Frameable Flashbacks! – Our Very First Intern Kim!

It has been a while since we have done a Frameable Flashback – kind of our version of “Where are they now?” with our former seniors!  The best part of photographing high school seniors for us is the relationships we have with them which continue to grow after they graduate.  It’s a thrill to follow their accomplishments and with several of our 2011 seniors graduating this Spring it’s time to check in with a couple of them and see what they are up to.

Meeting Quiet Shy Kim…

When Kim Savin first came to the studio for her senior consultation she was painfully shy!  She barely said a word!  Her fun personality started to come through a little by the time we went on location to Cranbrook where she attended (the only time you can photograph a senior at Cranbrook is if they attend there).  She had a great session and here is a highlight:

Intern Kim

Corrupting Intern Kim – hehe….

We were pleasantly surprised when we got a call in the Spring of Kim’s senior year asking if we would take her on as an intern as part of a school sponsored senior project, and Kim spent three weeks here at the studio with us.  We’ve always joked that we took such a sweet, demure, and innocent girl and totally corrupted her!  She was awesome to have around the studio and we’ve stayed in touch with her ever since – following her life at Vanderbilt and overseas in Spain.  She even made us paella once!

Present Day Hanging Out With Friend Kim!

So here we are 4 years later and she’s graduating college which is really hard to believe…  that flew by!  She visited us yesterday and true to form (she never knows what she’s in for when she stops by) we put her on the spot for a Frameable Flashback!

Intern Kim

Frameable Faces:  So tell us what you’re up to these days Kim?

Kim:  I graduated from Vanderbilt University a couple weeks ago. I’m home now for a few weeks and then I’m moving back to Nashville. In Nashville, I’m going to spend my days working at the Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt doing psychology research, and my nights and weekends taking advantage of Nashville’s live music scene and continuing to sample all of the barbecue the South has to offer.

Frameable Faces:  That is amazing!  And what about the future?  What are your plans?

Kim:  I hope to work for a few years and then do some traveling before going to graduate school for clinical psychology. In the long term I want to be a research psychologist, ideally at a university in a lively city with my family, warm weather, and a Spanish-speaking community that I could work with.

Frameable Faces:  Tell us – what was the most memorable part of your Frameable Faces experience?

Kim:  The most memorable part of my Frameable Faces experience was interning here for a few weeks at the end of my senior year of high school.  Not only did I learn so much about “mall life” and the photography business, but you and Ally also taught me a few life lessons, often involving some colorful new vocabulary.   It was so much fun for me to intern at Frameable Faces and I always look forward to coming back to visit! 🙂

We will always look forward to it too!  We are so proud of and excited for Kim and this new chapter in her life!

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