Spokesmodeling Outside Was So Great With Cait(lin)!

After another brutally cold winter we are finally able to get outside for some sessions and it feels so good!!! While it was still a little chilly the conditions were still pretty darn good on this one and we have to say that spokesmodeling outside was SO great with Caitlin!!!  We saw a bunch of deer and were treated to the sounds of a particularly industrious woodpecker too!

As for our spokesmodel, well the pictures will speak for themselves!  Caitlin is beautiful and a total sweetheart!  A total natural in front of the camera, we were looking forward to photographing her and this session didn’t disappoint.

Let’s start with a couple of studio shots before we head out to one of our favorite meadows, beginning with our black background:

Spokesmodeling OutsideWe love Caitlin’s style – so far the class of 2016 is really bringing it!

Next let’s look at one on the white background which is nice and simple and you can never go wrong with it.  As excited as we were to go outside, more often than not our seniors do a combination of studio and on location so we usually highlight both with our spokesmodels wherever possible.  It’s not a rule by any means – we’ve had seniors who have done all inside or all outside.  Either way we go for three hours and it’s really just personal preference.

Spokesmodeling Outside

Here is our fun behind the scenes vine as we get set to go outside!

First we hit the meadow and we were pleased to find it looking particularly “meadowy” with tall reeds and the sunlight was great!

Spokesmodeling Outside

The combination of her outfit with those shoes is fantastic!  The backlight on her hair is beautiful and this was the first time we took this chair outside.  This shot just came together perfectly.

You may know if you’ve followed us for a while that sometimes if a senior uses a new prop or pioneers a new spot it gets named for them.  On this session we found “Caitlin’s rock”!  This is a nice shot to end with for now – hazy and soft.

Spokesmodeling Outside

So that’s it for now – we hope you enjoyed these highlights from Caitlin’s stunning session and we are looking forward to more outdoor shots as it continues to warm up and Spring starts to bloom.  Ironically we have two class of 2015 senior sessions to highlight coming up – one all indoors and one all outdoors – so stay tuned!

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