Kickin’ It With Riley At Her Bat Mitzvah!

We have known Riley since she was born – she’s actually my Goddaughter, so this was a special day for us.  It was also special to have our amazing event photographer Angela there to capture the event – it gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling to have Angela there to ensure that our friends and family will have memorable photos from the event the way they deserve.

We’ll start with the traditional photos of Riley at the bimah and with her family.

Proud moments…


A special moment for a special girl at the Torah!

Needless to say we’re a little biased but we love the way our Angela (we love to joke and call her “Nikon Girl” since she rocks a Nikon and Ally is Canon all the way) captures these moments and the composition of her photos!  She’s awesome.

Next let’s bring in some photos with Riley and the fam… First with proud parents Todd and Monique gazing at her from afar!  You’ve seen this type of photo on this blog before – it’s one of our favorites every time.


A classic black and white of Daddy’s girl….


And here’s the proud family with little brother Brennan and little sister Sage!


We think this girl was enjoying herself…


Kickin’ It With Riley!

Next we’ll move on to the party!  First we have the bat mitzvah girl getting ready for the bash… love these little details looking over Monique’s shoulder with Riley’s reflection in the mirror…


Ready to celebrate!


The party was awesome and “Kickin’ It With Riley” was the theme since she is a soccer player, and I even captured a shot with my iPhone behind the scenes of Angela at work!

We love Angela! Here’s a quick selfie…

Doug with Angela

And here is a fantastic photo we’ll leave you with as Riley’s friends and family lift her up to celebrate her as she surveys the room during the traditional hora dance!


An awesome way to close out the highlights of an an awesome day!  We hope you enjoyed these photos of Riley’s special event!


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