A’s senior session

Meet A. We had THE best time working together. He just “got it” and was completely comfortable in front of the camera. I don’t think we had any bad shots! Makes for a very difficult time editing, ya know?

A definitely came with some locations in mind, too. So now I have even more awesome locations to select from! Woo hoo! A was a major trooper and didn’t even seem to mind getting rained on and scratched up while getting to a pretty cool brick wall! LOVE that!!

With his amazing sense of style and his ease in front of the camera, I’m going to have to stop blogging about him and get back to editing! This was a session that was jam packed with style and personality!

Be on the look out for some more on my Facebook group page!

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L’s Senior Session sneak peak

L was referred to me by my current ambassador and she assured me that he was great. Well, she was right! L had me cracking up left and right!

First off, he’s an incredible person. He’s really into the theatre and athletics, and anything Raider, which automatically hit home with me since I’m a Raider, too!

We had such a fun time together from the clothing changes to the mini voyeur (she was all of about 2 years old) who had her eye on L when he was changing his shirt in the front window…I can’t wait to work with him again. OH! And it doesn’t hurt at all that he’s a pretty darned good looking guy!!

There’ll be more images of L on my Frameable Faces Facebook group. There are a ton of really great images – send me a friend request if you want to check ’em out!

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