Hello from the Frameable Faces Preschool Photography Team!

We are excited to announce that we are open to start booking Fall portrait sessions at your school! Our team makes picture day a breeze for your families and your staff!

Our Preschool Team specializes in ages 6 weeks to 6 years, but we photograph all ages including staff and families. Between us, we have 30+ years of experience photographing children and families. This is our passion! We aim to create an easy, but memorable & fun picture day for the kids, staff, and families alike. With lots of tricks up our sleeves to capture that perfect smile!

We strive to keep our families wants and needs in mind while creating new and fun packages for all to enjoy! We have lots of keepsakes available to order as well as a digital download with printing release options for your families so they can print exactly what they want, when they want. We also offer Class Composites and Class Groups (if opted for by school) as an option for our families to add to their package creations.

Angela Mains

Angela Mains

I have always loved photography ever since I was a little girl way back in the day when we could only use film I would go through so many rolls of film that my mom said I had to get job to pay for the film to get developed. That’s when I started babysitting. My little family is the most important! I have two daughters and a dog. Possibly a cat coming soon. My favorite Disney movie is Encanto, my favorite ice cream is cookie dough ice cream without the chocolate chips (that’s very hard to find). Fun fact, I cannot watch the movie The Notebook without bawling my eyes out and I’ve seen that movie at least 100 times. I love all vegetables!!! I am not the biggest fan of fruit. It’s too sweet. But the one thing I’m absolutely obsessed with is garlic!!! You can never have too much garlic. Yummm!

Michelle Prevette

Michelle Prevett

I picked up photography in my Junior year of being homeschooled. My mom (who was also my teacher) has a huge love for Michigan lighthouses, so we spent many weekends traveling Michigan in search of lighthouses and scenery to photograph. I grew more and more fascinated with finding the small details in photography and in life. My love of portrait photography came when my little brother was born and I had my very own live model! I have now been photographing more than 25 years. I have 2 teenaged boys and 3 lazy crazy dogs. I am the pickiest eater ever, imagine me as a grown toddler. I would gladly give Angela all of my vegetables, with the exception of pickles, those we can share! My favorite ice cream flavors are Mackinac Island Fudge and Superman! Not much for movies as I prefer tv, but favorite all time movie is Empire Records, favorite TV series will always be The Office. As a lover of hoodies and beanies, Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, minus the Pumpkin Spice;)