Anika Serves Up An Ace Of A Senior Session – Wow!

We love our seniors as you know, and we’re always really impressed with seniors who take the initiative to call the studio themselves and set up their own session!  This is not a knock on the seniors whose parents make the call, but we love when we can hear the confidence and eloquence of a young person who can handle themselves so well right off the bat!  This was the case with Anika, and that first impression was just the tip of the iceberg.  She is such a sweetheart!  Anika is also the number 1 ranked tennis player in the state of Michigan and is leaving this month to embark on her journey to play tennis at the University of North Carolina!  Doug’s Godfather played football at UNC back in the 50’s so we’ve always had a slight affinity for the Carolina Blue and White and now we’ll have a personal connection there with someone whose career we are excited to follow!

Anika Serves Up An Ace

As for her senior session it was one to remember – both her parents Pat and Sushma joined us for her day and they are both delightful – we had a lot of fun – and the photos?  Just awesome – an ACE of a session for sure and you could say we “LOVE” this girl – see what we did there?  Let’s get to the highlights!

We’ll start in the studio on the black…



We played around with the white background too – so many options and it has been hard to narrow these down for this blog post…  In the meantime we have some fun behind the scenes first from the replay of the Facebook Live broadcast in the studio:

At this point we headed out to the tennis courts for some location photos and we had some really cool Michigan fall colors in the background for a tennis setting which was pretty neat as Anika donned some UNC gear:


Servin’ and slayin’….

We also have some behind the scenes fun from the tennis court at West Bloomfield High School from our Instagram livestream – take a look:

From there we headed over to Birmingham and these next two are both closeups but they’re just too good – so instead of choosing we’re leaving you with these two… one on the dock at Quarton Lake:


And one with a change of wardrobe and a natural background – awesome!!!


Anika served up an ACE of a session indeed, she’s got the ADVANTAGE for life, and we LOVE her for sure!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time with her!

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