Marc Had A Re”marc”able Senior Portrait Session!

Marc had a re”marc”able senior session that spanned two separate days and gave us plenty to remember.  Rainouts can be a double edged sword with senior guys.  With girls it’s a drag because you have to watch the forecast and make decisions because girls have to get hair and makeup done.  With guys you can split it up and just do the studio stuff on the rainy day, and sure you have to find another day to squeeze in the location shoot, but at least you get to hang out a second time on a different day!  More fun!

Meanwhile Marc is a really nice kid and we had a lot of fun with his mom!  Marc’s girlfriend hung out for the studio part and his mom Cheri was there for both – you can see below if you like, where she guest hosted our Periscope broadcast of the session in Birmingham!  Meanwhile let’s get to some photos of “re-marc-able” Marc!

Marc Had It…

Yes he had it – style, personality, and good looks, and we started to photograph it all in the studio so let’s look at one of those shots first:

Marc Had

Love the grey on grey!

Now let’s head to the location session but before we do let’s see our behind the scenes action starting with our 6 second looping Vine:

Next we have the replay of the extended Periscope live broadcast with Cheri guest hosting for part of it!  You can download the app and follow us on Periscope here.


Now for the location photos:

Marc Had

You can see the tips of the leaves just starting to turn color here…

From the parking structure we headed to an alleyway…

Marc Had

And then we’ll leave you with this one relaxing on the curb…

Marc Had

So there you have it – quite re”marc”able we must say!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from our day(s) with him!

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