We Are Lovin’ A Little Bit Of Lauren’s Senior Portraits!

A little bit of Lauren is all we need to show you to see how great she is.  She’s nice and she’s pretty and that’s what her session was – just nice and pretty in the studio.  We’ve always maintained that while the majority of our sessions are a combo of location and studio, we also love the sessions that are just one or the other!  Studio sessions are just chilled and relaxed and Lauren was here with her mom Dawn for hers.  We had fun!

A Little Bit Of Lauren

So let’s get to a few highlights of our time here at Frameable Faces with this girl…  We’ll start off on the black background with a nice and simple photo with a closer crop.  Meet Lauren!

A Little Bit

Next we turned on the fan for our “black and blowy” shot that we love and it was perfect for Lauren – take a look:

A Little Bit

LOVE that photo!

Okay before we switch it up let’s take a look at our fun behind the scenes footage of our time with Lauren.  First with our 6 second looping vine:

Next we have the extended replay of our Periscope broadcast from our YouTube channel.  If you haven’t downloaded Periscope yet for your smartphone or tablet you are truly missing out and you can get it and follow us at @frameablefaces at this link.

Now let’s get back to a couple more photos as we change it up first to the grey backdrop with another closeup:

A Little Bit

And now we will leave you with a photo of Lauren on our red Victorian style couch with the red paper backdrop and the wooden flooring that turned out really well!

A Little Bit

And there you have it!  A little bit of Lauren for you which we are lovin’!  We hope you enjoyed the highlights from her session!



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