Excellence In Senior Photos With Eli!

We now bring you excellence in senior photos with Eli!  At around the time of Eli’s session we were having a little run on guys (you may have seen Noah’s session last if you follow this blog) after photographing a bunch of senior girls in a row.  We were excited to photograph Eli because we knew him and had photographed him before in family photos as well as his sister for her senior pictures a couple years ago.  Eli’s mom came along for the ride and the results speak for themselves – and yeah, you might say they represent excellence in senior photos!

We started in the studio where we honed in on our grey background.  We have had a lot of success with guys on grey – not sure we can put our finger on why but the combination looks fantastic especially with the formal GQ look like this:

Excellence in senior photos

Cool huh?  Eli just completely nailed it.  Next we shifted gears and “served up” this next shot…

Excellence in senior photos

See what I did there?  We “served up” that photo!!!  Hehe…

Okay next it was time to head out on location, and we returned to Heritage Park which is continuing to be a great spot for us this year!

Let’s start with the barn shot.  This is such a cool barn and we noticed this time the plaque on the barn indicates that it was built in the nineteenth century!

Excellence in senior photos

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the afternoon where there was some great “smizing” going on:

… and we will leave you with one more shot with the stone wall as our background.

Excellence in senior photos

So there you have it – excellence all around with Eli!  We had fun with him – a fine young man in every respect!

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