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The Doug and Ally Morning Show on Periscope!

Hey Now!

That’s usually how we start our morning show with those Larry Sanders Show / Howard Stern inspired words, and off we go….

The Doug and Ally Morning Show!

We have been broadcasting live on Periscope since April 2015 and somewhere along the way the “Doug&Ally Morning Show” became a thing.  It wasn’t planned.  It was early on an October morning, we weren’t doing much here at the studio and we thought it would be interesting to jump on Periscope and see who was up!  We don’t officially open until 10:00 AM anyway.  Turns out a lot of people were happy to see us on and someone made the comment that it’s like a morning show…  We thought that sounded fun so we kept doing it and here we are 8 months later going strong with the morning show “officially” Tuesday through Fridays from sometime around 8:45 or 9ish until 10 or 10:30ish.  It starts when it starts and it ends when it ends….

A Life Of Its Own…

Meanwhile many things have happened along the way that have become regular occurrences / features on the show…  One of the most well known guests is an amazing caricaturist from the UK named Rich Nairn (@RichNairn on twitter and Periscope) who has been known to join the show and tweet doodles based on what’s happening.  He sketches them in black and white but he made a color one which has become the official artwork for the show and will be available on T-Shirts (and maybe coffee mugs) very soon!

Morning ShowThe phrase “You shut up, you shut up, and you shut up” has been an inside joke in Ally’s family which originated with her dad and it has become a common phrase on the show…  haha!  Notice the Periscope hearts going up the side to the right!  Here are a couple more of his from the show….

One morning we were discussing some pretty chaotic events at home in the hours before we came to work.  Ally woke up in the middle of the night with a spider crawling on her face, and I stepped in cat poop that one of the cats brought up from the basement litter box as a “trailer”….  Next thing we know Rich is commenting “tweet tweet” which usually means he’s posted a doodle and……

Morning show

Here’s one more that we’ve featured before on the blog but it’s worth repeating.  We had a photo session with a newborn baby and at one point during the session we wanted to get some naked baby photos which are precious…..when the following happened – watch the following vine:

So we were talking about this session and then Rich tweeted….

Morning show

He really is amazing – he cranks these out in minutes….  Check out his fantastic work at his website The Artful Doodler!

Fun With The Feed!

I noticed that the thumbnails that show up in the Periscope news feed are sometimes amusing because they capture candid expressions of the person broadcasting and they refresh every few seconds, and so “Fun With The Feed” was born – with it’s own logo, jingle and everything!  No one knows when one of these might happen (nor do they know if they’ll be the next victim…).

Morning Show

Here are a couple of our favorites…

Morning Show

@Amrit Singh has an awesome beard so we thought we’d help him show off all angles of it.  Meanwhile the guy is awesome and has been doing some amazing humanitarian work in the UK helping with the refugee crisis.  We met him in San Francisco in January at the Periscope Community Summit (now called Summit Live).

We also got our friend @Jaxsology with some awesome expressions – she is a really talented singer and a total comedian – one of our favorite scopers to be sure…

Morning show

Ally and I do our cheesy intro ONCE per show followed by a tour of the studio where we talk about what we do and one of our Peri-friends Nelma – @BeachBabyC actually called in and narrated the tour on speaker phone one morning!  Nelma has dubbed our living room “The Parlor” which is a great name for our little meeting area with our clients!  We have call-ins to the show every now and then including a certain ridiculous telemarketing company who calls ALL THE TIME to try to give us great insurance rates on our 2013 Acura…   Um, we’ve never had an Acura. After asking them a dozen times to be placed on their do not call list we decided to turn the tables…  Take a look:

Many of our friends have their own special entrance when they show up on the show including Erick “@making_money23” Gary – all hell breaks loose when he shows up.  There is no real rhyme or reason to who gets an intro or why – they just kinda happen…

So join us!  There are plenty of features like “the coffee test” and spontaneous shenanigans that happen on the show and you can be a part of it just by tuning in and commenting!  We have a ton of fun and we love our international community who joins us literally from all corners of the world (Russia, Malaysia, Israel, UAE, Brazil, Serbia, Japan, Australia, UK, Spain, France, Morocco, Venezuela, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Germany, The Netherlands, Nigeria, just to name some) every Tuesday through Friday morning (and sometimes Saturday) for the Doug&Ally Morning Show!!!


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A Brand New Life Only 5 Days Old – Meet Alan!

We are excited for you to meet Alan!  We were certainly excited to meet him once we got the call that he would be “bringing” his family with him to the studio 5 days after he entered the world!  We had a session scheduled for that Saturday afternoon but nothing in the morning so it worked out nicely.  With newborn babies you have a short window where they are still newborn and the earlier they can come to the studio the better…

Alan came to the studio with his delightful parents Mallory and David and his older brother Eli who isn’t even 2 yet, but Eli was totally up for this.  He was loving on his little brother and he looks like he’ll be a great older bro as you’ll see!

Meet Alan!

So let’s take a look at some photos!  As usual we had the lights down low, the heat up high and the classical music playing to create a nice warm soothing environment, and Alan was a breeze to work with.  Here he is!

Meet Alan

So precious!

Before we look at a few more photos let’s look at our fun behind the scenes action from the morning!  First with our 6 second looping Vine:

Next we have the extended replay of the live Periscope broadcast from the session where you can get a feel for what the newborn sessions are like here.  If you still haven’t downloaded Periscope yet you can do so and follow us at @FrameableFaces at this link.

Now let’s get back to a few photos including this one with some awesome brotherly love in black and white!

Meet Alan

Next we have two more sweet photos of Alan – he was sleeping in both of them!

Meet Alan

Love it with the baby blue hat.

Meet Alan

So great.  And that will do it for now!  We hope you enjoyed meeting Alan – we certainly were honored to hang with him this early in his life!

Nick And Jen Return – This Time With Jeralyn For Her Debut!

Jeralyn made her highly anticipated debut at the studio with her parents Nick and Jen, who you might remember from this one of a kind story we told you about recently…  And what an eventful and amazing photo session this was!  We are so excited to present these to you!  Our story with these guys has been truly special since that first phone call.

Jeralyn Makes Her Debut…


Is there anything more amazing and perfect than a newborn baby?  She’s so beautiful!  It’s so nice when you can get your model to sleep for a bit, so we turn the lights low, the heat up and we put on a little classical music to help create a nice comforting mood.

We had a few backdrops and setups planned for this session, and next we moved to some pink fluffy awesomeness so Jeralyn could open her eyes and stretch out a little, floating on her pink cloud.


Before we move to our next couple shots let’s look at a little of our fun behind the scenes action and a bonus poop heard round the world – LITERALLY…

I was documenting some of the session for snapchat – that day we were featured doing a snap swap takeover of the Summit Live snapchat account.  Both our profile and the Summit profile has worldwide followings.  I hit the record button and I swear it was like it was a poop remote control because Nick and Jen were holding a naked Jeralyn when she let loose!  So hilarious…  You can see it in this 6 second looping Vine

Wait, we’re not done.  The next morning we were laughing about this on “The Doug & Ally Morning Show” we do on Periscope Tuesday through Friday mornings and Rich Nairn who has done the artwork for the soon-to-be-ready morning show t-shirts was in the broadcast.  You have to visit Rich’s website – he’s a genius!  When he saw the footage he was inspired to do a “doodle” which he does frequently…  Here we see Jeralyn propelling herself through the air!!!  HAHA!


How funny is that?

Next we have the replay of our live Periscope broadcast from the session for your extended viewing pleasure.  Needless to say our female viewers were gushing over Jeralyn!  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet you can get it and follow us at @FrameableFaces at this link:

Now let’s get back to a couple more amazing photos of Jeralyn:


Love the black and white with her eyes open!

And one more with a beautiful sari for this photo which is actually a composite (which is the safe way to execute this pose).  What a great photo!


And there you have it – our wonderful continuing story of Nick, Jen and now Jeralyn!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from her debut!

Nick Closes Out Our Class of 2017 Spokesmodels In Style!

Nick is next up in our Class of 2017 blog posts, and yes he’s the subject of the last of these, but he’s far from the least!  This guy is great – bursting with personality and we liked him the minute we met him.  Funny enough we ended up sealing the deal with him representing our studio as a spokesmodel when Ally and I went out to eat at Social Kitchen and Bar in Birmingham – Nick was the host that night and we didn’t even know it!  He was the first person to greet us when we walked in (we had already met with him and his mom Sally)!  Everything about that night was pretty cool as a side note – the restaurant has owners who are parents of one of our seniors, three of our former seniors work there, and now we’ve got Nick!  You should eat there – it’s awesome.

Nick Is Next…

But back to Nick.  This guy showed up with what seemed like a whole closet of clothes (according to him only a third of his wardrobe) and let’s just say the kid has style!  We joked that day and since that ya gotta have options!  Lol…  Let’s start with a formal shot on the black background:


What a stud.

At this point we headed outside because we wanted to get some variety in Birmingham, but before we look at those let’s see some behind the scenes action – first with our 6 second Vine for your looping pleasure…

Now for your extended viewing if you like here are the replays of our live Periscope broadcasts from our day.  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet you can do so and follow us at @FrameableFaces at this link.

Okay now for the location photos…  Shades, sun, flowers, steps, casual pose – cool!


And more steps….but a totally different aesthetic….


And we’ll leave you with this one – we like cityscapes with brick, alleys and the like!


Another awesome spokesmodel and another awesome session!  We may still have some fun recaps coming about our Class of 2017 team, but even more exciting we’ll have new seniors to present soon – including a new round of posts featuring this awesome crew of 9 as they return for their own senior pictures!

Ben Leads The Way for the Class of 2017 Spokesmodel Boys!

Ben leads the way for the two guys we have in our class of 2017 spokesmodel crew!  Ben is another one of our daughter Lacey’s friends and Ben’s parents are friends of ours too.  Ben is sharp guy – smart and driven and we like him a lot!  He did a great job on this session which is cool because not all the boys dream of posing for pictures for a couple hours.  I think Ben had more fun than he expected which is usually how it goes!

Ben Leads…

After a string of 7 straight girls Ben is our first guy spokesmodel for this class and we started off with the GQ formal look here in the studio on the grey background…Ben LeadsDapper dude…

One more in the studio with a more casual look…

Ben LeadsAt this point before we head on location we’ll take a look at the fun behind the scenes footage from the day!  First we have our 6 second vine for your looping pleasure:

Next we have the replays of our live Periscope broadcasts from our YouTube channel.  You can subscribe to the channel and you can also download the Periscope app and follow us at @frameablefaces there at this link.  It’s fun!  Ben’s awesome mom Gina makes an appearance and so does Lacey as a guest host for a couple minutes!

Okay now let’s take a look at the location photos from the trails behind the West Bloomfield Library – it’s really nice back there…

Ben Leads

Definitely one of our favorite shots of the day!  Blue shirts bring out blue eyes nicely…

We’ll leave you with this last one by the city hall…

Ben Leads

Good stuff!  We had a great day with Ben and we’re happy for him to lead the way for the class of 2017!  Stay tuned – Nick is up next on the blog!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights of Ben!


A Little Bit Of Ilyssa & Lots Of Fab On Her Spokesmodel Session!

Ilyssa has never been afraid to go after what she wants.  When she was three she decided that our Lacey should be her friend and she made it happen.  She brought our families together in doing so and we’ve been friends ever since – going on 14 years!  So this was another of those surreal sessions that we have with family or long time friends and it was quite fab indeed.  “Lissy’s” older sister Rachel was also a spokesmodel for us a few years ago so this is the second time around with these guys… but as a crew they’ve been in here every holiday season for their holiday cards so this was a familiar scene!

Ilyssa & Lots of Fab…

We started out in the studio on a day we weren’t so sure about – unseasonably cold and potential rain…  We broke out the damask pattern for the first shot and we love the hat – hats are way underrated for girls – they almost never fail!


She looks amazing!

At this point we noticed that there was much more light coming in through the center court skylights than we thought – so we made the snap decision to go on location to Pontiac right then and there.  It was really cold but the lighting was pretty good and it was dry so we went with it…


We spotted this doorway and combined with Lissy’s dress it was a total winner!  Love the blue on blue!!!

Before we show our last two sneak peeks let’s see our fun behind the scenes footage from our day!  First with our fun 6 second looping vine:

Next we have the replays of our Periscope broadcasts which are always fun from our YouTube channel.  Subscribe to us there and follow us on Periscope at @frameablefaces!  You can download the app at this link.

Okay let’s get back to a couple more sneak peeks!

Ilyssa had an outfit change on location and we got this cool shot on this staircase…


Now if you remember we kinda raced out to the location when the weather appeared to break, but we still had some studio work to do, so back to the studio we went to wrap it up on the black background…


Oh – hey beautiful!  Love the shades.

And that will do it for now!!!  A little bit of Ilyssa and a whole lot of fab!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day!


Snow Or No, Doesn’t Matter – Nadia Is A Natural!

Nadia is a natural – a beautiful photogenic, athletic, softspoken and all around nice girl.  We had a lot of fun with her and her mom Thyawana over a long period of time which is kind of nice.  Not a typical session because we broke this one up into multiple seasons, but it’s nice to put together a session that is out of the box once in a while especially when snow is involved!!!  Every year a few seniors want the snow and we’ve had some amazing snowy sessions – this was one of them.

Nadia’s fall photos….

But before we get to our winter wonderland we got together on a cloudy day last fall for a few photos over at Nadia’s high school Birmingham Groves for some really nice shots on the field and in front of the school – they had this all planned out for what they wanted and the results are awesome.  Here’s a representative photo from that day of Nadia in her letter jacket on the school sign that we think is so much fun!

NadiaNow before we switch seasons, let’s take a look at some of our fun behind the scenes action from the session(s)!  Let’s start with our six second vine for your looping pleasure:

Next we have the replay of the live Periscope broadcasts from both of those days – the first broadcast has comments and the second does not but they’re still both fun!  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet you NEED to – you can do so and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link.

To The Snow…

We reconvened on the West Bloomfield Trail in a snowstorm for these amazing photos.  Huge fluffy flakes that at one point were so thick they actually posed a challenge for Ally to find Nadia through the flakes!  Here is a prime example:


Incredible!  Nadia is just stunning too…

This is one of our favorite snow photos which several of our seniors have rocked over the years:


Let’s leave you with one more with this fabulous full length photo of Nadia….


So there you go!  Nadia was definitely a natural and the different seasons made our time with her quite memorable!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights!

Real Awesomeness With Rachel On Her Senior Session!

Real awesomeness was what we experienced, really from the moment Rachel and her mom Wendy walked in the door for the first time!  We instantly fell in love with these two – the consultation went way longer than usual and we were laughing and having a blast.  We knew this session would rock!  Rachel is a cool girl – beautiful, really funny and she’s a North Farmington Raider like us!  We planned a great day with some studio work, some city stuff in Birmingham, and some pretty stuff too including a few shot with their golden lab Dude!

Real Awesomeness…

So let’s start with one shot from the studio before we head out.  This is one on the black background that I suggested to Ally might look great in a portrait crop instead of landscape – see what ya think…

Real AwesomenessLove it – especially the black clothing on the black background – people expect that you can’t really do that but if you light it properly it’s fantastic.

Before we head outside with the location photos let’s take a look at some of the behind the scenes action from the day.  First we have our 6 second looping Vine AND I’m also including our fun snapchat story while we’re at it.

Next we have our epic replays from our live Periscope broadcasts… these particular replays do not have the synced comments but they’re still fun especially when Wendy takes over to guest host a bit!  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet you can do so and follow us at @frameablefaces here.

To Birmingham…

At this point it’s time to check out the amazing awesomeness of the location photos.  First we have a couple in the city.  Here we go…

Real AwesomenessRight?  Wow.

And then there’s this…

Real Awesomeness

Nothing like perfect backlight and a perfectly timed breeze…  Rachel was really rockin’ it at this point…

Next we headed to a secluded spot along a stream that we love for this one we’ll leave you with!

Real Awesomeness

Yes this was real awesomeness alright…  We loved our day with Rachel!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of her session!

Havin’ Fun With Haven On Her Spokesmodel Session!

Haven is a gem.  We’ve known this for a while since her older sister Jubilee was a spokesmodel for us for the class of 2015 and Haven has been friendly with our daughter Lacey since they started high school.  Notice a theme here?  Our spokesmodels this year are largely “Lacey approved” since this is her graduating class!  Haha – well that hasn’t actually been our main criteria but we think Lacey has good taste and we had a feeling that Haven would be a great spokesmodel when we met her a couple years ago.  We decided to spend Haven’s whole session in the studio since our weather wasn’t so cooperative and as we’ve always said sometimes it’s nice to just stay in the studio to relax and play with some different combinations, colors, backdrops, furniture, floors etc…  So yes – we were havin’ fun with Haven!

Havin’ Fun With Haven…

So we started out with the tan paper backdrop which was perfect for Haven’s first outfit.  We love the earth tones here along with her skin tone – it all comes together really nicely!


Oh and it doesn’t hurt that she’s stunningly gorgeous!

We also experimented on this day for the very first time with our new Snapchat on-demand geofilter!  Our Periscope friend Vincenzo Landino wrote this article on these and we jumped on it!  It worked out nicely and we’ll be playing with this more down the road – it’s not permanently available but we’ll announce the days it’s on on twitter.  Here is a snap that Haven herself sent out that day… the little circle in the middle of her forehead is the snapchat timer while I was grabbing the screenshot.


Check out the snazzy Frameable Faces filter!

Here is the geofence we submitted to snapchat that shows where the filter was available – in and around our studio and down the common hallways of the mall!

Here is the first snapchat video we sent out with our filter – as you can see we had some snapchat fun that day!

Okay let’s get back to a few more photos…!

Let’s move on to the purple background – this purple is really vibrant and we combined it with our light wood floor and a molding to create a “room” look:


Let’s also check out some more behind the scenes – first with a fun little looping Vine:

…and next we also have a couple replays of our live Periscope broadcasts from our Katch.me page – if you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet you need to!  Tune in for Frameable Faces TV at @frameablefaces by downloading the app here!

At this point we moved to the grey backdrop with a chair that we used for the first time a couple years ago with Haven’s sister Jubilee!  We love the way it’s ripped up in the front…


Now let’s check out our second broadcast from the session during which time we switched to the black backdrop:

And here is one of the results!


That’s a fantastic note to end this on….  we are thrilled to have this girl representing our studio this year and we look forward to her senior session later in the year!!!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our day with her!

A Breathtaking Example Of Maternity And Serendipity

Serendipity is an amazing thing when it happens.  When you get swirled up in it and you know something special is happening it’s an amazing and rare experience.  Do you know what serendipity is?  Here’s the official definition:


Now here’s the way it went down on March 16, 2016 at Frameable Faces…

Me: Frameable Faces this is Doug!

Phone Caller: Uh hello – we have a bit of an urgent situation here with a maternity session….  um – you see my wife…. well are you available to take photos of my wife today?

Me: Wait – is she in labor?????

Phone Caller: Well no she’s not in labor – it’s not an emergency like that or anything.  Let me explain.  Here’s what happened…

What happened was that Nick and Jen were 36 weeks pregnant and had a maternity photo session planned with another studio that day.  They were all prepared with clothing and Jen had her hair and makeup done only to be told that the studio had double booked them and they were out of luck.  Sorry, no go, thanks for playing.  Nick did a quick search on Yelp, came across Frameable Faces and took a chance with a phone call.  Now keep in mind that this is NOT how we do photo sessions here.  We don’t take walk-ins as a general rule with no consultation ahead of time to plan the session where we can get to know the clients and make sure everyone is prepared and on the same page.  But these folks were in a bind and we didn’t have any appointments that afternoon – and my gut (after checking with Ally) said to go with it.


We were not expecting a session that day, and they were not expecting to have to shift gears and drive almost a half hour to a studio they didn’t know on the fly for a maternity session which can be a relatively intimate affair.  But from the moment they walked in we connected – it felt right and it turned out to be one of the best maternity sessions we’ve ever done.  What a wonderful couple – we even broadcast some of the session live on Periscope and you can watch the replay below, but before we get to that let’s see a couple of the photos!


How cute are they?

We used two different backdrops starting with the black above and the next photo is also on the black with the sari stretched out behind Jen and her hair gently blowing – beautiful!


Now let’s take a look at our behind the scenes action from the session.  First we have our fun 6 second looping Vine:

Now we have the replay of the live Periscope broadcast from our YouTube page!  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet you should do so immediately!  You can follow us there (and just about everywhere else) at the handle @frameablefaces at this link:

Here is the link to the broadcast.

Now let’s get back to a couple of gorgeous photos of Jen on the white background.  So beautiful, so angelic!


Breathtaking indeed…  And we’ll leave you with one more:


We can’t wait to meet the baby!  Maybe, just maybe you’ll have a chance to meet the baby here too!  We were thrilled to be able to meet these two, photograph them and present them to you!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights – serendipity indeed.