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The 2017 Frameable Faces Campus Tour Was A Blast!


This month we decided it was time to go back to school!  Because like, we really miss college.  Okay well not exactly – we embarked on the 2017 Frameable Faces Campus Tour which was our third one!  We did campus tours back in 2013 and 2015 – not necessarily by design although the bi-annual approach may work going forward.  We’ll see since they are pretty darn fun.  You see we love our high school seniors and we miss them when they go away!  They often visit when they come home but we like to head up to Ann Arbor and East Lansing once in a while to see them and feed them – college kids love food right?  We get to reconnect with them and find out what’s going on in their lives and their parents get to see that they’re alive and well!  Haha!

2017 Frameable Faces Campus Tour!2017 Frameable Faces Campus Tour – First Stop, Michigan Wolverines!  GO BLUE!

We started out at U of M and we met at the traditional campus tour spot Pizza House right in the middle of campus!  We even got to Ann Arbor a little early and did a little snapchat story where we included a couple other stops on campus in addition to all the obligatory selfies with our Frameable Wolverines!  Here’s the snap story:

We also grabbed a quick Facebook Live video while we were visiting with our friends….  🙂

Lastly we walked around and gave our Periscope community a little tour of central campus and one of our seniors Becca made another random cameo – so fun!

Here’s the Instagram collage we posted that summed it all up:

2017 Frameable Faces Campus Tour












That wraps up our a-MAIZE-ing day at Michigan!  One week later it was time to…

Sparty On!  The 2017 Frameable Faces Campus Tour Rolls Into East Lansing!

Now we have to put a disclaimer on this…  we thought heading up to MSU on MLK Day would be a good idea because the University was open but there were no classes.  And that would have been a great plan.  What wasn’t a great plan was not checking the weather, because had we done that we would been aware of the freezing rain that came down most of the day.  Not kidding – we saw over twenty cars in the ditch on either side of I-96 on the way up to East Lansing.  The weather put a slight damper on the plans – we didn’t get up there early enough to do a snap story around campus like we did in Ann Arbor and our turnout wasn’t as big.  BUT – we didn’t let that stop us from having a great time anyway with a few of our faves!  Here’s our Snap Story with our selfies, topopo salads & Insomnia cookies!

We also have a fun Facebook Live video from El Azteco…

Fun!  And here’s our Instagram collage from MSU…

2017 Frameable Faces Campus Tour!












And that about sums up the tour!  We had so much fun visiting with our former Frameables and it’s such a thrill to see them thriving and learning up at school!  We wish we could get to all of the other schools too but time and logistics make it impossible!  Suffice it to say this is how we feel about all of our former seniors!!!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of the 2017 Frameable Faces Campus Tour!


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Hail to….. wait – which?

I couldn’t resist this one…. One more little “buy local” rant and then I’ll (try to) leave it alone for a while.

Small Business, Buy Local

Hail to the Victors Spartan Tee...

As a follow up to my “Meditations on Buying Local” post, this shirt appeared on this link at Rivals.com….

I’m sure many of you saw this already since a lot of people got a kick out of it and posted it on facebook especially here in Michigan where we are based. For those of you who aren’t in Michigan and may not know, Michigan State University’s team name is the Spartans and their colors are green and white, but the University Of Michigan Wolverines’ fight song contains the opening line “Hail to the Victors” and their colors are maize and blue. Needless to say this was a pretty bad mistake to mix them up and put them on the same t-shirt. I hate to sound like a broken record but putting your loyalties aside for a second and your urge to talk some smack if you’re a Wolverine or a Spartan, what this really is is a commercial for buying LOCAL. Do you think a local Michigan based t-shirt company would make a mistake as ridiculous as this? No way. Why would you want your school’s logo hijacked by some national corporate brand like this that doesn’t have a clue about it?

Now granted college athletics is huge business and national brands Adidas and Nike are the official outfitters of the sports teams at the two schools so you can’t really avoid buying the apparel from a national company. That’s the way it is. But I think the point here is there are local independent retailers you can support that sell licensed t-shirts with your alma mater on them who would never make a mistake like this. Local merchants have a feel for the local community and have a vested interest in it. National chains….not as much as evidenced by this shirt. Maybe that is a generalization that isn’t 100% fair, but c’mon. This actually made it to their website. Not one person at Pink cared enough or bothered to check on this? A business sports reporter actually pointed it out to Victoria’s Secret which is what prompted them to pull it off the site. Once again our message is not to boycott national chain stores, but rather in a case like this let Pink stick to what they do best and when you are considering buying some gear for your local team consider a local option first. If Pink bothered to get the shirt right and you could buy Pink products from local merchants then I guess it would be different, but they didn’t and you can’t.