Love Was In The Air For Alex And Rachel’s Engagement Session!

Love was in the air – well actually it’s in these portraits we’re about to share with you of our cousin Alex and his wonderful fiancé Rachel!  This is yet another portrait session that lands in the category of the surreal since Ally can remember when Alex was born and I came on the scene not a whole lot later than that.  It’s one thing to be photographing seniors whom we’ve known since birth, it’s another to be photographing engagement photos for this guy.  Keep in mind that we did Alex’s senior portraits too, so officially he’s the first Frameable Faces senior to also have his engagement photos done by us!

Love Was In The Air

This session was totally on location at one of our favorite spots and we had a perfect day – perfect lighting and perfect scene overall.  Let’s take a look at a couple sneak peeks shall we?

Love Was In The Air

You can tell how happy they are – happiness just leaps right off the screen!

Before we check out the rest of the photos let’s take a look at the behind the scenes action from the session – first with our fun 6 second looping vine which is actually quite hilarious:

Next let’s go behind the scenes for our extended Periscope broadcast replay from our YouTube channel!  If you aren’t using Periscope yet and want to follow us there on your smartphone or tablet you can download the app and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link:

Okay now let’s get back to a few more awesome photos!

Love Was In The Air

How great are these pictures?  We need to do more engagement sessions…. hehe

Love Was In The Air

We love that one….

Okay we’ll leave you with one more fun photo with a little fall “Pure Michigan” pop of color in the background:

Love Was In The Air

And there it is!  Love was definitely in the air with Alex and Rachel and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time with them!


We Are Lovin’ A Little Bit Of Lauren’s Senior Portraits!

A little bit of Lauren is all we need to show you to see how great she is.  She’s nice and she’s pretty and that’s what her session was – just nice and pretty in the studio.  We’ve always maintained that while the majority of our sessions are a combo of location and studio, we also love the sessions that are just one or the other!  Studio sessions are just chilled and relaxed and Lauren was here with her mom Dawn for hers.  We had fun!

A Little Bit Of Lauren

So let’s get to a few highlights of our time here at Frameable Faces with this girl…  We’ll start off on the black background with a nice and simple photo with a closer crop.  Meet Lauren!

A Little Bit

Next we turned on the fan for our “black and blowy” shot that we love and it was perfect for Lauren – take a look:

A Little Bit

LOVE that photo!

Okay before we switch it up let’s take a look at our fun behind the scenes footage of our time with Lauren.  First with our 6 second looping vine:

Next we have the extended replay of our Periscope broadcast from our YouTube channel.  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet for your smartphone or tablet you are truly missing out and you can get it and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link.

Now let’s get back to a couple more photos as we change it up first to the grey backdrop with another closeup:

A Little Bit

And now we will leave you with a photo of Lauren on our red Victorian style couch with the red paper backdrop and the wooden flooring that turned out really well!

A Little Bit

And there you have it!  A little bit of Lauren for you which we are lovin’!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from her session!



Catching Up With The Captivating Miss Caitlin!

It’s time to do a little catching up with the captivating miss Caitlin!  We love Caitlin – she is one of our spokesmodels for the class of 2016 and you may remember her from her spokesmodel session which was truly spectacular.  It’s always fun to come back and do a senior session 7 months later on a beautiful fall day with one of our peeps, and Caitlin definitely captivated us on this day!

The Captivating Miss Caitlin

Let’s start out at the studio.  We didn’t spend a ton of time here because we did plenty of studio work the last time around and this time we had some great “Pure Michigan” fall colors to play with.  We’ll take a peak at one from the black and blowy set up:

Captivating Miss Caitlin

Love this!  Caitlin just rocks the black and blowy…

Before we head outside let’s take a look at our behind the scenes footage.  First with our fun 6 second looping vine:

Next we have the extended replay of our Periscope broadcast from the session.  You’ll see here that we went to a tunnel that we’ve been to several times before but it’s not a common spot for us so it’s a treat when we do get there!  You can download the Periscope app and follow us there at @frameablefaces at this link.

Okay now let’s get outside!

Heading out for some fall…

We headed out to some trails by the West Bloomfield library which we love and got this photo on one of our fave little footbridges:

Captivating Miss Caitlin


Next we grabbed a photo by this one particular tree that turns a lovely red every fall… here it is in a closer crop of Caitlin:

Captivating Miss Caitlin

Love it.  Okay we will leave you with this one looking out from inside the tunnel that you saw in the Periscope.  It’s a neat photo because of the natural vignette that the darkness of the tunnel creates shooting out into the light with the fall colors in the background!

Captivating Miss Caitlin

Captivating indeed!  And there you have it – we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with Caitlin!!!

Join Us For Some Julia Senior Awesomeness!

Join us for some Julia senior awesomeness won’t you?  It will be worth your time because this was an amazing senior session with some wonderful “Pure Michigan” fall colors and, well – a wonderful senior!  We’ve known Julia’s mom since before there was a Julia which seems to be a running theme for the class of 2016 so this was yet another special day for us!  We had a lot of fun and the results speak for themselves….

Join Us For Julia

We started in the studio where we went with a little black and a little white.  Let’s start with the black.

Join Us

LOVE the hat!  Hats are really underrated accessories for senior shoots – every time a senior girl wears a hat it’s magic.  This is also a good time to give a shout out for the fantastic makeup by Shifra Raskin whose studio is right down the hall from ours!

Now before we get to the rest of the photos let’s look at the behind the scenes footage from our day.  First with our 6 second looping vine:

Next we have the extended replay of our Persicope broadcast where you’ll see Julia’s mom Teri guest host part of the show!  So fun when we have mom guest hosts!  You can download Periscope and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link.

Let’s get to the rest of the photos now with one more in the studio on the white before we head outside…

Join Us


Heading out on location…

Now for a couple of awesome location photos!  First with a nice close crop…

Join Us

And we’ll leave you with this one that brings out those “Pure Michigan” fall colors!!!

Join Us

BEAUTFUL!!!  Julia looks amazing in that photo!  A great note to end on and we are glad you could join us for some photos of Julia!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

We’re Juiced Up To Show You Jordan’s Senior Portraits!

We are definitely juiced up for Jordan and we’ve been Jonesing to show you a few sneak peeks of her portraits from her senior session!  We love Jordan.  She is a friend of our daughter’s and we’ve known her for a while so we were excited for this day.  Funny side note – Jordan was in a seminar that we gave over the summer for a program up at the University of Michigan on entrepreneurship, and we broadcast the presentation on Periscope.  Jordan was excited to be the star of her own Frameable Faces Periscope and she definitely rocked the broadcast and the session!

Juiced Up…

So yes this was a day we were juiced up for and we started on location on a perfect fall day.  For now let’s start with this gorgeous photo in a meadow…

Juiced Up

OMG – we are in love with this.

Okay let’s chill for a sec.  Let’s have a little fun with our behind the scenes stuff before we move on to more photos.  First with our fun 6 second looping vine – love this one:

Next we have our replay of our Periscope broadcasts – for some weird reason both of these broadcasts cut out towards the end so we apologize if the transition is choppy in the middle but we still have over a half hour of fun footage for your extended viewing pleasure!  Be sure to download the app and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link.

Okay now let’s get to the rest of our photos!  This bridge is one of our fave spots…

Juiced Up

Love it.

Now from one bridge to another – we love this little footbridge…

Juiced Up

Back to the studio

At this point we headed back to the studio for a few more and we’ll leave you with one of them in black and white:

Juiced Up

So there it is!!!  You can clearly see why we were juiced up to show you Jordan!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from our day with her!


Elated To Extol Emma and Her Senior Portraits!

Yes we are “elated to extol” Emma and present some sneak peeks from her senior session for a couple reasons.  For starters she insisted to her dad Phil (who you’ll meet as a Periscope guest host in the replay of our live broadcast a little later) that they travel here from Ann Arbor for senior portraits.  We don’t take that lightly since it’s a bit of a hike during the week with work and school schedules.  Emma saw photos from a friend’s senior session that we did and decided we were the studio for her.  The girl knows what she wants and we appreciate that kind of passion, so while we bring our “A” game for all of our seniors, we really wanted to nail it on this day.

To Extol Emma…

Besides as you can see even just in the six second vine loop posted below we had a bunch of fun on this session as well and the conditions were perfect.  Shout out goes to Shifra Raskin down the hall from our studio for the makeup, and Emma looked great!  So without further adieu let’s get to the photos…

Extol Emma

We started on location at one of our favorite spots along the West Bloomfield trail network where the colors were starting to turn for a little of that “Pure Michigan” look…  The colors turned a full week later this year so we were nervous that we wouldn’t have any but as you can see above we found some…

Before we head to our next location let’s look at our behind the scenes footage of our day first with our six second looping vine:

Next we have the replay of our Periscope broadcasts.  There is a little disclaimer on this.  Apparently we recorded these too close to the 24 hour expiration and the comments are missing on the YouTube video below.  BUT, you CAN catch the replays with comments if you like on our page at this link for part 1 and this link for part 2.  Emma’s dad Phil helped out by guest hosting and doing a great job!!!

Now let’s get back to a few more photos…  Love these next two at the nature preserve!

Extol Emma

So pretty…

And one in the meadow:

Extol Emma

Loving the backlight on her hair…

We did head back to the studio at this point to get a few indoor portraits and we’ll leave you with one of those on the red couch…

Extol Emma

And there you have it!  To “extol Emma” was our pleasure and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

MAXing It Out On A Senior Session In The City!

Maxing it out is how we roll on senior sessions but this time we did it in the literal sense with one of our class of 2016 spokesmodels, Max!  You may remember Max’s spokesmodel session which was in the studio and on fire, and this time we changed it up and headed to downtown Pontiac for some gritty urban style.

Maxing it out…

We’ve known Max and his family for a long time and we laughed our butts off on this session.  Max’s mom Kim came with us and you’ll see her on our Periscope broadcast replay below if you want to watch the behind the scenes footage, but in the meantime let’s get to some photos and we’ll start briefly in the studio for a formal shot on the grey fabric background before we head outside…

Maxing It Out

The grey suit on the grey is such a cool look!

Before we head out to Pontiac let’s take a look at some of the behind the scenes action…  First with our fun looping 6 second vine:

Next we have the epic replay of our Periscope broadcast which was partly guest hosted by Max’s mom Kim!  We even pulled in a couple bystanders for comments at one point!  Haha… Check it out and be sure to download the app and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link:

Okay now let’s head to Pontiac!

To the city

Pontiac is always good for urban photos and we got some great stuff with Max…

Maxing It Out

Digging the hoodie on the stairs in the black and white….

Maxing It Out


One more for you here in black and white:

Maxing It Out

So there you have it!  We definitely were MAXing it out on this day, and we hope you enjoyed the highlights!

A Superb Studio Session That Was All About Alana!

Sometimes simplicity just works.  Let me explain what I mean by that. Ally’s approach to portraits has always been about the people, the faces, the expressions, the personalities.  Sure we love our sessions where we go to interesting locations and get beautiful scenery or gritty urban photos, but we’ve always maintained that regardless of how exciting the location is, it has to come back to the subject – the people, the Frameable Faces.  It’s for this reason that a stripped down approach in the studio with a black backdrop can provide plenty of rewards, and that was certainly the case with Alana for her senior photos.

Family Tradition…

Meanwhile Alana’s grandfather Al was my Godfather and our families go back about 5 decades, so having Alana here was really special and a bit surreal too.  She looked great and we’ve known her since she was born.  Her mom Holly has known me since I was born, so there’s that circle of life thing….  So you get the picture right?  So enough chat – let’s get to Alana’s beautiful photo shoot shall we?  We are starting (and staying) on the black…

All About Alana

So pretty right?

Before we get to the rest of our sneak peeks let’s look at some behind the scenes footage – first with our fun 6 second vine:

Now let’s look at the extended replay of the live Periscope broadcast we did during the session.  If you haven’t downloaded the app and followed us there you can do so at this link.  It’s like Frameable Faces TV!

Normally we would have the video embedded in the post right here, but due to a technical difficulty we seem to be having with this particular video on YouTube, so you can go to this link to watch it at our page instead.  Enjoy!

All About Alana (and a little Eureka)

Okay so let’s look at the rest of the photos:

All About AlanaLove that half length shot and this next black and white shot of our “black and blowy” set up…

All About Alana

Such a dramatic look and we love this look on Alana!  We’ll leave you now with one more photo this time with Alana and Eureka!

All About Alana

Awww – a girl and her pup.  Haha!  So there you have it – a simple and superb studio session that was all about Alana (and a little Eureka)!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights!