Doug’s Rant: Twitter Stickers, Photos on Social, Apps Chase Apps

Yes it’s been a while since I’ve posted a rant!  Let’s do this….

Twitter Stickers

Twitter Stickers

You may have seen Twitter’s recent announcement about the new “stickers” feature which allows you to add emojis and other things to your photos.  Fortune points out the obvious play on Twitter’s part to keep up with Snapchat with a headline that gives the new feature a positive spin.  Meanwhile the Wall Street Journal is completely and inexplicably oblivious to the chasing of snapchat with a slightly-less-than-flattering headline about Twitter….  Note in particular the second paragraph in the WSJ article about the other “communication” apps with stickers.  C’mon….  Really?  ZERO mention of Snapchat there?  That’s amazing.  I’m not totally sure how I feel about stickers yet since I haven’t used them but I have plenty of thoughts and you can look at this from a few different perspectives which we’ll get to.

A Couple Thoughts On Social Photography…

Meanwhile as photographers the ongoing debate of whether iPhone pics and the ease of entry is “ruining” the industry is an interesting one to us.  This article on Popular Photography while not overtly addressing the big picture in that regard seems to come from that mindset, claiming that using Twitter stickers is a way to “completely ruin your photos”.  I always find these types of opinions a little troubling.  We’ve always embraced the idea that the more people appreciate everyday photography the more they will appreciate professional photography.  We’ve always looked at Snapchat and Instagram as opportunities to have fun just like everyone else and we actually use them to highlight aspects of what we do at Frameable Faces.  To call attention to stickers being a way to ruin pictures is silly to me.  If you take a picture you don’t want to ruin with a sticker, then DON’T ADD A STICKER…… duh.  Right?  Maybe the fun you can have with stickers can help you build community to draw people in to see the stuff that is meant to stand on its own without the stickers.  We actually covered this topic today on our photography show “The Photo Shop” on @ParachuteTV1 on Periscope if you’re interested in taking a look.

Social Media Apps chasing Other Social Media Apps…

So while the photography studio owner in me doesn’t have a problem with stickers, the social media guy in me might.  Here’s what bugs me a little about them – keep in mind that I have not used them yet.  This is an overall statement about social media platforms that I think applies here, even though I may be admitting soon that stickers are the greatest thing to happen to twitter (although I doubt it).  I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong…

Here’s my issue.  Each time a unique social media platform adds a feature to chase and become like another platform, it blurs the lines between platforms that make them cool.  I like the different uses for each platform.  I like the different etiquette and the different cultures of the different apps.  Here are three other examples I thought were somewhere between silly and annoying when they rolled out and still do:

  • Facebook hashtags  Good try Facebook but you are NOT twitter.  Hashtags totally flopped on Facebook – they just really don’t belong there in my opinion.
  • Instagram video  I believe Instagram did this as a reaction to Vine at the time.  I can’t stand videos on Instagram.  There was nothing “insta” about pausing while scrolling though the pics in the feed to watch a 15 second video and now the videos can be up to 60 seconds – good grief.   I know not everyone agrees with me on this but it is my rant…
  • Periscope sketch  Rolling out the ability to sketch on the screen while you’re broadcasting was, well…sketchy.  I can only conclude that this was a way to chase Snapchat (?) even though the two are completely apples and oranges.  Sonia Figueroa is the only scoper I’ve seen who consistently makes me smile when she draws hearts on the screen to “give them back” to her viewers (she’s one of my faves), but at a time when everyone was waiting for other more practical features this was a bit of an annoyance.

So there it is…  had to do it.  Thoughts?  Are you using Twitter stickers?  Can you think of other app fails from apps chasing apps?  Please comment, share your thoughts, and share this post!



The Doug and Ally Morning Show on Periscope!

Hey Now!

That’s usually how we start our morning show with those Larry Sanders Show / Howard Stern inspired words, and off we go….

The Doug and Ally Morning Show!

We have been broadcasting live on Periscope since April 2015 and somewhere along the way the “Doug&Ally Morning Show” became a thing.  It wasn’t planned.  It was early on an October morning, we weren’t doing much here at the studio and we thought it would be interesting to jump on Periscope and see who was up!  We don’t officially open until 10:00 AM anyway.  Turns out a lot of people were happy to see us on and someone made the comment that it’s like a morning show…  We thought that sounded fun so we kept doing it and here we are 8 months later going strong with the morning show “officially” Tuesday through Fridays from sometime around 8:45 or 9ish until 10 or 10:30ish.  It starts when it starts and it ends when it ends….

A Life Of Its Own…

Meanwhile many things have happened along the way that have become regular occurrences / features on the show…  One of the most well known guests is an amazing caricaturist from the UK named Rich Nairn (@RichNairn on twitter and Periscope) who has been known to join the show and tweet doodles based on what’s happening.  He sketches them in black and white but he made a color one which has become the official artwork for the show and will be available on T-Shirts (and maybe coffee mugs) very soon!

Morning ShowThe phrase “You shut up, you shut up, and you shut up” has been an inside joke in Ally’s family which originated with her dad and it has become a common phrase on the show…  haha!  Notice the Periscope hearts going up the side to the right!  Here are a couple more of his from the show….

One morning we were discussing some pretty chaotic events at home in the hours before we came to work.  Ally woke up in the middle of the night with a spider crawling on her face, and I stepped in cat poop that one of the cats brought up from the basement litter box as a “trailer”….  Next thing we know Rich is commenting “tweet tweet” which usually means he’s posted a doodle and……

Morning show

Here’s one more that we’ve featured before on the blog but it’s worth repeating.  We had a photo session with a newborn baby and at one point during the session we wanted to get some naked baby photos which are precious…..when the following happened – watch the following vine:

So we were talking about this session and then Rich tweeted….

Morning show

He really is amazing – he cranks these out in minutes….  Check out his fantastic work at his website The Artful Doodler!

Fun With The Feed!

I noticed that the thumbnails that show up in the Periscope news feed are sometimes amusing because they capture candid expressions of the person broadcasting and they refresh every few seconds, and so “Fun With The Feed” was born – with it’s own logo, jingle and everything!  No one knows when one of these might happen (nor do they know if they’ll be the next victim…).

Morning Show

Here are a couple of our favorites…

Morning Show

@Amrit Singh has an awesome beard so we thought we’d help him show off all angles of it.  Meanwhile the guy is awesome and has been doing some amazing humanitarian work in the UK helping with the refugee crisis.  We met him in San Francisco in January at the Periscope Community Summit (now called Summit Live).

We also got our friend @Jaxsology with some awesome expressions – she is a really talented singer and a total comedian – one of our favorite scopers to be sure…

Morning show

Ally and I do our cheesy intro ONCE per show followed by a tour of the studio where we talk about what we do and one of our Peri-friends Nelma – @BeachBabyC actually called in and narrated the tour on speaker phone one morning!  Nelma has dubbed our living room “The Parlor” which is a great name for our little meeting area with our clients!  We have call-ins to the show every now and then including a certain ridiculous telemarketing company who calls ALL THE TIME to try to give us great insurance rates on our 2013 Acura…   Um, we’ve never had an Acura. After asking them a dozen times to be placed on their do not call list we decided to turn the tables…  Take a look:

Many of our friends have their own special entrance when they show up on the show including Erick “@making_money23” Gary – all hell breaks loose when he shows up.  There is no real rhyme or reason to who gets an intro or why – they just kinda happen…

So join us!  There are plenty of features like “the coffee test” and spontaneous shenanigans that happen on the show and you can be a part of it just by tuning in and commenting!  We have a ton of fun and we love our international community who joins us literally from all corners of the world (Russia, Malaysia, Israel, UAE, Brazil, Serbia, Japan, Australia, UK, Spain, France, Morocco, Venezuela, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Germany, The Netherlands, Nigeria, just to name some) every Tuesday through Friday morning (and sometimes Saturday) for the Doug&Ally Morning Show!!!


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Excitement For Elona’s Return to the Studio With Her Mom and Dad!

You have probably seen the canvas of the beautiful little dancer on the wall by my desk in the studio if you’ve spent time here at Frameable Faces.  That’s Elona – one of our favorite little cuties in Frameable Faces history!  We love when she comes by to visit every now and then – she is one of the brightest kids we know and she never ceases to surprise me with her insights every time we have a conversation.  So when we got the call that she would be coming to the studio for a photo session we got very excited indeed!  She is always a delight to photograph!

Excitement For Elona

We love Elona’s mom Harolyn and her dad Ulrich – they’re awesome and we’ve photographed all of them before so we knew this would be great.  Let’s start first with just Elona being Elona!


Such a cutie!!!

Next we have one of Elona being daddy’s girl with Ulrich…


Love it.

Now let’s take a look at some of our behind the scenes action from the session.  First with our 6 second vine for your looping pleasure:

And now we have the extended replay of the live Periscope broadcast on our YouTube channel from the session!  If you have not downloaded Periscope yet you can do so and follow us at @FrameableFaces at this link.

So much fun!

Okay let’s get back to a couple more photos from the session first with a classic mommy daughter image!


Beautiful girls!!!

And we will finish it off with one more of Elona blowing us a little kiss to end it!


Love that girl!  And there you have it!  You can see why we we had so much excitement for her return!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her and her parents!

Another Example Of What 20 Years Of Happiness Looks Like!

When Dena came to the studio and we started chatting we discovered that we had a couple things in common.  A couple mutual friends, sons similar ages – stuff like that.  The usual fun stuff.  So we got to discussing the session during the consultation with the usual details, what to wear, what color backdrops and those sorts of things.  We looked at Saturday May 21st as the date for the session and she said that’s cool – it’s the day after their anniversary.  We said cool – that’s two days after our anniversary!  “Oh” she said “what anniversary is it?  It’s our 20th!”  We said “What?  It’s our 20th too!!!”  How cool!  We got married on consecutive days in 1996!!!  What a great connection – celebrating 20 years one day apart and then together the day after that for a family photo session!  We knew this would be fun.

20 Years Of Happiness…

So Dena and Stephen came with their son Zak who we really liked – he seems like a great kid!!!  Don’t be shocked if you see him again on this blog in the not-so-distant future…  Let’s start with a photo of the happy family on the white background…20 years

Good looking family huh?

Now let’s focus in on just the happy couple…

20 years

Before we get to the last two photos let’s take a look at our behind the scenes footage from the day!  First with our fun little 6 second looping Vine:

Next we have the extended replay of the live Periscope broadcast from the session with a live audience!  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet you can do so and follow us at @FrameableFaces at this link.

Okay we have a couple more photos to show – first one of a boy and his mommy!  How sweet!

20 years

And lastly a dude and his truck!

20 years

And there you have it!  We had a great time with these guys – on a similar path as ours!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of their session!

A Brand New Life Only 5 Days Old – Meet Alan!

We are excited for you to meet Alan!  We were certainly excited to meet him once we got the call that he would be “bringing” his family with him to the studio 5 days after he entered the world!  We had a session scheduled for that Saturday afternoon but nothing in the morning so it worked out nicely.  With newborn babies you have a short window where they are still newborn and the earlier they can come to the studio the better…

Alan came to the studio with his delightful parents Mallory and David and his older brother Eli who isn’t even 2 yet, but Eli was totally up for this.  He was loving on his little brother and he looks like he’ll be a great older bro as you’ll see!

Meet Alan!

So let’s take a look at some photos!  As usual we had the lights down low, the heat up high and the classical music playing to create a nice warm soothing environment, and Alan was a breeze to work with.  Here he is!

Meet Alan

So precious!

Before we look at a few more photos let’s look at our fun behind the scenes action from the morning!  First with our 6 second looping Vine:

Next we have the extended replay of the live Periscope broadcast from the session where you can get a feel for what the newborn sessions are like here.  If you still haven’t downloaded Periscope yet you can do so and follow us at @FrameableFaces at this link.

Now let’s get back to a few photos including this one with some awesome brotherly love in black and white!

Meet Alan

Next we have two more sweet photos of Alan – he was sleeping in both of them!

Meet Alan

Love it with the baby blue hat.

Meet Alan

So great.  And that will do it for now!  We hope you enjoyed meeting Alan – we certainly were honored to hang with him this early in his life!

Kickin’ It With Riley At Her Bat Mitzvah!

We have known Riley since she was born – she’s actually my Goddaughter, so this was a special day for us.  It was also special to have our amazing event photographer Angela there to capture the event – it gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling to have Angela there to ensure that our friends and family will have memorable photos from the event the way they deserve.

We’ll start with the traditional photos of Riley at the bimah and with her family.

Proud moments…


A special moment for a special girl at the Torah!

Needless to say we’re a little biased but we love the way our Angela (we love to joke and call her “Nikon Girl” since she rocks a Nikon and Ally is Canon all the way) captures these moments and the composition of her photos!  She’s awesome.

Next let’s bring in some photos with Riley and the fam… First with proud parents Todd and Monique gazing at her from afar!  You’ve seen this type of photo on this blog before – it’s one of our favorites every time.


A classic black and white of Daddy’s girl….


And here’s the proud family with little brother Brennan and little sister Sage!


We think this girl was enjoying herself…


Kickin’ It With Riley!

Next we’ll move on to the party!  First we have the bat mitzvah girl getting ready for the bash… love these little details looking over Monique’s shoulder with Riley’s reflection in the mirror…


Ready to celebrate!


The party was awesome and “Kickin’ It With Riley” was the theme since she is a soccer player, and I even captured a shot with my iPhone behind the scenes of Angela at work!

We love Angela! Here’s a quick selfie…

Doug with Angela

And here is a fantastic photo we’ll leave you with as Riley’s friends and family lift her up to celebrate her as she surveys the room during the traditional hora dance!


An awesome way to close out the highlights of an an awesome day!  We hope you enjoyed these photos of Riley’s special event!