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A Perfect Day In Detroit Photographing Jordyn Is Our Jam!

We’ve had a ball photographing Jordyn while she’s been representing our studio as a spokesmodel for the class of 2018, and a perfect day in Detroit photographing Jordyn is definitely our jam.  As was the case with Jordyn’s spokesmodel session this was a family affair with mom Stacy, dad Eric, and even older sister Sydney met up with us for part of the day!  The game plan here other than the yearbook headshot at the studio was to explore Detroit and explore Detroit we did!

In Detroit Photographing Jordyn…

We started out at Belle Isle which is where we spent a good deal of time.  The more we shoot there the more great spots we find.  The first photo we’ll highlight is of Jordyn at the James Scott Memorial Fountain:

Detroit Photographing Jordyn

Great spot, great backlight, great senior!  As I said we roamed around the island and even stopped at the beach for a few yoga poses as you’ll see in this fun behind the scenes replay of our Facebook Live video we did!

Here’s another photo with the unique aesthetic of looking through a natural window at our girl…

Detroit Photographing Jordyn

So cool and Jordyn looks amazing!

To Eastern Market…

At this point we headed over to the Eastern Market area for some murals to play with and some grit and we found plenty of both!  First the mural:

Detroit Photographing Jordyn

Knowing where your light is and how to use it is key…. love the backlight on Jordyn’s hair once again!

We also have some more fun behind the scenes here as we headed into one of our fave empty buildings – this time from the replay of our YouTube Live video:

And the result with the grit:  

Detroit Photographing JordynAwesome shot to finish with!  Yes being in Detroit photographing Jordyn is definitely our jam and you can see why!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

Equipment used:

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A Senior Session Takeover Of Detroit With Ian!

We are loving Detroit.  This is the most exciting time for Detroit in our lifetime by a mile.  There is so much going on down there and it’s no accident that we have now done two senior sessions in “The D” this year.  The first one was at the Dequindre Cut, and the second one we present to you here.

Senior Session Takeover of Detroit

Ian came to us with very specific ideas about the type of shoot he wanted.  He wanted to takeover the city and he wanted certain landmarks and a certain style.  These can be the most exciting and rewarding sessions to be sure, because everyone is excited, everyone is planning and preparing and in the end this session was a series of firsts for us.  Ian went straight suit and tie – a formal look with Belle Isle and art deco stalwarts The Guardian and Fisher buildings (both built in 1928 three years before the Empire State Building in New York City) as our backdrops.  Lots of personality and great taste with this guy!

Meanwhile Ian’s mom Susan came with us and she guest hosted some of the Periscope broadcast we did on location which you’ll see below.  So let’s get to the photos shall we?  We started out at Belle Isle which has improved a ton since it was turned into a state park – very clean and a pleasure for hanging out.

Senior Session Takeover

This close up of Ian is at the James Scott Memorial Fountain which was completed in 1925 and it really is a wonder.  It’s really cool to see it running!

Next we were able to capture this cool photo with part of the Detroit skyline in the background!

Senior Session Takeover

Now let’s look at our behind the scenes footage from our day in the D with Ian.  First our fun 6 second looping Vine:

And now the Periscope broadcasts both from Belle Isle and The Guardian Building:

On To The Guardian…

Next we headed over to the Guardian Building.  We were in communication with the building management all week to get the proper documentation for permission to shoot in the lobby and had a scary moment when we arrived and the lady at the front desk said they don’t allow photographing that day, but I knew I had the approval and our contact came down to the lobby to give us the green light.  The lighting certainly posed a challenge and we came prepared with our off camera flash but it still wasn’t easy!  We got some great shots and we’ll share two of them here…

Senior Session Takeover

Just incredible design in there and the colors are awesome!  Now for one more in black and white before we say goodbye…

Senior Session TakeoverLOVE that one.  A fitting end to an amazing day in the D with Ian!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with him!