best chipatis you’ll find anywhere.  A chipati is a yummy salad wrapped in yummy and warm chipati bread served with chipati sauce.  The pizza and garlic bread rocks as well – actually pretty much everything is good at Pizza House…  It was a historic MLK day with this year marking the 50th anniversary of the “I Have A Dream” speech and it was also inauguration day.  The girls didn’t have classes and we were able to relax and catch up for a couple hours in the late afternoon for an early dinner.

Pizza and Chipati

Chicago style deep dish pizza and a chipati! Mmmmm....

Ally and the Frameable Wolverines

Ally and a couple of her favorite Frameable Wolverines!

Doug with Nicole and Cheyenne

Doug with Nicole and Cheyenne

In keeping with the theme established in East Lansing, we took a stroll over to Insomnia Cookies for dessert…  and we can only say that it’s a good thing there isn’t one of these in West Bloomfield.  It’s dangerous enough with a Just Baked right across the street from the studio (YUM), but late night cookie delivery could be a big problem.  🙂

Insomnia Cookies

Yet again at Insomnia Cookies.... So goood...

Another fun trip with two of our Frameables who are also responsible for two of our greatest images ever – Nicole standing in the water with the beautiful orange sunset many of you have seen and the stunning image of Cheyenne printed on the big beautiful plexiglass which still hangs in the studio.  We love our Frameable Seniors and we love to share in their successes as they enjoy their college experience!

Samira’s Baking Journey

We’ve had the good fortune to be called upon for some very interesting photo shoots over the years and we thought it would be fun to share some “frameable things” – not just faces…

So cue the music – “These are a few of our frameable things…..”

You’ve probably seen or heard us gushing about Samira Cholagh and her cookbooks, one of which (Treasured Middle Eastern Cookbook) is available at our studio here in the Orchard Mall in West Bloomfield. We met Samira in 2009 as she was working extremely hard on her third book, and she needed someone to photograph the dishes she was going to feature. A special friendship was born (Believe that – Doug and food? Do you know Doug?) as we spent a good chunk of that summer at Samira’s home photographing and eating. It was incredible – this book focuses mostly on baking so we were eating pies, tarts, pastries, and cookies pretty much daily….. oy. Samira is the genuine article – sweet, generous, full of life, and her recipes are fantastic. We think the Food Network needs to discover her and have a show that focuses on middle eastern cuisine. Indeed, her show Samira’s Kitchen can be seen on MEA TV & Radio every Thursday at 7:00 PM and you can go to her YouTube channel or Middle Eastern American TV & Radio for more details.

We were very excited to see Samira on Detroit’s Fox 2 News again yesterday morning doing a cooking demonstration and promoting the new book A Baking Journey, and you can watch the clip from the show right HERE from the myFOXdetroit website! Meanwhile here are 4 photographs we took which appear in Samira’s book!

Frameable Faces Cookbook Photography

Yes – this is what we did with our summer that year….

Samira's Baking Journey, Samira Cholagh

Pineapple and coconut – one of Doug’s favorites from the book…

Recipes, Food, Photography, Frameable Faces, West Bloomfield Photographer

Beautiful – and yummy…

Food, Cookbook, West Bloomfield Photographer, Samira Cholagh

The fig pie is incredible – Doug’s other favorite – we just made this one ourselves a few weeks ago…

Frameable Food at Zoe’s House of Pancakes!

Anyone who has spent considerable time here at Frameable Faces Photography knows that we are total foodies and it’s not uncommon for there to be food in the studio – lots of food.  So when we had the opportunity to photograph the new menu items at Zoe’s House Of Pancakes here at The Orchard Mall we salivated at the opportunity (pun intended). What a morning that was – photographing and feasting for hours until we couldn’t move. Flash forward a few months and the new menu is official with our images gracing the cover and the back! As for the food, I truly believe Zoe’s has elevated their game significantly with the new items. Zoe’s has always been a very good breakfast joint with a really good whole wheat pancake option, some yummy specialty items like pumpkin pancakes, the chicken pomodoro omelete and they’ve always had good lunch too. However in my opinion they have become the premier breakfast option on the block with the new items they have added and the line out the door on the weekends proves it.

My favorite is the Chilaquiles – tortillas, chicken, and salsa verde on top of hash browns and cheese with scrambled eggs on top – soooo good. The Huevos Rancheros is great too – love the latin flavor choices!

Zoe's House Of Pancakes

Huevos Rancheros

As for the pancakes – Red Velvet Pancakes!!!

Frameable Faces Photography, Food, Zoe's House Of Pancakes, Photography

Red Velvet Pancakes

Yes the red velvet pancakes are quite delectable and I’ve never seen these anywhere before. The carrot cake pancakes are unique too, and the very berry cream cheese stuffed french toast is out of this world.

West Bloomfield Photographer

Very Berry Stuffed French Toast

Yes we’ve tried all of these already – all in one morning actually…. (oy).  The conclusion: Eat at Zoe’s – and then walk down the hall and say hello after you do!