Sugary Sweet Jenna Is A Grown Up Senior!

Sugary sweet Jenna is a grown up senior and it’s hard to believe!  Time flies – it seems like yesterday that she was in here as the little sister jumping in for a couple shots in her sister Carly’s senior photos, and now the roles have reversed with the spotlight on her!  Jenna is a breath of fresh air – always smiling, always saying hello, and over the years even popping up on Facebook instant messenger once in a while with a simple “Hi Ally!” or “Hi Doug!”  So while we often point out how senior sessions can be surreal when it’s a senior we’ve known for a while, it’s just as much so with each example and definitely so with Jenna!

We started in the studio with some simple black and white backgrounds.  While we have a broad assortment of colors and textures in the studio, the basics never get old and Jenna looks great here first on the white.  Ally especially likes the white on white and the black on black – when it’s lit properly it looks great.

Sugary Sweet Jenna

Next we moved to the black to get up close and personal!

Sugary Sweet Jenna

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine of the session where you’ll see that we also had a little fun with a Michigan State Spartan football jersey!

Now it was time to go outside once again during our incredibly lucky weather week where the rain continued to move around our sessions and we had wonderful conditions!  Here are a couple photos from our location – just pretty and natural against a tree with a little Queen Anne’s lace in the background…

Sugary Sweet Jenna

…and relaxing on stone with a pop of black-eyed Susans….

Sugary Sweet Jenna

All in all it was a joy to see sugary sweet Jenna all grown up as a senior and it was great photographing her!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from her session!

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