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Maya Mia! Maya Is A Fabulous Spokesmodel!

Maya Mia!  See what we did there?  Another fabulous spokesmodel and especially one that is keeping the developing tradition of amazing seniors from Birmingham Groves!  We love all of our seniors from all of the schools (obviously our North Farmington Raiders for example since we are Raiders ourselves) but it is worth mentioning the love we have for our Groves peeps as a whole – there’s just something about those Falcons!  Maya is our latest Falcon and you’ve already seen Maya a couple times on the blog since we posted a behind the scenes fisheye shot from her double spokesmodel session with Aria and she already appeared in the broadcasts that we posted with Aria’s highlights.  We will post those broadcast replays again here for those who have landed here for the first time.  But first let’s look at a couple photos of Miss Maya shall we?

Maya Mia!

We started out in the studio with the blue/grey fabric backdrop before we headed downtown to Detroit – here’s one of those:

Maya Mia

Love the color coordination here and Maya looks gorgeous!

We also have to say that Maya is a total character once you get to know her a little – she definitely had us cracking up.  Her mom Julie is pretty awesome too…  To prove we’re not kidding here’s a little example of “spokesmodel parkour” with Maya – hilarious….

Maya Mia

“Spokesmodel Parkour” lol

As you may have seen on Aria’s post we didn’t spend a ton of time in the studio and at this point we headed down to Detroit.  For Maya’s highlights we are going to focus on the Belt Alleyway – such a cool spot!  There is a lot to work with there starting with this little alleyway within the alleyway!

Maya Mia

So cool.

Now let’s get to our fun behind the scenes action – first with our 6 second Vine for your looping pleasure!

Next we have the “encore” presentations of our Periscope broadcasts from our Katch.me page.  You can download the Periscope app and follow us so you can come along for the ride on future photo sessions and lots of other fun stuff at @frameablefaces at this link!  First the broadcast from the studio:

Next we have the broadcast from the Detroit location!

Now let’s get to a couple more photos of our wonderful spokesmodel!

Maya Mia

Those eyes!!!

Okay we’ll leave you with this last one with one of the cool murals that are all over the place down there…

Maya Mia

Maya Mia!  Right?  Beautiful girl!  Okay so there you have it!  We are pretty excited to have Maya representing our studio as we keep rolling right along gearing up for the class of 2017 season!

Our Very Own Spokesmodel – Lacey Lights It Up!

Lacey lights up the blog with these highlights from her spokesmodel session, and why not?  She’s been lighting up our lives for almost 17 years – heck she was the original inspiration for the existence of what eventually became Frameable Faces when her arrival inspired Ally to pick up a camera!  We’ll try to contain our glee for sharing these photos and keep it somewhat professional, but it could be tough…. lol.

Our Very Own Spokesmodel

It is a bit surreal to say the least to be coming up on Lacey’s senior year and to have her (and even a few of her friends) spokesmodeling for the studio.  She is used to being in front of Ally’s camera as you can imagine but this was different and we approached it like we would any other senior and she delivered with the best of them.  We spent most of the session in Detroit – the city is seeing a massive comeback the likes of which we haven’t seen anything like in our lifetime so we’re spending a little time down there.  We’ll be offering Detroit sessions for an added fee this year to account for the time and travel.  Detroit is in demand and we’ve enjoyed hanging out down there a lot lately – for sessions and just for fun.

Lacey Lights

That’s our baby!  Let’s give a shout out here as well to Mandy at Mandy Rose Salon in West Bloomfield for Lacey’s makeup!

Keep in mind that there are some amazing photo ops in Detroit, but at the end of the day it still comes back to the senior.  The stunning photo above could have been any brick wall – it’s the lighting, the talent of the photographer, and the GIRL that makes the photo…

Now having said that, this next photo isn’t one you could find just anywhere and there are plenty of great spots in the city, more of which we’ll explore with other spokesmodels.

Lacey Lights

Pretty cool huh?

Before we move on to a couple more photos let’s take a look at our behind the scenes footage of our day – first with our fun 6 second looping Vine:

Next we have the replays of our live Periscope broadcasts from the day on our YouTube channel.  If you still haven’t downloaded the Apple store app of 2015 you can do so here, follow us at @frameablefaces and come along on our senior photo shoots for the rest of the class of 2017 along with lots of other shows that we broadcast!

First at the Russel Industrial Center:

Next at Belle Isle:

And lastly at the Dequindre Cut:

Lacey Lights It Up!

At this point as you saw in the broadcasts above we headed over to Belle Isle and explored a little and that’s where we captured this one:

Lacey Lights

Oh hello Lacey!  Hehe…

Lastly we headed over to the Dequindre Cut and this was one of the last shots of the evening with a little off camera flash as the light started to fade…

Lacey Lights

Love it.  And LOVE her.  And there you have it – Lacey lights us up whenever we think of her and she lit it up that day!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights of her session!  We’re pretty proud of the photos and of our girl.

Lily Leads The Way For Our Class of 2017 Spokesmodels!

Lily leads the way for the spokesmodels of the class of 2017 with these highlights from her session and we are thrilled about it!  It’s that time of year again where we start to introduce the young peeps who will represent our studio for the upcoming class of seniors for the school year of 2016-17!  This is such a fun time for us as we put together our new team, build relationships with new friends, have amazing photo sessions and present these awesome guys and gals to you!

Lily Leads…

Lily will be a senior in the fall at Bloomfield Hills High School and she’s a really talented dancer!  She is also a friend of our daughter Lacey (also a spokesmodel) so we got the “seal of approval” on Lily….  haha!  We definitely fell for her the first time we met her – actually Ally met her before I did at a Starbucks when she was with Lacey and Ally raved about her.  Her mom Amy is a delight as well – she joined us on this session and we had a ton of fun!  We’ll start in the studio with a brand new backdrop that we got from Ambrelee Taylor at Peek A Boutique Design Co.  We actually met Ambrelee on Periscope (more on Periscope in a bit) and this is the Hollis backdrop:

Lily Leads

How adorable is she?  We love kicking off the new class with Lily!  The rest of the photos we’ll share for now are all on location at a graffiti wall and then at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills.  First the graffiti:

Lily Leads

We’ve always been a fan of that look!

Before we head on location we will continue as we did last year with our behind the scenes fun, first on Vine for your 6 second looping pleasure:

Next we have the replays of our live Periscope broadcasts from our day on our YouTube channel.  If you download Periscope you can tune in live at @frameablefaces, join in the fun and get some ideas for your own sessions at this link!

Periscope was the app of the year in the Apple Store for 2015 and it’s owned by twitter – you can join our worldwide audience in our broadcasts and you can comment along and be part of the show!  Here is the broadcast from the studio:

And here is the broadcast from on location:

Lily Leads us to Heritage Park

We had a perfect day for our location – mild as can be!

Lily Leads

And we’ll leave you with one more for now… we love hats and headbands – accessories make for some fantastic photos!

Lily Leads

Gorgeous!  If Lily’s photos are any indication, we are going to have an amazing class of seniors this year!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from our day with her and we hope you’ll come along for the ride!

Nine MORE Types of Periscope Chatters! Survival Tips For Scopers!

For those of you who saw our previous Periscope “survival guide” blog posts and corresponding broadcasts, if you have been on Periscope since you probably know that there are way more than 13 or 14 types of chatters and scopers…

Nine More Types

We here in the Frameable Faces research department have identified NINE more types of chatters and we broadcasted our findings live to a bloodthirsty (and nervous) Periscope audience.  We now bring you the YouTube replay of that broadcast along with a list of the chatters we covered.  Here is the replay…

Nine More Types Of Chatters…

  1. The Hijacker – the hijacker will try to take the controls of your broadcast and steer it to a destination of their own choosing.  Often shouting in ALL CAPS they will try to promote their website / blog / dog – whatever.  Very spammy and potentially blockworthy if they refuse to back off…  In a promote-your-scope type of broadcast it’s okay but that’s the only place where it’s appropriate.  Side chatters can sometimes combine to unknowingly tread into this dangerous territory.
  2. The Brown Noser – somewhat self explanatory…  the scoper who the brown noser is brown nosing is a GENIUS and every point they make is revelatory…… to the brown noser.  Yes it’s okay to be a fan and thank your favorite scopers for their insights, but sheesh – sometimes it’s like Beatles fans on the Ed Sullivan show…
  3. The Security Guard – the security guard is there to keep potential trolls in line in your scope.  They will put smackdowns on inappropriate comments and alert you to whom you should block if you missed it.  The security guard can actually be a welcome chatter in your room as long as they aren’t too aggressive and start scaring the other chatters.
  4. The Aggressive Gamer – often the aggressive gamer is secretly using an external keyboard for faster typing giving them a huge advantage in Periscope games where the first correct answer is the winner.  Often these chatters will just start throwing random answers up on the screen as soon as a category is announced before the question is even asked.  Thankfully most Perigame show hosts are on to this and won’t award a win until they at least ask the question…
  5. The Cryptic Chatter – the cryptic chatter can cause chaos on a broadcast by confusing the heck out of the scoper with comments that usually relate to something said at least 30 seconds before and they put zero context in their comment like “Oh yeah sometimes for sure” or “Exactly – I HATE that”.  You must call out the cryptic chatter with a passive aggressive remark to let them know not-so-subtly that you have no idea what the heck they are talking about.  The problem as a scoper is the extra second you take to decipher the cryptic comment keeps you a half step behind the next comment that actually contributes to the conversation.
  6. The Brand Newbie – we hug the brand newbie, we embrace the brand newbie.  The Periscope community is a welcoming community of early adopters and when you see a brand newbie who tentatively enters a room with an egghead profile you should be nice to them.
  7. The Eggspert – no one likes an eggspert.  The problem with the eggspert is they have no credibility – they show up in a room and start commenting in an authoritative way like they have a ton of knowledge, and yet they can’t figure out one of the first rules and that is to get a profile avatar – a photo, a logo – something other than an egg.  It is perfectly okay for all chatters in the room to shame the eggspert.  NOTE:  Credit goes to Periscope star @MalinMOcean who coined the term “eggspert” in our broadcast when we referred to this chatter as the “no-credibility chatter”.
  8. The Spillover Commenter – this chatter breaks their comments up into multiple comment bubbles, often because they can’t boil it down to the three lines allowed in the app.  This is usually a problem because the second part of the comment comes too long after the first part which can confuse the scoper and make the second part of the comment look like the work of a cryptic chatter.
  9. The Fat Finger – autocorrect is the bane of the fat finger’s existence.  Whether due to carelessness, hurried commenting, or actual fat fingers, the fat finger chatter is often put into embarrassing situations by comments gone horribly wrong…  we’ve ALL been there.

So there you go – nine more types of chatters for you to be aware of!  Here are the links to the previous posts, and there is at least one more to come!

13 Types Of Periscope Chatters – A Survival Guide For Scopers!

13 Types Of Periscope Scopers – A Survival Guide For Chatters!

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The 13 Types Of Periscope Scopers – A Survival Guide For Chatters!

You may have read our post about the 13 types of Periscope chatters and you may have seen the ensuing broadcast about it on Periscope which was an epic laughfest for all involved.  For that one I wrote the article first and then we did the broadcast.

Periscope Scopers

Ally and Doug probably being one of the 13…

Well the reception to that broadcast was so fantastic it inevitably required a sequel, and this time we did it in reverse.  I made a few notes, put together a slide show and we did another broadcast once again with Ally providing the demonstrations.  So now here is the companion blog post.  Now that we exposed all the different types of chatters we encounter on Periscope, let’s turn the tables on the scopers!  Here’s the actual broadcast and the breakdown of the 13 below.

The 13 Types Of Periscope Scopers…

  1. The Too Close For Comfort Scoper – this scoper isn’t going to be satisfied until you have become completely acquainted with their nose hair, teeth and eyebrows – or as some chatters pointed out in the broadcast, the pores in their skin.
  2. The Distracted By Comments Scoper – this scoper will literally try to start the same sentence 23 straight times and won’t be able to do it because they just can’t stop answering all the comments.  Always a challenge since you want to be social and talk to your viewers, but sheesh – get on with it man!!!  This scoper may also graduate to being a juggler – more on that later.
  3. The Multitasker – in the scope I referred to this one as the “JUST Missed Your Comment Scoper” but I realized this scoper isn’t paying attention to the screen because they are multitasking.  They often will ask a question and then get distracted by something else going on and then come back to the screen to catch your 3 line typed out question just as it’s fading into extinction and they’ll only get the first line before it’s gone…
  4. The Bad Lighter – this scoper is scoping in the dark while asking you your opinion on something that’s impossible to see because, well, they’re scoping IN THE DARK.
  5. The Earthquake – tons of turbulence here…  in the broadcast you’ll see that everyone was getting dizzy and nauseous because the scoper is unaware of how important it is to try to steady their smartphone.  Watch, I’ll end up feeling bad about this one if someone is scoping during an actual earthquake.
  6. The Shy Scoper – curious that someone would download this app and start scoping if they don’t want to be seen, but some scopers are nervous and they scope the floor or the wall while talking to you…  Or maybe they haven’t figured out how to double tap their screen yet.
  7. The Thankful Scoper – these people are SO happy that people have showed up to their scope!  They will gush and jump for joy when people show up, and sometimes a certain special scoper will pop in that will make them lose their mind completely.
  8. The Beggar – a potentially annoying scoper to be sure, the beggar will campaign for hearts, shares, follows, tweets, and invites.  They will find any number of creative ways to get you to tap your screen – they are completely addicted.
  9. The Overscoper – as you can see a couple people got nervous when this slide popped up in the broadcast.  Periscope can be addictive in nature, and overscoping can be dangerous to building a following especially  for those chatters who haven’t changed their notification settings and have their iPhone doing that “hello” whistle at them courtesy of the overscoper 10-20 times per day…
  10. The Unable To Gauge What’s Actually Exciting Scoper – as a side note I’m pretty disgusted with myself for misspelling “gauge” in the slide deck for the broadcast on this one…  In any event, this scoper sees a squirrel in a park and thinks it’s going to be ratings gold.  Most people have encountered squirrels.  Seeing someone else encounter one by watching it happen on your iPhone isn’t quite that exciting.  You don’t need to scope the squirrel.
  11. The Off-Topic Scoper – pretty self explanatory.  This scoper will entitle their scope “5 Things To Do In Detroit” and end up scoping about, well, a squirrel, or maybe Game Of Thrones.  Sometimes this is partly the fault of the Off-Topic chatter who throws the scoper off-topic.
  12. The Juggler – the juggler sometimes starts out as a “distracted by comments scoper”.  The juggler tries to keep three or more separate conversations with three different chatters going at the same time.  It never goes well and this inevitably can lead to injury.
  13. The Long Goodbye Scoper – this scoper says they HAVE to go.  They are signing off, but wait – they can’t leave while hearts are still flowing, comments are still going, and chatters are still showing.  These people are often closet beggars.  These goodbyes seem to go on forever and sometimes something is said that restarts and extends the scope which proves that the scoper really had nothing else to do in the first place.
  14. The Unprepared Scoper – note the title indicates that there are 13 scopers for this post, but in order to demonstrate the importance of scope preparedness we snuck in this 14th scoper which proves the point.  Prepare for your scope so you aren’t scrambling in the middle of a scope to find something else you meant to cover and can’t find.  This can be uncomfortable for all involved.

So there you have it!  The 13 Types of Periscope Scopers!  There are plenty more where they came from and I’m sure this will be good for at least a couple more scopes of categories of chatters and scopers, so stay tuned….

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Doug’s Rant – Image Quality ISN’T Everything On Instagram (and more)

Yes it’s that time again… time to RANT.  I have 4 basic topics to cover so let’s get to it.

Rosh Sillars tweeted the link to an article about Instagram this morning written by Andrew Hutchinson for Social Media Today which I thought was good.  You should read it.  Now while I do NOT disagree completely with the idea that image quality is everything for certain strategies on Instagram, I do disagree with this as an overall statement.  So those of you who know me will know that I feel the need to respectfully present the counterpoint in the spirit of healthy debate.

Three reasons image quality isn’t required on instagram:

  1. Think about the name of the app – INSTAgram.  The “Insta” in Instagram implies an instant and spontaneous sharing of photos made right from your iPhone.  Granted you can post images that aren’t taken with your iPhone but the app is clearly designed with that in mind with the basic camera and editing interface in the app.  Many brands post professionally crafted and edited images on Instagram with a ton of attention to detail to the author’s point and it works for them.  But sometimes when you capture something fun and immediate you might not have it set up for perfection, and that’s actually what can make an Instagram perfect.  I would take it a step further and say that even as a photography studio our strategy on Instagram is typically not to show off our finished work here but to rather bring people behind the scenes and have fun, which leads me to number two…

    Image quality

    NOT a professional photo!

  2. Instagram is social.  Perfect art might not always be.  A collage or a funny incident can tell a story or start a conversation – an interesting one.  A perfect photo can too I suppose, but when you go to an exhibition or art museum they don’t hang a white board with a marker under the display for people to engage and leave comments.  Tell a story and have fun with your followers and don’t always worry about the quality of the photo.  To borrow something that Mark Shaw (one of my favorite Periscopers) might say, it’s not Autogram – don’t just broadcast perfection at people to show top quality.  Now don’t post total garbage either, but keep the focus on being fun and social.
  3. There is a ceiling on how awesome your images can be for your following because of the platform.  Many people are looking at these images on an iPhone.  Is that really the best way to see a professional photo?  It’s not a bad way per se, it’s just not the best way.  An EZ Bake oven isn’t the best way to bake a top notch cake, but it could be the most fun cake of your life if you do it with a child.  Our clients come to our studio to get images to hang as their centerpiece on a wall – not just to look at on their iPhone.  So once again – don’t always worry about the quality.  You typically can’t show off the very best of a quality photo on an iPhone.

Okay moving on…

Why I Don’t Like Email Lists

This is another one I go against the grain on.  I do not like email lists.  I’ve never sent out regular email newsletters or tried to build an email list of clients.  I’m not saying they don’t work, I’m just not interested in sending emails to clients.  Email has been around since well before social media existed, but it’s done on a computer or some other electronic device so it’s not as old school as say, junk mail, so let’s call it “post-old school”.  I suspect it works largely as a numbers game – not because getting another email is sooooo awesome.

Will YouTube come back for brands?

I’ve been posting more video to YouTube since I started Periscoping.  I like to repurpose some of my scopes and upload some of my tips to our YouTube channel.  It has led me to hang out on YouTube with a renewed sense of purpose as a brand, and I’ve connected with people on Periscope who are doing the same.  When I went back to the channels and brands I had subscribed to before I saw that many of them hadn’t posted anything in months, but I think this could change…  Just my guess – this is one where I’m just wondering aloud.  This is a whole other topic in itself on ways to effectively build your brand on YouTube which I’m exploring in new ways now.  I’ll keep you posted.  What are your thoughts on this?  Do you subscribe to channels and organize your YouTube channel with playlists?  As an individual?  As a brand?  Are you social there?  Subscribe to our channel and let’s connect!

Image Quality

Yes I’m slightly addicted to Periscope

Of course it comes back to the game-changing monster that is Periscope.  I wrote a post for MCP Actions about 5 very specific ways you can use Periscope for your photography studio… and I also wrote a post here about what you need to know about Periscope (so far) back in April.  At this point I’m totally hooked – I’ve built some great relationships in ways I never did before on any other platform.  I notice however that many people still don’t know what it is yet and haven’t given it a try, so I think I’ll be writing another post soon about what you can accomplish with Periscope.  The people who aren’t early adopters might want to know what the “why” is…  While I’m at it I may write one about who you should follow there.

That’s it for now – I’d love to hear your comments on this whether you agree or not.  Thanks for reading and join me on Periscope where we can discuss these further!

What You Need To Know (So Far) About Periscope

For those of you who don’t follow social media news closely there has been a lot going on in the last couple weeks after what I thought was a relatively quiet period.  Periscope was officially launched for the iPhone and it is going to change the world again in my opinion, much like Facebook, twitter and some of the others have.  As usual things are moving fast and it’s exciting, so here is what you need to know (so far) about Periscope.



Periscope is an app that allows you to broadcast live right from your iPhone (Android is coming soon) whenever you like.  Your followers will get a notification that you are “live” on whatever topic you say and they can tune in on the spot.  They can tap on their screen to show their approval with hearts, and make comments which you and the other viewers can see so you can answer questions and respond to the comments.

You may be familiar with Meerkat which launched before Periscope.  Personally I haven’t used Meerkat, but I have read that Periscope’s quality is better and I just don’t think Meerkat will be the winner in this battle, and it IS a battle.  The fact that twitter owns Periscope ensures its success and the integration with twitter makes it easier to set up and use if you are already tweeting.

The possibilities for where this platform will lead us are endless.  I wrote an article recently for MCP Actions where I discussed 5 ways you can use Periscope to help your photography studio – all of the ideas apply to just about any small business in some way.

Meanwhile with the exception of #2 in that article at MCP Actions most of those ideas are for ways to use Periscope as a broadcaster, but even since I wrote that piece I’m seeing new parts of the world and finding inspiration from all over the place as a viewer.

Viewing Adventures On Periscope

I love that throughout my day I can tune in to things that are happening live if I want.  Some of my faves:

  • I participated in a couple more discussions about social media marketing and photography at @RoshSillars who I mentioned in the MCP Actions article.
  • I met a hilarious pug named Rascal who lives in Vancouver and waits obediently for his food before he’s given the green light to dive in with his face deep in the bowl at @MrTommyCampbell.
  • I watched a demo of the Fj Westcott Ice Light (which we affectionately call the “Light Saber” light here at the studio) at a convention at @WestcottCo.
  • I went along on a virtual live tour of a vineyard in Washington State by the Cooper Wine Company at @CooperWine which was pretty neat.

This is all the type of content that was always readily available on the Internet.  That’s not new.  But the fact that it’s spontaneous and happening live on my iPhone where I can chime in and participate?  That IS new, and whether it’s for educational purposes or just fun, I enjoy it.  Now let’s get back to a little more on broadcasting for a minute…

Reusing and repurposing your broadcasts

The ability to reuse and repurpose the broadcasts may ultimately make this my iPhone video cam of choice for our studio and brings another layer to the potential of Periscope.  This will be more effective when landscape mode is available which is coming soon.  Right now the only way to broadcast effectively is portrait mode (vertically) which doesn’t look great in your typical widescreen formats.  But in the meantime it’s nice that you can easily download your broadcast as a video to your device with the touch of a button in the app.  We recently broadcasted parts of a high school senior spokesmodel session and we had viewers from Italy, Great Britain, and Paris.  I downloaded the broadcast to use parts of it for a Vine since it’s easy to grab portrait footage in the square frame of Vine and crop it effectively.  What was interesting was that the footage was raw – with no hearts or comments.  So keep in mind you can make your broadcast available for replay for 24 hours with all the elements of the original broadcast (comments, hearts etc.) intact, but when you download it to your iPhone those elements are stripped away.  This is different than Snapchat which keeps any added text or other animation in the video if you download it to your device.  Here is the Vine I mentioned – the indoor part on the red background was pulled from our broadcast…

As I’ve mentioned, Periscope is coming to Android soon and landscape interface for broadcasts are also coming.  Here is an article that outlines the changes they’ve made already with version 1.0.2 and previews what is to come.

I hope this helps!  Feedback is welcome and remember to download the app (it’s FREE) and follow us at @frameablefaces on Periscope!

Doug’s Rant – Why Is Social Media “So Quiet”?

So quiet

Why is social media so quiet lately?  It just doesn’t seem to me that there has been a lot going on.  Let me explain.  For a few solid years there it seemed like it was the “golden age” of major platforms – such as:

  • Facebook Pages switched over to “likes” from fans in April 2010 a month after we set up the Frameable Faces page.
  • Instagram launched on October 6th, 2010 and we joined it in May of 2012.
  • Pinterest launched in April of 2010
  • Snapchat launched in September of 2011 (more on that in a minute).
  • Google Plus pages for businesses launched in October of 2011 and they added Google My Business last June.
  • The major Twitter redesign launched in April 2011.
  • Vine launched in January of 2013 and at the time we had to wait until June for Android since T-Mobile didn’t have iPhones yet.

Since then……not a whole lot.

All of those platforms seem to still be thriving and growing as a general rule and it has now been two years by my count since a new “major” platform has made a splash.

Is a lull a good thing?

I can’t decide if I like the fact that it’s been a little quiet or not.  The thought of feeling like I have to manage additional platforms can be stressful especially if we are only adding more and not dropping any, but the rush of starting out on a new one is exciting and a lot of fun.  For example I was pretty excited about Pano Perfect which I thought might be the next big social photo sharing platform but that one has gone nowhere…  I hear people talking about Swipe and sure there are others.  We can debate all day about what a “major” platform is – I am not using any scientific criteria here…  I’m just ranting after all.  Feel free to jump in in the comments and add your two cents.  What do you think is the next big thing?  I want to know.

Meanwhile Snapchat is the one I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  Of the big ones I listed it’s the one that we don’t have an official Frameable Faces profile for, and after weighing it I don’t know if it’s right for us as a brand at least for the moment.

Edit*** – A Curve Ball

I wrote that last paragraph earlier today and one of our spokesmodels just happened to pop in to the studio and we were chatting about Snapchat since it was on my mind, and I think I just changed my mind again.  She showed me a couple things that convinced me that it could be a good platform for us.  For example I didn’t realize how it notifies you how many people have viewed your snapchat stories and which people viewed them.  So look for it – my wheels are turning now!

So as it turns out I have Snapchat to work on.  I started out wondering why it’s been so quiet in social media, but now that I’ve got another platform to play with I’m hoping things stay quiet for a bit!


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