Doug’s Rant – Why Is Social Media “So Quiet”?

So quiet

Why is social media so quiet lately?  It just doesn’t seem to me that there has been a lot going on.  Let me explain.  For a few solid years there it seemed like it was the “golden age” of major platforms – such as:

  • Facebook Pages switched over to “likes” from fans in April 2010 a month after we set up the Frameable Faces page.
  • Instagram launched on October 6th, 2010 and we joined it in May of 2012.
  • Pinterest launched in April of 2010
  • Snapchat launched in September of 2011 (more on that in a minute).
  • Google Plus pages for businesses launched in October of 2011 and they added Google My Business last June.
  • The major Twitter redesign launched in April 2011.
  • Vine launched in January of 2013 and at the time we had to wait until June for Android since T-Mobile didn’t have iPhones yet.

Since then……not a whole lot.

All of those platforms seem to still be thriving and growing as a general rule and it has now been two years by my count since a new “major” platform has made a splash.

Is a lull a good thing?

I can’t decide if I like the fact that it’s been a little quiet or not.  The thought of feeling like I have to manage additional platforms can be stressful especially if we are only adding more and not dropping any, but the rush of starting out on a new one is exciting and a lot of fun.  For example I was pretty excited about Pano Perfect which I thought might be the next big social photo sharing platform but that one has gone nowhere…  I hear people talking about Swipe and sure there are others.  We can debate all day about what a “major” platform is – I am not using any scientific criteria here…  I’m just ranting after all.  Feel free to jump in in the comments and add your two cents.  What do you think is the next big thing?  I want to know.

Meanwhile Snapchat is the one I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  Of the big ones I listed it’s the one that we don’t have an official Frameable Faces profile for, and after weighing it I don’t know if it’s right for us as a brand at least for the moment.

Edit*** – A Curve Ball

I wrote that last paragraph earlier today and one of our spokesmodels just happened to pop in to the studio and we were chatting about Snapchat since it was on my mind, and I think I just changed my mind again.  She showed me a couple things that convinced me that it could be a good platform for us.  For example I didn’t realize how it notifies you how many people have viewed your snapchat stories and which people viewed them.  So look for it – my wheels are turning now!

So as it turns out I have Snapchat to work on.  I started out wondering why it’s been so quiet in social media, but now that I’ve got another platform to play with I’m hoping things stay quiet for a bit!


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A Family That Fits Together Like Pieces Of A Perfect Puzzle!

We have been really fortunate to meet some really special families over the last few months, like several in a row that we’ve just connected with from the first minute we met them and this next family was no exception.  This is a case of a crew that have only been all together for several short years, and yet they clearly fit like pieces of a perfect puzzle and you would think they’ve been together forever – they all get along so well and just seem comfortable together!  Paige and Dean have awesome kids, and as it turned out Dean and I have some shared and unique connections that we discovered that night going back to Dean and my brothers’ college football days.

Meanwhile the oldest son was in town from college on break so this provided the occasion for some family photos while they were all together, and we planned the shoot for their house.  They liked the idea of focusing on black and white photos, and they turned out so well!  We actually shoot in color and then convert them to black and white afterwards, but it’s neat when you know you are shooting for black and white – it forces you to approach the photos in a slightly different way which is a lot of fun.  Let’s start with a nice family portrait of everyone together…

Perfect Puzzle

What a fine looking group!  Next let’s take a look at a couple different combos.  First Dean and his two guys:

Perfect Puzzle

Followed by Paige and her guy and gal!

Perfect Puzzle

Here is our little behind the scenes vine of the evening – gotta love the “brotherly love” – haha!

Now for one more and this is a unique one – shooting down at them from the upstairs landing.  We love the way this one turned out!

Perfect Puzzle

So there you have it – the family that fits together like a perfect puzzle!  When we were done they “made” us stay for dinner and we had a great time!  New friends!

Some Brotherly Love and Some Birthday Cake!

Some brotherly love, some birthday cake and some general yumminess on multiple levels happened here at the studio when these two showed up that’s for sure.  What great kids!  The age gap between these two brothers was enough that having big brother here was basically like having an assistant for little brother’s first birthday photos.  A first birthday is always a great occasion for a photo shoot and a little birthday cake too, but we’ll get to the cake in a bit.

For now let’s focus in closely on these two by themselves.  They came in with their mom who is a doll and they both totally nailed the poses and the smiles – total pros!  Let’s start with our one year old.

Brotherly Love

How cute is he?  And such a great disposition – on him and his awesome older brother…

Brotherly Love

We love these two shots in black and white – they just go together nicely.  These two were having fun (as were we) as you can see in our behind the scenes vine of the morning:

We love this next photo of the birthday boy expressing how big he is!  Soooo big!

Brotherly Love

Then it was time to break out the birthday cake.  Sometimes our one year olds need a minute to process that this big cake is sitting in front of them for them to dive into all by themselves, so big brother jumped in to provide a little help.  As I mentioned before he was great – he just knew what to do and he really loves his little brother!

Brotherly Love

Just love that last shot – the interaction is priceless!  So there it is – a little bit of brotherly love and some birthday cake for you all!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights!  We certainly enjoyed being with these guys!

Lots Of Fun Smiles and Love In The Room With This Family!

There were lots of fun smiles and love in the room with this family that we are about to share photos of with you!  There were (double) family hugs, cute sisters riding on horsies, dancing and singing, laughter, casual shots, formal shots – just really a session that had everything.  What a great bunch!  A great couple with three grown children, a son-in-law and two beautiful granddaughters!

Krista (the mom of the three grown kids) decided on the brown backdrop for the photos and we love photographing on the brown.  We did a few family shots first including the family hug.  But this family hug was extra special because the two little ones added their OWN mini hug in front of the family hug….  a double family hug!  So cute!

Fun Smiles and LoveNext we broke the crew up into some groupings including the oldest daughter with hubby and the two granddaughters who gave us the mini hug above.  Here’s a shot of the four of them:

Fun smiles and love

At this point it was time for the little ones to completely take over the show!  They were so funny – and total pros both of them throughout the whole shoot.  They were perfectly behaved and they were cracking everyone up – you can take a look in this behind the scenes vine from the session!

Here is a great photo of the two of these cuties:

Fun smiles and love

Love it!  At this point we were done with all the fun casual photos and we got all the shots of the girls that we wanted, so Krista and Joe stayed behind and changed into something a little more formal for a portrait together.  A great couple who produced this great family!

Fun Smiles and Love

And there you have it!  You can see that there were lots of fun smiles and love in the room with this crew and we had a ball hanging out with them and photographing them all!

We Heart This Little Guy And His Parents!

Ally is always fond of saying “I heart so and so” and this should be obvious but that means she loves them…  haha!  Well this is a case where we really “heart” this little guy – not only because we love him but we really did “heart” him!  You’ll see what we mean in a bit…  Meanwhile his parents are a delight and they just really fit in here – we totally clicked.

Baby Neil is only 4 months old and already he’s so smart, so alert, so smiley, and has such a nice and mellow disposition.  We got going with him with a handmade quilt that a friend made for them for starters that he was peeking out from – so cute!

We Heart This Little GuySee what we mean?  Smushy and smiley.  We love that shot!  Next we used a really nice green traditional Indian scarf for this photo.

We Heart This Little Guy

A little mid session snooze is always welcome!  At 4 months it’s nice if they happen to fall asleep because you can get some really cute sleeping baby poses and you can pose them how you like!  So while we were “hearting” the little man it was now time to “heart” him for real – with heart pillows and baby kisses all over him!

We Heart This Little Guy

Makes you smile right?  Let’s take a look at our little behind the scenes vine of the day where you’ll see some of the other fun we had including making him into a little human Tootsie Roll:

Lastly it was time to get the whole family into the act and one of the really pretty shots we captured was this one with bare shoulders – really nice.

We Heart This Little Guy

And that’s a wrap on this one for now!  We hope you “hearted” these shots as much as we did making them!

So Fun Getting Krazy with The Kamen Family!

Getting Krazy with the Kamen family proved to be one of the most fun family sessions we have ever had here at Frameable Faces!  We love these guys.  You may recognize Courtney from her days as a high school senior spokesmodel for the class of 2014 if you follow our blog.  This time we had the whole fam here including their dog Shadow who was definitely the star of the shoot!  Haha!  This session had everything including jumping, family hugs, silly faces, Shadow “sitting on a throne” and various other shenanigans so let’s get to it…

For starters they chose to go with black clothes on the black background for colors which really looks cool.  Sometimes people wonder if that will work because they fear the clothing will blend into the background, but it looks great if you know how to light it properly.  The first shot is a classic hug between three siblings and a spouse.  Love it!

Getting Krazy

Next it was time to get Shadow involved and he’s quite a stud.  He holds an extremely important position and status within this family so it was critical to convey that in this next photo which is why we had him sitting on his throne for this one.  We think we captured the moment here…

Getting Krazy

Next we started to play around some and get some fun candid shots and that’s when the hilarious shenanigans started…  here’s a great one:

Getting Krazy

And here is our hilarious behind the scenes vine of the session…  so funny!

Lastly we’ll share this fun shot where Shadow jumped back in for another…  This was the photo we teased in our last year-end recap post.

Getting Krazy

So there you have it!  We had an absolute blast getting Krazy with the Kamen family!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights from their awesome session!