One More Leah – Spokesmodeling In The Sun!

This year we have two Leahs representing our studio as spokesmodels!  We have had a great time photographing both of them so far and their spokesmodel sessions were the polar opposites of each other – literally!  Our first Leah was outside in the snow with huge fluffy flakes, while our latest Leah went spokesmodeling in the sun!  We will get to those in a second.  We started in the studio so let’s kick it off with this fun and playful shot!

Spokesmodeling in the sun

Leah was one of the first spokesmodels we met with this year and the way the schedule worked out we decided to slot her for a warmer weather session.  We have mentioned in our last few posts that we are focusing much of our last few spokesmodel sessions on getting as many outdoor photos as possible.  Now that the weather has warmed up we are happy to be outside in some of our favorite locations.

Spokesmodeling in the sun

We have used the stone wall above before and we love it here with this close up!  The close up really draws you right in to Leah’s pretty hazel eyes.  Next we moved to the barn which is really popular as a backdrop, and this next shot is fantastic.  Great dress, great pose and we love the backlight on Leah’s hair!

Spokesmodeling in the sun

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the session!

Spokesmodel Fun Times A Mill-i-an With Gillian!

We have had an amazing and rewarding winter (and spring) getting to know our spokesmodels of the class of 2015 and photographing them.  We are finishing with a flourish just like we started since this class is strong through and through.  We have three more to present to you starting with Gillian.  Of this year’s spokesmodels we have known her the least amount of time and yet we definitely connected with her and her mom right away when we first sat down with them.  We were excited for this session and we definitely had spokesmodel fun times a mill-i-an with Gillian!  Haha!

We started in the studio just briefly to get a couple quick shots on the black background.  Here is one of our favorites:

Spokesmodel Fun

Then we headed outside for a perfect day – the weather was beautiful!  Gillian’s mom even stopped at the very cool local shop Jen’s Gifts Of Love to pick up some amazing Traverse City Cherry scones to take on location with us.  Just had to give that shout out because they were that good and we love little local joints like that…  But now back to our stunning model!!!

Spokesmodel Fun

We have some really nice back light on the photo above as well as the next one.  We love getting out on the trails in the parks around town especially after this harsh winter and there really are some great ones to choose from!  We have our favorite spots, and as much as we love the meadow we went to next we just had to focus in on Gillian and Gillian only for this photo…  this shot is such a winner!

Spokesmodel Fun

Here is the behind the scenes vine from the session.  We love these!

We were doing really well on time so we went to one more spot we had never photographed before and we love the water as a backdrop!

Spokesmodel Fun

We have images from two more spokesmodel sessions to post so stay tuned for more spokesmodel fun coming your way!  Meanwhile we hope you enjoyed these photos of Gillian!  We certainly enjoyed our time with her!

Doug’s Rant – Don’t Make These 5 Marketing Mistakes Online

People make mistakes online when trying to advance their interests all the time.  Some of the miscues are flat out awful, but some come from someone just trying to make a dollar and not being aware of the etiquette on social media sites.  I figured I would try to come to the rescue with 5 tips that can apply to you personally or your brand.  So please, don’t make these 5 marketing mistakes online.  Here we go…

5 marketing mistakes online

Ugh – CLEARLY an online marketing mistake…!

  1. Do NOT send requests to strangers on LinkedIn without a professional (or any) headshot in your profile.  Why would I accept a request from a stranger with no picture for me to see if I know them?  I’ve posted about this before regarding Facebook too but I feel it is much worse on LinkedIn.  Some people venture on to Facebook without knowing much about it and are just getting their feet wet.  Fine.  But LinkedIn is a different story – people are literally there trying to network this way.  Like going to a networking event with a bag over your head.
  2. Don’t forget to be social on social media.  I wrote an entire article about this on another blog.  If you are posting things but not engaging with people it is like going to a party and talking at people, and then walking away when they open their mouths to reply.  Make sure your content isn’t all about you, and even if your content is fantastic be sure to reply to people who take the time to comment on it.  This applies to every social media site.  Go to their page and see what they are up to as well.  Be genuine about it because people can spot a fake.  Comment back and build those relationships.
  3. Don’t set up your new business on Facebook as a personal profile.  This can be an honest mistake but it is a big one.  So your brand is a female born in Detroit?  Tell me is your brand single or in a relationship?  Not only does this look silly and signal to people that you don’t quite have a grasp on what you’re doing, but you lose out on many tools for monitoring your progress with the data Facebook provides to business pages.  If you have already made this mistake you should correct it – make an announcement on your personal page that you are launching a proper Facebook business page for your brand and invite people to like it.
  4. Dont mispel werds ore yooz inkorect grammer.  It reely duz hert you’re kredibillity.  Enuff sed.  Hear iz ann inphografic too hellp yoo whith grammmr.
  5. Don’t bore us (or offend us) with your politics.  While I think it is never a great idea to espouse your politics online, it is even more important that you not do this with your brand.  Find a way to inject your personality into your brand because that’s important, but you have to be able to do it without being too personal.  This is another one I wrote about a while back on this blog.

There are certainly plenty of others (like not posting more than one Instagram per day for example).  I am willing to admit I have made plenty of mistakes myself but I see these out there a lot and they have been on my mind lately.  So make sure you don’t make these 5 marketing mistakes online!  What other mistakes have you made or see others making on a daily basis?



Rachel Rocked Her Spokesmodel Session!

Yes Rachel rocked her spokesmodel session and we loved it!  Rachel and our own daughter are friends which made this extra special for us, and we must say our Lacey has good taste in friends.  We love Rachel’s red hair and green eyes and could not wait to get outside on location with her in some rural and natural settings.  The red hair against a barn for example?  Yes!  Ally was brimming with ideas for this one and Rachel delivered for sure.

Rachel Rocked Her Spokesmodel Session

We started out with our black and blowy set up and a green shirt to bring out Rachel’s green eyes.  Just stunning really!  We love this.  That was all we did in the studio.  As we mentioned in a previous post our remaining spokesmodel sessions for the class of 2015 will mostly be outside now that the weather is (mostly) warming up.

Next we went to a barn as we mentioned earlier and we got this awesome result.  So pretty!

Rachel Rocked Her Spokesmodel Session

Here is our behind the scenes vine of the session starting with the barn and then moving on to a trail where we focused on some more natural settings of trees and water.

A Pro At Two Months Old!

We had the total pleasure of photographing a family new to our studio with an awesome little smushy two month old baby boy with a thick head of hair and a totally easy disposition.  When babies get beyond two weeks old they start to sleep a little less and it is anybody’s guess how the session will go because sometimes their napping, eating, and pooping schedules start to shift around.  Well this little guy was so easy to work with!  He was really a pro at two months old!

Two Months Old

We did block off plenty of time for this session – sometimes for the little ones you need more time if you are waiting for eating, diaper changing and the like, but we did not need the extra time.  We started with some shots of just the baby since that was priority number one and he was fast asleep and ready to go.

Two Months Old

Next we brought the rest of the family into the act, and when I say the rest of the family I really mean the rest of the family – including the kitty!  We love when families bring the pets along, and Ally loves cats (we have two of our own).  What a nice family – and the dad loves football so that automatically makes him cool.

Here is a fun behind the scenes vine of the action!

Marquian Is The Man!

The Saginaw Valley Cardinals are getting a great addition to their football team this fall.  A good football team is not just made of talent, but of good people.  It is the piece that might be least understood and toughest to measure, but it is critical.  You have to have guys with character who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and will pick each other up and play for each other – for the team!  We are certain Marquian is that type of guy.  His mom is a fantastic lady and we think Marquian is just a really nice kid.  We had a great session with him as you are about to see.  Indeed, Marquian is the man!!!

Marquian is the man

If you follow our blog you know we like to set things on fire so we started with Marquian in his jersey and a football.  And yes, that is a real flame!  Next we went with some style (and Marquian has plenty) against the grey background…

Marquian is the man

From there we went on location to get some city shots and we had some pretty good weather – maybe a tad chilly but it was fine.  Love the texture and color of the brick wall we found here.


Next we have a little behind the scenes vine of the session!  You can see that we were indeed dealing with real fire in the studio!

Kloe Melted Our Hearts!

We met a beautiful and amazing little girl named Kloe and yes, Kloe melted our hearts!  Kloe’s parents saw the wonderful piece done on our studio by Kam Carman on Fox 2 Detroit about photographing children with special needs and called our studio.  If you have not seen that feature you can watch it here.  Kloe has physical challenges that most people do not have, but you would never know it by her sunny outlook and her pretty smile.

Kloe Melted Our Hearts

We knew Kloe was special from the moment she came in with her parents for the consultation ahead of the photo shoot, and Kloe actually prepared for this session by practicing her poses in the weeks leading up to her photo session!  We had a great time – we put on music from the movie Frozen (very popular lately in our studio as you can imagine) and she was singing along.  She knew all the words to her favorite songs – so cute!  We started out on the white background as you can see above with some shots of Kloe by herself.  Kloe’s parents both got into the act as well.  We loved watching Kloe give her parents hugs and kisses over and over and over and we love these next two photos:

Kloe Melted Our HeartsKloe Melted Our Hearts

As is our usual habit here we captured a nice little behind-the-scenes vine of the action to share some of the fun:

Now we will share with you a photo of where we bumped it up a notch – not sure we have words for this one… well maybe one word – LOVE!!!

Kloe Melted Our Hearts

What a little rockstar!  We are so happy to know Kloe.  We look forward to more times together and watching her grow up!  Kloe melted our hearts without a doubt!

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Spokesmodeling in the City with Ethan!

We went spokesmodeling in the city with Ethan since the weather is finally starting to get warmer, and it was so nice to be able to get outside again without trekking through snow and freezing our tails off!  We will have a few more of these outdoor outings to come before we wrap it all up and move into the senior photos for the class of 2015!

We will “get out to the city” in just a minute.  With Ethan we started in the studio on the grey backdrop.Spokesmodeling in the city

We always talk about how dramatic the photos are on the black backdrop, but we think the photos on the grey have a dramatic look to them as well.  We think Ethan shows a relaxed confidence here.

Next it was time to go outside and in this case just like Jubilee’s spokesmodel session we stuck to an urban locale.  We will get back out into nature more as things start to bloom a little.

Spokesmodeling in the city

We like the grit and the grunge – sometimes it makes things a little more interesting.  We had a great time with Ethan and his mom came along for the shoot as well!

Here is a fun behind-the-scenes Vine of the action while we got the studio shot against the grey above as well as the next photo below against the brick wall.