A Stunning Breakaway Senior Session In Hockeytown With Morgan!

A breakaway in hockey is when a player has the puck and an open skating lane to the net with no one in front of her.  That’s how we felt with Morgan on her senior session – nothing stopping us and nothing stopping this girl!  Morgan is one of our spokesmodels for the class of 2019 and we were looking forward to this session – especially since Little Caesars Arena is her team’s home ice and we were able to get on the ice for a few photos!  But more on that later…

A Stunning Breakaway Senior Session…

Morgan’s mom Jodi joined us for an overall epic day in Detroit which started on Belle Isle.  We really thought we might be in trouble with the weather but that day was pretty much do or die scheduling wise and it started to pour on the way down.  Uh oh….  BUT – lo and behold it stopped when we got to Belle Isle and there wasn’t another drop from the time we started photographing Morgan!  Let’s start with this amazing new angle of the D as the backdrop for this stunning image of our girl!

Breakaway Senior

WOWWWWWWW.  Such a cool image and Morgan looks fantastic!

Here’s one up close and personal:

Breakaway Senior

At this point we headed over to Eastern Market to get some murals and we fired up the Instagram LIVE for some behind the scenes fun:

And here’s a cool mural shot with Morgan’s reflection in the water from the day’s rains…

Breakaway Senior

Just love that one…

Now it was time to head over to Little Caesar’s Arena and with a little assist from Red Wings Zamboni legend and building manager Al Sobotka we headed on down to the practice ice where Morgan’s team the Little Caesar’s 19U Girls AAA plays.  Here’s the fun behind the scenes from Facebook Live!

And we’ll leave you with this fun photo from the ice!

Breakaway Senior

Okay actually we’ll leave you with the Snapchat story from the day because it’s just too good…. including the fiery setup in the studio after a stop at Chili Mustard Onions for lunch!  So much to cover – too much to cram all of it into a blog post!!! Lol…  

And there you have it – a stunning breakaway senior session with Morgan in Hockeytown indeed!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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