We Are Completely Mad For Maddy!

We are completely mad for Maddy!  We gush often about our seniors but there is a reason for it.  In Maddy’s case she just makes us smile – she is a total character and we mean that as a compliment.  She is so funny, even charmingly quirky if you will, and she is an accomplished ice skater – she just has a lot going for her!  Oh – and, well – you’ll see when you look at her – she is adorable.

We started in the studio where we focused first on the red background.  Keep in mind that Ally always photographs digitally in color.  But just for kicks let’s switch it up – I just got finished telling you how Maddy is a character and so funny and yet she pulled off a pensive and classically beautiful shot that we love converted to black and white…

Mad for Maddy

Next we moved to the black background and we focused on her skating accomplishments.  Maddy showed off her playful side for this fun shot with a bunch of her medals all around her!  The one in her right hand is her very first one and the one in her left hand is her most recent gold medal!

Mad for MaddyHere is our fun behind the scenes vine of the morning – plenty of laughter as you can see!  🙂

Next as you can see in the vine it was time to head outside.  This was still the week of extended forecasts of thunderstorms so this was another session that on location success  wasn’t a given, and while it was pretty humid it was still rain-free.  We were able to get a couple really nice shots here.  The first one is just nice and casual in shorts…

Mad for Maddy

…and this last one we’ll leave you with is so pretty – the dress, the pose, it all comes together.

Mad for Maddy

So yes we are now completely mad for Maddy after spending a morning with her (on Ally’s birthday no less) and we hope you enjoyed these photos!


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