Real Awesomeness With Rachel On Her Senior Session!

Real awesomeness was what we experienced, really from the moment Rachel and her mom Wendy walked in the door for the first time!  We instantly fell in love with these two – the consultation went way longer than usual and we were laughing and having a blast.  We knew this session would rock!  Rachel is a cool girl – beautiful, really funny and she’s a North Farmington Raider like us!  We planned a great day with some studio work, some city stuff in Birmingham, and some pretty stuff too including a few shot with their golden lab Dude!

Real Awesomeness…

So let’s start with one shot from the studio before we head out.  This is one on the black background that I suggested to Ally might look great in a portrait crop instead of landscape – see what ya think…

Real AwesomenessLove it – especially the black clothing on the black background – people expect that you can’t really do that but if you light it properly it’s fantastic.

Before we head outside with the location photos let’s take a look at some of the behind the scenes action from the day.  First we have our 6 second looping Vine AND I’m also including our fun snapchat story while we’re at it.

Next we have our epic replays from our live Periscope broadcasts… these particular replays do not have the synced comments but they’re still fun especially when Wendy takes over to guest host a bit!  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet you can do so and follow us at @frameablefaces here.

To Birmingham…

At this point it’s time to check out the amazing awesomeness of the location photos.  First we have a couple in the city.  Here we go…

Real AwesomenessRight?  Wow.

And then there’s this…

Real Awesomeness

Nothing like perfect backlight and a perfectly timed breeze…  Rachel was really rockin’ it at this point…

Next we headed to a secluded spot along a stream that we love for this one we’ll leave you with!

Real Awesomeness

Yes this was real awesomeness alright…  We loved our day with Rachel!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of her session!

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