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It’s Great To Be A Michigan Wolverine For These U of M Grads Of The Class of 2021!

We had an incredible day in Ann Arbor with our Lacey and 15 of her housemates who are all graduating this Spring from the University of Michigan!  We have photographed high school seniors up on campus before but this was a first for us and we have two more groups coming up for sessions just like this one!

Meanwhile these girls and this graduating class as a whole has been through plenty with the pandemic.  Lots of uncertainty, lots of virtual classes, lots of adapting and overcoming, and as you’ll see because it comes through in these photos, they did just that.  They are all proud and resilient Wolverines and we’re especially proud to call our Lacey one of them – especially one of this crew!  This was a real treat for us to spend the day with them capturing them in their caps and gowns and their maize and blue!  A day we’ll never forget, and we have the fun highlights here for you!  GO BLUE!

It’s Great To Be A Michigan Wolverine

We started at the Law Quad which is a very popular spot for obvious reasons – the architecture and the whole look is spectacular.

What a crew!

We took a ton of photos and we also livestreamed a little – here’s some behind the scenes from Facebook Live

One more from the same spot all in the pastel dresses – such a great look!

Michigan Wolverine

We also took individual photos like this one of our Lacey!

We are so proud of her!!!!

Okay at this point we headed over to Michigan Stadium after a change of outfits for a few pics and some fun at the Big House!

Michigan Wolverine

So much fun, and now it was time to break out the champagne and smoke bombs……


Michigan Wolverine


Next stop – the Student Union and we have a little more behind the scenes this time from Instagram Live!


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Throw those M’s girls!!!

Michigan Wolverine

Last stop – the house – also known as “BIG BLUE”!!!

Michigan Wolverine

Wow.  What a journey for us, these girls, and their families!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of such a special day for us!  Leaders and best.  FOREVER GO BLUE!!! 〽️💙💛


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An A-MAIZE-ing Family Session!

We love themed sessions!  Donning gear of your favorite alma mater is a popular way to go and it was not the first time a family wore the Maize and Blue in our studio.  It was fitting since it was the day before THE GAME against Ohio!  The Wolverines may have come up just short in an epic edition of the rivalry this year, but this session was still definitely a winner!

We had all three family units here – Grandparents along with their kids and grandchildren in town from two different cities out of state.  We snuck a couple shots of one pair of siblings in cute casual clothes first and here is one of them…

Sibling photo

Then it was time to break out the maize and blue!  Here’s a great photo of the proud grandparents with all of their grandchildren around them.  We had The Victors blasting here in the studio – HAIL!!!

Grandparents with their grandchildren

Here is a fun behind-the-scenes vine of the making of the photo above!  🙂

The second group of siblings were up next with their Michigan gear:

Siblings Photo

Then it was time to get each group of siblings with their parents into the mix.  A great time for all and we all felt like “Leaders and Best” on this day!

Family PhotoFamily Photo

The Frameable Faces 2013 Campus Tour Continues at U of M!!!

And so the campus tour rolled along…  this time into Ann Arbor to see a couple of our favorite Frameable Wolverines!  The cold front was just moving in and the weather was bitter cold but we didn’t let that stop the fun……or the FOOD!  Shocking we know….    🙂

The Frameable Faces Campus Tour checks in at Pizza House!

The Frameable Faces Campus Tour checks in at Pizza House!

Nicole and Cheyenne met us at Pizza House – one of the most popular spots on campus and home of the best chipatis you’ll find anywhere.  A chipati is a yummy salad wrapped in yummy and warm chipati bread served with chipati sauce.  The pizza and garlic bread rocks as well – actually pretty much everything is good at Pizza House…  It was a historic MLK day with this year marking the 50th anniversary of the “I Have A Dream” speech and it was also inauguration day.  The girls didn’t have classes and we were able to relax and catch up for a couple hours in the late afternoon for an early dinner.

Pizza and Chipati

Chicago style deep dish pizza and a chipati! Mmmmm....

Ally and the Frameable Wolverines

Ally and a couple of her favorite Frameable Wolverines!

Doug with Nicole and Cheyenne

Doug with Nicole and Cheyenne

In keeping with the theme established in East Lansing, we took a stroll over to Insomnia Cookies for dessert…  and we can only say that it’s a good thing there isn’t one of these in West Bloomfield.  It’s dangerous enough with a Just Baked right across the street from the studio (YUM), but late night cookie delivery could be a big problem.  🙂

Insomnia Cookies

Yet again at Insomnia Cookies.... So goood...

Another fun trip with two of our Frameables who are also responsible for two of our greatest images ever – Nicole standing in the water with the beautiful orange sunset many of you have seen and the stunning image of Cheyenne printed on the big beautiful plexiglass which still hangs in the studio.  We love our Frameable Seniors and we love to share in their successes as they enjoy their college experience!