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Ayla Is A Sweet Little Angel!

Ayla is a sweet little angel indeed and we were thrilled to have her here at the studio!  She is a beautiful smiley little bundle of joy and she brought a ton of style and personality to her session even at only 4 months old!  We have been so busy photographing high school seniors which we love, but having this adorable little yummy smush was a nice change of pace to be sure, and we love her family.

We started off with Ayla in her baptism gown on the red couch.  It is worth noting that Ayla’s grandmother made this gown for her!  How amazing is that?  Such love – so special and so pretty!

little angel

She is so cute!  Next we moved to another fun outfit on one of our chairs for a few photos.  Here are a couple…   First let’s start with the damask backdrop.  We like to call this look the “O” mouth!  🙂

little angel

Such a fun look of wonder on her face!  Then we moved to the brown background:

little angel

Her daddy loves this photo.  Love her smile!  Habibti!

Meanwhile here is a little fun behind the scenes vine of Miss Ayla during her session!

Lastly we will leave you with this precious moment between Ayla and her mommy…

little angel

That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?  As good as it gets.  We loved this session and we hope you enjoyed these sneak peeks of sweet little angel Ayla!