A Superb Studio Session That Was All About Alana!

Sometimes simplicity just works.  Let me explain what I mean by that. Ally’s approach to portraits has always been about the people, the faces, the expressions, the personalities.  Sure we love our sessions where we go to interesting locations and get beautiful scenery or gritty urban photos, but we’ve always maintained that regardless of how exciting the location is, it has to come back to the subject – the people, the Frameable Faces.  It’s for this reason that a stripped down approach in the studio with a black backdrop can provide plenty of rewards, and that was certainly the case with Alana for her senior photos.

Family Tradition…

Meanwhile Alana’s grandfather Al was my Godfather and our families go back about 5 decades, so having Alana here was really special and a bit surreal too.  She looked great and we’ve known her since she was born.  Her mom Holly has known me since I was born, so there’s that circle of life thing….  So you get the picture right?  So enough chat – let’s get to Alana’s beautiful photo shoot shall we?  We are starting (and staying) on the black…

All About Alana

So pretty right?

Before we get to the rest of our sneak peeks let’s look at some behind the scenes footage – first with our fun 6 second vine:

Now let’s look at the extended replay of the live Periscope broadcast we did during the session.  If you haven’t downloaded the app and followed us there you can do so at this link.  It’s like Frameable Faces TV!

Normally we would have the video embedded in the post right here, but due to a technical difficulty we seem to be having with this particular video on YouTube, so you can go to this link to watch it at our Katch.me page instead.  Enjoy!

All About Alana (and a little Eureka)

Okay so let’s look at the rest of the photos:

All About AlanaLove that half length shot and this next black and white shot of our “black and blowy” set up…

All About Alana

Such a dramatic look and we love this look on Alana!  We’ll leave you now with one more photo this time with Alana and Eureka!

All About Alana

Awww – a girl and her pup.  Haha!  So there you have it – a simple and superb studio session that was all about Alana (and a little Eureka)!  We hope you enjoyed these highlights!






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