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We’ve Got Much Senior Picture Magnificence With Madelin!

We’ve got much senior picture magnificence with Madelin and we’re excited to share some of it!  Madelin is a Frameable legacy since her brother Nathan was here a couple of years ago, and what’s funny is that while Madelin’s mom Tracy and her sister Nora both joined us on this session, Madelin herself played the “mom role” on Nathan’s session making sure he was on point – so this wasn’t her first rodeo so to speak – ha!  Meanwhile we’ve known Madelin since she was born – her dad is an old college teammate of mine so sessions like these are always a little surreal for us – in a magnificent sort of way…..

Magnificence With Madelin

With this session we spent the entire time on location on a perfect morning the last day of August and we started at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills:


Off to a great start!  Madelin looks great and we love that spot on the rocks…

We also have some fun behind the scenes action from the session like we always do – first from the replay of our Facebook Live broadcast:

Moving right along we have this one of Madeline with a little help from a gentle breeze! 


…and one more from Heritage Park up close – LOVE this one:


The lighting, the smile – it all came together for that shot for sure – there’s that magnificence we’re talking about!!!

Madeline will be pursuing her education and softball career at U of M Dearborn – so cool!  We wanted to get a photo to reflect that so at this point we headed to a local softball diamond…  here is the behind the scenes from our YouTube Live broadcast:

And the result:


Go Blue!

And there you have it!  Senior picture magnificence with Madelin!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

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Nathan Served Notice On His Senior Session!

Nathan served notice on his senior session for sure – that he’s arrived, that he’s a good looking dude, and that he’s ready to take on any challenge!  Yet another senior we’ve known since he was born, he’s grown up to be an impressive young guy.  Nathan’s dad was an old college teammate of mine, and since Nathan’s younger sister Madeline came with us on the session and not his parents, it gave me some time to tell them plenty of old stories about their dad…  hahaha!

To The Stadium

Meanwhile Nathan was a good sport and prepared for the session (with help from his sister), and we think he had more fun than he bargained for.  Nathan is a football player who is planning on playing at the next level and so we met him at his stadium at Hartland High School where there was plenty to work with inside and outside the stadium.  We’ll start inside the stadium with a photo of Nathan next to the goal post:

Nathan Served Notice

Don’t mess with him….

Meanwhile let’s take a look at our behind the scenes video from the day – first with our fun 6 second looping vine:

Next up the extended footage of the Periscope broadcast replay from our YouTube channel!  You can download the app and follow us there (and just about everywhere else) at @frameablefaces at this link.

Nathan Served Notice

So let’s get to the rest of the results…  First with a bit more of a dressy look with a shirt and tie:

Nathan Served Notice

Next we moved over to a more natural background for this close up…

Nathan Served Notice

Lastly Nathan donned the letter jacket for this one:

Nathan Served Notice

And there it is – you can see what we mean when we say Nathan served notice can you not?  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our morning with him!