Ryan Leads The Way For The Guys For The Class Of 2017!

Ryan’s session is the first official senior guy session for the class of 2017 and he definitely led the way in style!  We have known Ryan for a long time but not well – one of those things where we’ve known his family and more specifically his mom Jodie going back to high school days.  We photographed him before when we did family photos for them, but this was the first time we really hung out with Ryan for an extended time and we really had a lot of fun with him!

Focused dude…

One of the things that impressed us about Ryan (and you’ll see this if you watch the Periscope replay) is when asked by a couple of viewers of our live broadcast what subject he likes the most and what he wants to study he didn’t hesitate – just matter of factly answered “Econ” and “Business”.  I didn’t really have a clue at that age, so kudos to Ryan!  As for the session, he came solo and had two different dress shirts for the formal shots to go with the casual stuff.  Totally prepared – clean cut and ready to rock (not just with the photos but the kid likes classic rock too – which instantly makes him cool).  So let’s get ready to rock here, starting with our studio photos…

We started with the formal look with the grey fabric backdrop – this is a combo we like a lot!

Ryan Leads

GQ!  What a stud.

Next we moved to a little bit more of a casual look with a sweater for this one…

Ryan Leads

Looking good with the black background!

Before we head to the location photos let’s look at the behind the scenes action shall we?  First with our fun 6 second looping Vine where Ally is having a little fun with Ryan – haha!

Even his Snapchat story was pretty epic which you can check out on Slinger at this link!

Next we have the replay of our live Periscope broadcasts from our YouTube channel for your extended viewing pleasure!  Download Periscope and follow us at @FrameableFaces and/or watch the broadcasts on Twitter!

Ryan Leads Us…To The Location!

Heritage Park is a great location for outdoor sessions and we got some great stuff with Ryan.  This was a later session where we planned to get some off camera flash going and the results are fantastic…

First we have a nice close up with the barn in the background…

Ryan Leads

And lastly an off camera flash photo…

Ryan Leads


And there you have it – Ryan leads the way for the guys and we are really off and running with this senior class!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights of our time with Ryan!

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