Frameable Flashbacks! – Fahad

We received an unexpected visit from one of our seniors from the class of 2011!  Fahad is quite the entrepreneur and he was the first senior we photographed with an SUV and it was a very cool session!  Fahad is quite a go getter – a very entrepreneurial young man and we thought we would catch up with him in our latest “Frameable Flashback”!

Frameable Faces: Fahad you have a lot going on these days – what’s been happening?

Fahad: I am going to school full time & running three businesses. A fundraising company, home health care and a coffee business.

Frameable Faces: What are your goals for the future?

Fahad: My goals for the future are to get my MBA before I turn 24 and own 10 businesses before I turn 26.

Frameable Faces: What do you remember about your Frameable Faces photo session?

Fahad: I remember doing the photo shoot by the lake.  It was a lot of fun!  I loved the fact that Ally worked with me throughout everything.  She did the shots I was happy with even though it took us a while.  I would recommend Frameable Faces to all of my friends!

Senior Picture - Frameable Faces

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