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The “First” Frameable Faces Fam Baby Is On The Way!

Okay so let me explain…  Many of you know our event photographer Angela aka “Nikon Girl”.  Angela has been with us since she walked into the studio on February 11th, 2011 asking if we were looking for a photographer.  She was still a photography student then but she had her little portfolio with her and Ally saw something in her photos, so we kidnapped her that very day and took her on location with us.  She just fit.  She’s always just fit, and she has grown so much as a photographer (even though she shoots with Nikon….haha – as you know Ally shoots with Canon)!  She has captured so many amazing moments for our clients at Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Communions, Weddings, and various other parties and events!  Meanwhile she has grown in other ways too – like personally!  She’s expecting a little one with her fiancé Cam now and so here we turn the tables and make Angela the subject of a photo session here on the blog!  The first “official” Frameable Faces Fam baby is on the way!

Frameable Faces Fam Baby On The Way….

Oh – and it’s a girl!  So here we go – this maternity session was just the cutest and a bit surreal too!  

Frameable Faces Fam Baby

So beautiful – love the half black and white filter on this one… so serene.

We spent some time in the studio first and Cam jumped in for a few too!  We also have some fun behind the scenes action for you – first we have the replay of the live Periscope broadcast that we did on our Tuesday afternoon show on ParachuteTV1 which was the very first network of its kind on Periscope.  Our show is every Tuesday and it’s a photography show at 2 PM EST called The Photo Shop!  You can follow ParachuteTV1 on Periscope here, or you can follow our own @FrameableFaces channel and be a part of the fun here.

Let’s get Cam into the picture now shall we?

Frameable Faces Fam Baby

How fun are they?  Loving the purple too!

One more together….

Frameable Faces Fam Baby


Out into the snow…

And yes – we went outside to get some photos in the snow!!!  We have a little more behind the scenes fun to share for this – this time from Facebook Live:

So we’ll leave you with one more photo – one of our favorite maternity shots we’ve ever done I have to say….

Frameable Faces Fam Baby

Angela is beautiful in every way – inside and out and she is going to be an amazing mommy.  We can’t wait to meet the baby – the first Frameable Faces Fam Baby!  We are so proud of our Nikon Girl and so happy for her and Cam!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day!

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Snow Or No, Doesn’t Matter – Nadia Is A Natural!

Nadia is a natural – a beautiful photogenic, athletic, softspoken and all around nice girl.  We had a lot of fun with her and her mom Thyawana over a long period of time which is kind of nice.  Not a typical session because we broke this one up into multiple seasons, but it’s nice to put together a session that is out of the box once in a while especially when snow is involved!!!  Every year a few seniors want the snow and we’ve had some amazing snowy sessions – this was one of them.

Nadia’s fall photos….

But before we get to our winter wonderland we got together on a cloudy day last fall for a few photos over at Nadia’s high school Birmingham Groves for some really nice shots on the field and in front of the school – they had this all planned out for what they wanted and the results are awesome.  Here’s a representative photo from that day of Nadia in her letter jacket on the school sign that we think is so much fun!

NadiaNow before we switch seasons, let’s take a look at some of our fun behind the scenes action from the session(s)!  Let’s start with our six second vine for your looping pleasure:

Next we have the replay of the live Periscope broadcasts from both of those days – the first broadcast has comments and the second does not but they’re still both fun!  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet you NEED to – you can do so and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link.

To The Snow…

We reconvened on the West Bloomfield Trail in a snowstorm for these amazing photos.  Huge fluffy flakes that at one point were so thick they actually posed a challenge for Ally to find Nadia through the flakes!  Here is a prime example:


Incredible!  Nadia is just stunning too…

This is one of our favorite snow photos which several of our seniors have rocked over the years:


Let’s leave you with one more with this fabulous full length photo of Nadia….


So there you go!  Nadia was definitely a natural and the different seasons made our time with her quite memorable!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights!

We Really Like-ah Mycah! Okay Actually We Love Her!

Yeah, to just say we “really like-ah” Mycah wasn’t enough.  We love her!  We fell in love with this girl the minute she walked into our studio the first time.  She’s just cool, and funny, and beautiful, and smart and – okay we could go on and on, but yeah – she fits in.  Instant connection.  The snowfall we had for this session was a little unexpected and yet it really did work out nicely.  We had a great time and Mycah just slayed (that means she did an amazing job)!

We Really Really Really Like-Ah Mycah…

So we started out on location at a nature preserve that we love and got a few shots there mainly with one outfit and a letter jacket addition which warmed our hearts because it was a dear old brown and gold North Farmington Raider jacket!  Go North!  Let’s take a look at these:

We Love Her

How stunning is she?

Next we have a little Raider Pride going on…..

We Love HerWe’ve been told Mycah is a heck of a track athlete….

At this point it was time to head back to the studio but before we do that let’s take a look at our behind the scenes fun from the day!  First with our 6 second looping Vine:

Next we have the replays of our Periscope broadcasts from our YouTube channel for you.  One outside and one in the studio!  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet (the 2015 app of the year) you can do so and follow us at @frameablefaces here.  Okay so first on location…

And now in the studio…

Okay Actually We Love Her…..!

So let’s take a look at a couple of amazing studio photos against the black backdrop.  Mycah looks fantastic in this red dress!

We Love Her

And last but not least we are really happy with the results of this black and white photo in our “black and blowy” set up!

We Love Her


And that will do it for now!  You can get a sense for why we love her!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights from our day with Mycah…  Actually, you’ll see here as a little bonus she came back to visit a couple nights later while we were broadcasting at the studio and we made a little vine out of it!  Enjoy and we’ll see you soon!