A “Pitch Perfect” Session With William!

While the movie Pitch Perfect about the a cappella singing group has become very popular and quotable, for our session with William we are not talking about singing.  We are talking about a different kind of pitch – a soccer pitch!  “Pitch” in this case is another word for “field”, and yes we went to the pitch for a few shots for William’s senior session.  William is a great kid and he plays goalie for his high school team.  His mom came along for the session and we had a great day!  But our “goal” isn’t only to show you the photos at the soccer field – let’s start in the studio where we began our afternoon with William.


We are big fans of seniors wearing their letter jacket and showing that school spirit!  This was just a nice casual shot before we moved on to the more formal portrait.

Pitch Perfect

Now that’s a fine looking young man indeed!  You have been seeing a few of these formal shots with the guys lately on the grey background and you will continue to see them, well, because we just love the way they look!

At this point it was time to head out on location where we were able to work with a natural setting along with the soccer pitch – two different spots close by before the rain rolled in.  Here is our behind the scenes vine of the afternoon which even includes an action shot!

First a photo with the letter jacket in a natural setting.  It’s a close crop but the green in the background looks great.

Pitch Perfect

And finally our goalie in a pitch perfect photo!

9411Score!  Another great session and a great day with a cool senior!  We hope you enjoyed these photos!


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