Eden Returns For An Encore!

It’s a great day for us when Eden returns to the studio, in this case it was for an encore from her wonderful winter spokesmodel session back in January!  Eden is pretty and nice and smart and all of those things, but one of her best qualities that really sets her apart is just how flat out funny she is!  She just makes us laugh – she could be a stand up comedian and I’m not joking.  I don’t point that out because we’re about to show you photos that were comic-themed or anything like that – on the contrary, this session has everything to do with her beautiful looks and great style.  I guess we just want you to know that we’re big Eden fans for lots of reasons…

For this session we spent the whole time on location with the goal of getting a nice variety of natural settings as well as a few urban shots.  Let’s start with the natural…

Eden Returns

We just love the look with the hat!  We had some fun with that – just really cute!  We also had fun with a little bird that decided to hang out while we were shooting – we named him “MJ” (don’t ask….lol).  Here he is:


Now back to the photos of Eden…

Eden Returns

We had some great lighting here (with some help from Reflecto) and the little sparkle in Eden’s eyes are called “catchlights” although Eden is fully capable of generating that sparkle on her own!  Haha!

Next we moved over to the waterfall which we like as a backdrop.  We love this next photo:

Eden Returns

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the morning:

Lastly we’ll leave you with a photo in the city…

Eden Returns

Love it – and love the breeze giving Eden’s hair that little lift!  Eden’s return was a memorable one for sure – a great encore!

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