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We Are Smitten By Sophia and Her Senior Session!

Yes we are smitten by Sophia!  She’s a sweetheart and we had a fantastic senior session with her this week!  There’s a fun backstory here as her mom Rebecca found us on Periscope while watching our Doug & Ally Morning Show, and it’s always fun when we connect with people who tune in from close by so we can meet them easily in person.  And one more funny tidbit here – I saw Sophia the day before her session at her place of work and I was so preoccupied that it didn’t even register when she said “hi” – and when she followed it up with “I’m so excited for my senior pictures tomorrow” I said “Sophia!!!!”  Haha…  

Smitten By Sophia

Meanwhile Sophia was totally prepared for the session and when she walked in with a great wardrobe selection and her makeup done by Mandy Rose we were, well, smitten!  So let’s get to a few of the photos shall we?

We started in the studio on the black background with the “black and blowy” setup with the fan:


Stunning right?

As usual we have some fun behind the scenes video from the live broadcasts we did at the time, starting with a Facebook Live broadcast:

Let’s take a peek at one more studio shot on that pink background before we head out…


Heading out to Quarton Lake

We actually got lucky with the weather because the forecast had been threatening scattered thunderstorms for days but it didn’t happen!  These next two shots are awesome – starting with this shot at one of our fave spots:


Once again I’ll point out how well Sophia made use of her wardrobe – this flowery top is perfect for summer and this setting!

Now let’s take a look at our outdoor broadcast this time from YouTube Live while we were getting the shot above.  Feel free to skip through my and Ally’s silliness in the middle haha…

And we have one more photo to share with the waterfall as a backdrop – the purple coordination here is the topper – just adorable!


You can see why we were “smitten with Sophia” – what a session!  We were pretty excited to share these and we hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day!

Equipment used:

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Our Senior Session With Jaclyn Was Quite A Journey!

Jaclyn’s senior session was quite a journey in more ways than one!  For starters, arriving at this day and this occasion was a journey in itself since we were there at the hospital after Jac was born.  Her dad Chris and I have been friends going back to 2nd grade and we grew up on the same street 5 houses down from each other.  So you could say Jaclyn is basically like a niece to us and that made for a surreal session to say the least.

Journey To Boyne

Meanwhile Chris’s parents moved to Boyne City when they retired so we made the trek up there to make a little up North visit out of it to photograph Jaclyn on location at Lake Charlevoix and around the area.  It’s beautiful up there!  We arrived around sundown and started right away to get a few shots down at the water including this awesome shot using a little off camera flash!


Love it!

That was the only set up we did that night.  Once it got dark we headed back up to the house to hang out and hit the sack.  The next morning we woke up bright and early to get all the rest of the shots we wanted – some in town and some out in the woods.  This session was epic.  Before we get to the rest of the photos though let’s take a look at our fun behind the scenes vine of our time with Jaclyn:

The Next Day

We got some nice variety the next morning and our weather was perfect.  Let’s start with this photo down at one of the marinas in town – and what do you know – we found these two posts that happened to be marked 2016 in honor of Jaclyn being a senior this year!  hehe…


Next it was off to some natural settings for these next two beautiful photos…

First in the meadow:


Wow!  Such a great setting with a little breeze and the woods in the distance…

We’ll leave you with one more of this unique and super cool shot up in a tree!


So there you have it!  What a journey.  A journey for us to travel up North for such an amazing location photo shoot, and a journey of 17 years for us from meeting Jaclyn in the hospital right after she was born to having this beautiful young lady in front of Ally’s camera.  It was a really special occasion for us and Jaclyn did an awesome job for these spectacular results.  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of the journey!