Kickin’ It With Jake And The Fam For Senior Portraits!

Jake and the fam – as in Jake’s parents and one of his brothers – joined us on two separate days for his senior photos because of rain on the original date that prevented us from going on location.  I mentioned this a couple blog posts back with another senior guy that had the same scenario and once again it worked out well because we had so much fun with these guys.  Jake’s little brother Zack is quite the character, and his parents are great – Shari is an awesome guest host as you’ll see in the replay of the Periscope broadcasts from the sessions!

Kickin’ It…

As for Jake – he’s a good guy and the captain of his soccer team, which is why we were “kickin’ it” – see what I did there?  We’ll start with the studio photos which was the first day.  We used a couple of different backgrounds and as we often do with athletes, some fire!  First let’s start with a formal close up on the blueish grey…

Jake And The Fam

Blue backdrop, blue tie, blue eyes – it works.

Next let’s heat it up with some fire on the soccer ball which is of course real fire – no fake photoshopping here!

Jake and the fam

Now let’s take a look at our behind the scenes action, starting with our 6 second looping vine with footage from both days – it’s amazing what you can do with 6 seconds!

Jake and the fam!

Now for our epic YouTube replays from our Periscope broadcasts partly guest hosted by Jake’s mom Shari (and the occasional scene-stealing by Zack)!  We love when our moms guest host!  You can download the app and follow us on Periscope at @frameablefaces here.

Now for a couple of location photos.  We had a lovely day in West Bloomfield for these shots and we started with a nice big tree on one of the trails…

Jake and the fam

And one more before we leave you for now…

Jake and the fam

And there you have it!  We hope you enjoyed kickin’ it with Jake and the fam and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of his session!

2 responses on “Kickin’ It With Jake And The Fam For Senior Portraits!

  1. Diane Burkhart

    Jake has grown up to be very handsome! I like the shots in his blue shirt and his suit!

    Proud to be his great aunt!

    Love, Diane

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