Kriti Is Pretty In A Meadow Or The City!

We couldn’t resist.  When your name rhymes with “pretty” the title just writes itself!  The thing is that it’s completely true – Kriti IS pretty in a meadow or the city, and she is really a sweetheart inside and out.  Her mom came along for the session and her dad met us on location and hung out for a while as well – what delightful people!  We chuckled a little about how she’s heard it plenty over the years – “pretty Kriti” – but it helps when you can live up to it the way she does.

We spent all of our time outdoors on location for this session and we were thrilled at the consultation when they told us they wanted Kriti in traditional dress for a few photos.  So colorful and beautiful!!!  This shot is really a winner in the meadow:

Kriti is Pretty

Next we headed to Quarton Lake in Birmingham where we photograph quite a bit since there are some really nice settings there especially with the water, and that is where we got this next photo:

Kriti is Pretty

Kriti just has a very pleasant demeanor and an easy smile – a pleasure to photograph.

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the day with the scene from the meadow and then our venture into Birmingham to get some city shots.

Changing pace from natural and pretty to urban and gritty is always fun since it gives a completely different aesthetic and switches up the vibe.
Kriti is Pretty

Either way Kriti is at ease as you can plainly see…

Kriti is Pretty

Love the lighting on that last photo in particular!  So there you have it, and now you can see why we say that Kriti is pretty in a meadow or the city!

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