MAXimum Spokesmodeling For The Class of 2016!

Time for some highlights of our second spokesmodel session for the class of 2016 – our first boy and our first North Farmington Raider – Max!  We have known Max for a long time and over the last year or so he’s been lobbying for his shot in the spotlight, and we can definitely say that when his time came he made the most of it!  We had a lot of fun on this session – you might even say it was “on fire” – but more on that later…

Max’s mom joined us for part of the shoot and we have also known her for years so this was really a great day.  Let’s get to it…

Much like our last spokesmodel session with Rachel we kept it simple with Max, starting with the white background.  White is always a good look and works on most any wall.  We’ll start with a full length shot:

Maximum SpokesmodelingJust a nice casual look with a cool hoodie – Max is the man.  Let’s change Max into a t-shirt and crop him in a little closer now – parents really like to see their senior’s face!

Maximum Spokesmodeling

Stud!  Next we broke out the black backdrop for a little more of a dramatic look…

Maximum Spokesmodeling

Lastly here is where the session got a little “heated” – if you’ve followed our blog in the past you can guess what we mean – take a look at our fun behind the scenes vine of the day!

And here is the fiery result – this time we had the flames coming off of some sweet Jordans…

Maximum Spokesmodeling

Not to worry – no seniors or Nikes were harmed in the making of this photo.  Haha…  And so there you have it!  MAXimum spokesmodeling with Max!  Looking forward to more of the new class of 2016 crew and sharing them with you!

4 responses on “MAXimum Spokesmodeling For The Class of 2016!

  1. Kim

    Does it count as a helicopter mom if I’m the first to comment on these pics??? I can’t help it! I LOVE them and I love you guys! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for these beautiful memories!

    1. Doug Cohen Post author

      OMG – we can’t believe you commented. WHAT a helicopter mom… hahaha! We love you too and we probably wouldn’t have approved any other comments before yours so you could be first anyway!!! LOL!

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